Modlist APIv3 Documentation

Changes from APIv2

GET /api/v3/:version.json

Returns a list of mods on the selected :version.
all is an acceptable request for :version.
Data request is sent in minified JSON.

Key Type Description Sample Response
name string The name of the mod. "Forge"
other string Does not exist when empty. Aliases and nametags for the mod. "(API)"
link string The link to the mod page. All links are bitly links so that anyone can view its statistics. ""
desc string The description of the mod. May contain HTML tags. We are considering the possibility of using Markdown instead. "..."
author array of strings The name(s) of the mod author(s). ["LexManos"]
source string Does not exist when not open source. The link to the page of the mod's source code. ""
type array of strings The type of the mod. May contain up to 3 values.
Possible values: Universal, Client, Server, SSP, SMP and LAN
dependencies array of strings The Forge compatibility of a mod, followed by any additional dependencies.
  • Forge Required - The mod requires Forge.
  • Forge Compatible - The mod is compatible with Forge but does not require it.
  • Not Forge Compatible - The mod cannot run with Forge.
  • Base Edit - The mod contains base edits. Note that Forge Required mods can still be Base Edit mods.
["Forge Required","FML"]
version array of strings The versions supported by this mod entry. ["1.7.2","1.6.4","1.5.2"]

GET /api/v3/:version.md5

Returns the md5 hash of the selected :version.
all is an acceptable request for :version.
Hash request is returned in plain text, not JSON. This is an md5 hash of the requested json file.
Sample Response: 60aa8322a67aea02849359104356521e

GET /api/v3/recent.json New Experimental

Returns a list of recent changes. This API request is experimental and is likely to change in the future.
This request is returned in JSON. It is the most recent partial piece of the changelog of all supported versions.
Sample Response:

    "1.7.2": [
        "  +Added \"More Swords Mod\""
    "1.6.4": [
        "  +Added 3 mods by Domochevsky (Which are the following)",
        "    +Added \"Armor Smelter\"",
        "    +Added \"Growth Tonic\"",
        "    +Added \"Potion Packs\"",
        "  +Added \"BetterCraft\"",
        "  +Added \"JABBA\""
    "1.5.2": [
        "  *Updated \"Better Than Wolves Mod\" info: Now \"Base Edit\"",
        "  *Updated \"BTWTweak\" info"