+Added "Coral Reef Mod"
	+Added "InGame Info XML"
	+Added "Invasion Mod"
	+Added "Monster Spawn Highlighter"
	+Added "MoreFood"
	+Added "Schematica"
	+Added "Stackie"

	*Updated "Clay Soldiers Mod" info: Added source

	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Updated source

	*Updated "Custom Mob Spawner" description and info: Requires Forge
	*Updated "Mining Mod" name: Now "The Mining Mod"
	+Added "Cube World"

	+Added "RadarBro"
	+Added "ForgeIRC"
	+Added "Recipe Remover"
	-Removed "Rediscovered Mod": Download no longer available
	-Removed "crackedEgg's Mods": Download no longer available

	+Added "Better Villages Mod"
	+Added "Mo' Zombies"

	+Added "Mine Little Brony"
	+Added "Logistics Pipes"

	+Added "CodeChickenCore"
	+Added "Ender Storage"
	+Added "Not Enough Items"
	+Added "Hawk's Machinery"
	+Added "IronChests"
	+Added "Custom Stuff 2"
	+Added "More Furnaces"
	+Added "Multi Page Chest"
	+Added "Whole Tree Axe"
	-Removed "Chickenbones Mods"
	-Removed "CubeX2's Mods"

	*Updated "Buildcraft" authors: Added SpaceToad
	*Updated "Elemental Creepers" info: Added source
	+Added "CampCraft"

	+Added "More Swords Mod"

	*Updated "Back Tools" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
	+Added "Mutant Creatures"

	*Updated "BattleTowers" link

	*Updated "Aliens Vs Predator" description

	+Added "Familiars Mod"

	+Added "Joypad Mod"

	+Added "Render Player API"

	+Added "More Player Models 2"

	+Added "Elemental Creepers"

	+Added 2 mods by thebombzen (Which are the following)
		+Added "AutoSwitch"
		+Added "ThebombzenAPI"

	+Added "Witches and More"

	+Added "GuiAPI"

	-Removed "DaftPVF's Mods"

	+Added "DayZ"

	*Updated "BattleTowers": Added source

	*Updated "Custom NPCs": Added source
	+Added "MumbleLink"

	*Updated "Biomes O' Plenty" info: Added source

	*Updated "Optifine" description
	+Added "Gammabright"
	+Added "MumbleLink"

	+Added "Legendary Beasts"

	+Added "Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod"

	+Added Coloured Beds Mod

	+Added Mo' Creatures
	+Added Custom Mob Spawner

	+Added Capsuels Mod
	+Added HippoMaster's Mods
	+Added Doom Diamonds Mod
	+Added UgoCraft

	+Added Familiars
	+Added Tropicraft
	+Added TLUL's X-Ray Mod
	+Added X-Ray

	+Added Aliens Vs Predator
	+Added Poop Mod
	+Added Pre-Historic Mod
	+Added SkypeToMC
	+Added WThieves's Mods

	+Added Hostile Drops
	+Added Kirwii's Clay Golem Mod
	+Added Ocarina Mod
	+Added Pet Penguin Mod
	+Added Craftable Cobwebs
	+Added BuildRegion
	+Added Dishonored Mod
	+Added InstaArmor
	+Added Mutant Creatures

	+Added CreepersNoCreeping
	+Added Mods By Kinyoshi
	+Added BattleMobs
	+Added Spiderman Mod
	+Added Better Collisions
	+Added Wild Terrain
	+Added Flat Bedrock Layer
	+Added Teleportation Stones
	+Added SimplictyOresMod
	+Added EnderSpace

	+Added Subaraki's Secondary Mods
	+Added Utility Chests Mod
	+Added MamiyaOtaru's Mods
	+Added MAtmos

	+Added Back Tools
	+Added more to Duke's Mini Mods
	+Added Craftable Animals

	+Added Layman Mod Maker
	+Added Sim-U-Kraft

	+Added UsefulFood
	+Added Lion King Mod
	+Added vonDoomCraft HD Skins
	+Added Mr. Dirtman

	*Updated ApachePilotMPE's Mods: *+(added Helpfulcraft)
	+Added Yamanta's Mods
	+Added Rotten Flesh to Leather
	+Added Mini Creeper Pet
	+Added Hanabi (Fireworks Mod)

	+Added Joypad Mod
	+Added Transpericus
	+Added Better Hungergames Mod

	+Added ApachePilotMPE's Mods
	+Added Father Toast's Mods

	/Shortened links where applicable
	+Added More Fences Mod
	+Added More Pressure Plates Mod
	+Added Better Wilderness
	+Added To Do List
	+Added Dragon Mounts
	+Added XploCraft
	+Added Mod Tools

	+Added Balkon's WeaponMod
	+Added Backpacks
	+Added Ancient Warfare
	+Added Biomes 'O Plenty
	+Added Custom NPCS
	+Added Eternal Frost
	+Added Mace
	+Added Beeper's Vampires
	+Added a few forge compatibility labels
	+Added Poker Cards
	+Added Rave Mod
	+Added Sky House
	+Added Stack++
	+Added Starshades Mods
	+Added Super Heroes Iron Man Mod
	+Added Wireless Redstone
	+Added WorldEdit
	+Added WorldEditCUI
	+Added XtraBlocks Extreme Edition

	*Fixed Sound Packs link

	+Added Portal Gun
	+Added SMP Commands Mod
	+Added Computercraft

	+Added BossCraft to the list
	+Added Duke605's Mini Mods to the list
	+Added a poll
	+Added the Fossil/Archeology mod to the list
	+Added AdventureCraft to the list
	+Added TerraFirmaCraft to the list

	+Added Sound Packs mod to the list
	+Added more Forge Compatiblity labels
	+Added All Wuppy's Mods to the list
	+Added MBM mod to the list
	+Added Jackfirecracker's Mods to the list