+Added "Coral Reef Mod"
	+Added "MoreFood"
	-Removed "SimpleOres": Download no longer available

	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Updated source

	+Added "Forge Mod Loader (FML)"
	*Updated "Custom Mob Spawner" description and info: Requires Forge
	*Updated "Mining Mod" name: Now "The Mining Mod"
	+Added "Cube World"

	+Added "Craftable Animals"
	+Added "ForgeIRC"
	+Added "In-game NBTEdit"
	+Added "RadarBro"
	+Added "Recipe Remover"
	+Added "Wild Caves 3"

	+Added "Better Villages Mod"

	*Updated "ICBM" authors and info: Added DarkGuardsman, Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from authors)
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus": Updated source
	+Added "CodeChickenCore"
	+Added "Ender Storage"
	+Added "Not Enough Items"
	+Added "Falling Meteors Mod"
	+Added "Greg's Blocks"
	+Added "Greg's Prospecting"
	+Added "Hawk's Machinery"
	+Added "More Furnaces"
	+Added "Whole Tree Axe"
	+Added "Chest Transporter"
	-Removed "Chickenbones Mods"

	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Added source
	+Added "CampCraft"
	-Removed "DivineRPG": Download no longer available

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" authors: Added Thunderdark, RichardG867, and GregoriusT

	-Removed "Macro/Keybind Mod and LiteLoader": Download no longer available

	+Added "More Swords Mod"

	*Updated "TooManyItems" link

	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" link

	+Added "Steve's Carts 2"

	*Updated "Back Tools" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
	+Added "Mutant Creatures"

	*Updated "Millenaire" info: Now Universal

	+Added "Equivalent Exchange 3"

	*Updated "Aliens Vs Predator" description

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" link
	+Added "Familiars Mod"

	*Updated "Gamma bright" name and info: Now "Gammabright", Now "Forge Required"

	+Added "Auto-shutdown"

	*Updated "IronChests 2" name and info: Now "IronChests", Updated source
	*Updated "Monster Spawn Highlighter" description
	+Added "More Player Models 2"

	*Updated "ICBM" description and info: Requires "Universal Electricity"

	+Added 2 mods by thebombzen (Which are the following)
		+Added "AutoSwitch"
		+Added "ThebombzenAPI"

	+Added "Witches and More"

	*Updated "Mo' Creatures" description
	+Added "Custom Mob Spawner"
	+Added "GuiAPI"

	-Removed "DaftPVF's Mods"

	+Added "DayZ"

	*Updated "Custom NPCs": Added source
	*Updated "Tropicraft" info and desc: Added source, Now "Universal"
	+Added "Mo' Creatures"
	+Added "World Downloader"

	*Updated "Biomes O' Plenty" info: Added source

	*Updated "Optifine" description
	+Added "Gammabright"
	+Added "MumbleLink"

	*Updated "Minecraft Capes" name, description and info: Now "Minecraft Capes (MCCapes)" and "Clientside"
	+Added "Logitech LCD Application for Minecraft"
	+Added "Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod"
	-Removed "Risugami's Mods"

	*Updated "X-Ray Mod (craftminer502)" info: Now "Clientside"

	+Added "Mob Spawn Controls"

	+Added "Single Player Commands"

	+Added DessertCraft
	+Added Coloured Beds Mod

	+Added Wireless Redstone

	+Added PizzaCraft
	+Added Invasion Mod

	+Added Back Tools
	+Added Moar Achievements 
	+Added Better than Wolves
	Fixed Link(s)
	+Added Seasons Mod
	+Added Ice Cream Sandwich Creeper Mod

	+Added Mo' Creatures
	+Added Movement State Display
	+Added S.T.F.U.

	+Added Risugami's Mods
	+Added Flintcraft
	+Added PlayerAPI
	+Added Smart Moving
	+Added Industrialcraft 2 Beta

	+Added Forgotten Nature
	+Added Ultimate Tools
	+Added Herobrine
	+Added Durability101
	+Added DivineRPG
	+Added Mining Mod
	+Added Death Scythe
	*Fixed Links
	+Added AntiSteve
	+Added BigTrees
	+Added Backpacks
	+Added MoreCrafting
	+Added Mo' Spawners
	+Added Crafting ++
	+Added Command Block Needs
	+Added Tropicraft
	+Added Witches and More

	/Internal: Changed all links to short-hand versions in 1.4.2 list.
	*Renamed "Pop Off Damage Indicators" to "Damage Indicators" and re-alphabetized.
	-Removed "AutoSwitch" in favor of "TheBombzen's Mods"
	+Added TheBombzen's Mods
	+Added Jetpack, Parachute, Teleporter
	+Added Bacon Mod
	+Added Craftable Command Block
	+Added Team Fortress 2 Mods
	+Added Nether Fortress Bounding Box Outline
	+Added SimpleOres

	+Added Portal Gun
	+Added TreeFeller
	+Added Millenaire
	*Updated MakeOke's link
	+Added Legendary Beasts
	+Added Animal Bikes

	*Fixed some errors
	+Added Twilight Forest
	+Added MCDitty
	+Added AutoSwitch
	*Fixed some errors
	+Added DaftPVF's Mods
	+Added MineChem Mod

	+Added Enchanting Plus
	+Added Metallurgy 2
	+Added Minecraft Capes
	+Added Enhanced Portals 
	+Added Paint Mod
	+Added ReactionCraft Better Bookcases
	+Added Kinyoshi Mods
	+Added Custom NPCs
	+Added TooManyItems
	+Added CraftGuide
	+Added Glowstone Wire
	+Added Railcraft
	+Added ExtraBiomesXL
	+Added Rei's Minimap
	+Added Optifine
	+Added Tale of Kindoms
	+Added Pop Off Damage Indicators
	+Added Chickenbones Mods (Not Enough Items)
	+Added Pam's Mods
	+Added EddieV's Chococraft

	+Added ICBM
	+Added CreepersNoCreeping
	+All launchers added to 1.4 list
	+Added Forge
	+Added Pre-Historic Mod
	+Added Better Sprinting