+Added "Coral Reef Mod"
	+Added "Invasion Mod"
	+Added "MoreFood"
	-Removed "rbdyck's Mods"
	-Removed "SimpleOres": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Thermal Expansion": Download no longer available

	+Added "Invincible Hamster"
	+Added "Middleage Mod"
	+Added "Pandora's Box"
	+Added "Psychedelicraft"
	+Added "Roxa's Straw Mod"
	-Removed "Ivorius' Mods"

	*Updated "Forge Mod Loader (FML)" name: Now "FML"

	*Updated "Clay Soldiers Mod" info: Added source

	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Xeno's Reliquary" info: Repository no longer available

	+Added "Forge Mod Loader (FML)"
	*Updated "Custom Mob Spawner" description and info: Requires Forge
	*Updated "Mining Mod" name: Now "The Mining Mod"
	*Updated "TerraFirmaCraft" info

	*Updated "Assassin'sCreed ++" info
	+Added "ForgeIRC"
	+Added "Recipe Remover"
	+Added "Wild Caves 3"
	+Added "Craftable Animals"
	+Added "RadarBro"
	-Removed "Arcane Ascension"
	-Removed "The RC Mod": Download no longer available

	+Added "Better Villages Mod"
	+Added "Mo' Zombies"

	*Updated "Logistics Pipes" info: Added source
	+Added "Mine Little Brony"

	*Updated "Usefulfood" info: Added source
	+Added "Lava Monsters"
	+Added "Special Mobs"
	-Removed "Atomic Science": Download no longer available (Mod merged with Resonant Induction)
	-Removed "Father Toast's Mods"

	*Updated "Falling Meteors Mod" info: Added source
	*Updated "Greg's Blocks" description, authors and info: Renamed "gcewing" to "Greg_Ewing", Added source
	*Updated "Greg's Lighting" description and authors: Renamed "gcewing" to "Greg_Ewing"
	*Updated "Greg's Prospecting" description, info: Added source and authors: renamed "gcewing" to "Greg_Ewing"
	*Updated "Hawk's Machinery" description and info: Added source
	*Updated "HD Skins and Cloaks" link and info: Added source
	*Updated "ICBM" authors and info: Added DarkGuardsman, Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from authors)
	*Updated "ID Resolver" link and info: Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from author)
	*Updated "InfiCraft" info: Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from author)
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Updated source
	+Added "ChickenChunks"
	+Added "CodeChickenCore"
	+Added "Ender Storage"
	+Added "Not Enough Items"
	+Added "Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition"
	+Added "More Furnaces"
	+Added "Multi Page Chest"
	+Added "Whole Tree Axe"
	+Added "Chest Transporter"
	-Removed "Chickenbones Mods"
	-Removed "Assembly Line": Download no longer available (Mod merged with Resonant Induction)
	-Removed "Electric Expansion": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Buildcraft" authors: Added SpaceToad
	*Updated "Elemental Creepers" info: Added source
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Added source
	*Updated "Enhanced Books" description and info: Added source
	*Updated "Xeno's Reliquary" info: Added source
	-Removed "Extra Bees": Download no longer available
	-Removed "DivineRPG": Download no longer available

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" authors: Added Thunderdark, RichardG867, and GregoriusT
	*Updated "3D Items" info: Added source

	-Removed "Macro/Keybind Mod and LiteLoader": Download no longer available

	-Removed "Crossbow Mod 2": Download no longer available

	*Updated "MusicCraft" link and description

	*Updated "TooManyItems" link

	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" link

	-Removed "Mekanism": Download no longer available

	*Updated 3 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Back Tools" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
		*Updated "Mob Amputation" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
		*Updated "Mob Dismemberment" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
	*Updated "Mutant Creatures" info: Not dependent on "AnimationAPI"

	*Updated "Dragon Mounts" info: Added source

	-Removed "Advanced Machines": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Advanced Machines" link

	*Updated "Forestry": Added source

	*Updated "Millenaire" info: Now Universal

	+Added "Ore Dictionary Converter"

	*Updated "MAtmos" info: Added source

	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" description

	*Updated "MineFantasy" info: Marked as Beta

	*Updated "Pixelmon" info: No longer Open Source

	*Updated "Mouse Tweaks" description and info: Now "Base Edit", Requires "ModLoader", Added source

	*Updated "Aliens Vs Predator" description
	*Updated "Ellian's MaterialDetector": Now "Forge Compatible"

	*Updated "Paintball" link

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" link
	+Added "Familiars Mod"

	*Updated "Gamma bright" name and info: Now "Gammabright", Now "Forge Required"

	+Added "Auto-shutdown"

	*Updated "Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod" name and info: Now "Furniture Mod", Added source

	*Updated "IronChests 2" name and info: Now "IronChests", Updated source
	*Updated "Monster Spawn Highlighter" description
	+Added "More Player Models 2"

	*Updated "Atomic Science" description
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] Additional Buildcraft Objects" name and info: Now "Additional Buildcraft Objects", Requires "Buildcraft"
	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" author and info: Now by Pahimar, Added source
	*Updated "Herblore Mod" description and info: Now "Forge Required", Now "Universal"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines" name and info: Now "Advanced Machines", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech" name, description and info: Now "ICBM", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	*Updated "Mekanism" description and info: Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "ModOptionsAPI" info: Added source
	*Updated "Valve Pipes" description and info: Requires "Buildcraft", Added source
	+Added "MineChem"

	+Added 2 mods by thebombzen (Which are the following)
		+Added "AutoSwitch"
		+Added "ThebombzenAPI"

	*Updated "M-Ore Mod" info: Now "Universal"
	+Added "Witches and More"

	*Updated "Dynmap" description and info: Added source, Now "Serverside"
	*Updated "Secret Rooms Mod": Added source

	*Updated "GuiAPI": Added source
	*Updated "Mo' Creatures" description

	-Removed "Immibis's Mods"

	-Removed "AtomicStryker's Mods"
	-Removed "Vazkii's Mods"

	-Removed "DaftPVF's Mods"

	+Added "DayZ"

	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines": Added source

	*Updated "Custom NPCs": Added source
	*Updated "Tropicraft" info and desc: Added source, Now "Universal"
	+Added "Mo' Creatures"
	+Added "World Downloader"

	*Updated "Biomes O' Plenty" info: Added source

	+Added "B&I"

	*Updated "Optifine" description
	+Added "Gammabright"
	+Added "MumbleLink"

	*Updated "Minecraft Capes" name, description and info: Now "Minecraft Capes (MCCapes)" and "Clientside"
	+Added "Revamp Enhanced Villager and Mob Performance"
	+Added "Logitech LCD Application for Minecraft"
	+Added "Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod"
	-Removed "Risugami's Mods"

	*Updated "X-Ray Mod (craftminer502)" info: Now "Clientside"

	+Added "Fallout Mod"

	+Added Crossbow Mod 2
	+Added ShowMonsters
	+Added Sports Mod

	*Renamed "MapWriter Mod" to "MapWriter Mini Map Mod"
	+Added M-Food
	+Added Elemental Creepers

	+Added Coloured Beds Mod
	+Added Easy Crafting
	+Added Ingame Mod List
	+Added Advanced HUD
	+Added Immibis's Mods

	+Added Arcane Acsension
	+Added Double Door Mod
	+Added Explosives+
	+Added Extra Bees
	+Added Heuristix's TheGunMod
	+Added Logistics Pipes
	+Added MegaCraft Mod
	+Added More Fences Mod
	+Added More Pressure Plates Mod
	+Added More Village Biomes + Village Logic Addon
	+Added Plugins for Forestry
	+Added RealLan
	+Added Spawn eggs Mod
	+Added Vanilla with Sprinkles
	+Added Xeno's Reliquary
	+Added Better Furnaces
	+Added Reactioncraft Better Glass

	+Added Ars Magica
	+Added Bladecraft
	+Added DupleCraft
	+Added Enhanced Books
	+Added Goblins

	+Added The Necromancy Mod
	+Added Urban Mod
	+Added Herblore Mod´┐Ż (ages 18+ only)

	+Added Power Swords Mod
	+Added CreepyPastaCraft
	+Added MusicCraft
	+Added SimpleOres
	+Added Yourock129s Mods
	+Added MineFantasy

	+Added Sophisticated Wolves
	+Added Tropicraft
	+Added Bacon Mod
	+Added Animal Bikes
	+Added The Wars Mod
	+Added The Runic Dust Mod
	+Added TooManyPlants
	+Added Clay Tools

	*Changed You are the Wither to Forge Compatible (According to the mod author)
	+Added FatherToast's Mods
	+Added Traincraft
	+Added Emasher's Mods
	+Added More Enchantments Mod
	+Added Enchanting Plus
	+Added Super Mario Mod
	+Added Jaffas and More
	+Re-Added Car Mod (It doesn't crash with Forge, but it won't work with it either)
	+Added TerraFirmaCraft
	+Added EasyDiamond
	+Added Christmas Festivities Mod
	+Added ChristmasCraft
	+Added Armor Movement Mod

	+Added Bukkit4Vanilla Mods
	+Added Lockit
	+Added M-Ore Mod
	+Added littleMaidMod
	+Added More Player Models
	+Added Greg's Prospecting
	+Added Greg's Blocks
	+Added Cave-Gen Mod

	*Changed MysticRPG's link to reflect the new maintainer of the mod's thread.
	+Added Single Player Commands
	+Added Gulliver the Resizing Mod
	+Added LittleBlocks
	+Added S.T.F.U

	+Added Thaumcraft 3
	+Added Ellian's MaterialDetector
	+Added Universal Electricity
	+Added Assembly Line
	+Added Hawk's Machinery
	+Added Mekanism
	+Added Electric Expansion
	+Added PowerTools

	+Added Paintball
	+Added Meat+
	+Added rbdyck's Mods
	+Added Mo' Minecraft Mod
	+Added You are the Wither Mod
	+Added Xie's Mods

	+Added Custom NPCs
	+Added Commander Mod
	+Added Durability101
	+Added Enhanced Portals
	+Added FactoryCraft
	+Added Grey Goo Mod
	+Added Herobrine Mod
	+Added Humans+
	+Added Ice Cream Sandwich Creeper Mod
	+Added MCDitty
	+Added Minecraft Capes
	+Added More Swords Mod
	+Added Mouse Tweaks
	+Added Pacman Arcade
	+Added Pixelmon
	+Added PizzaCraft
	+Added Slander Man
	+Added Super Heroes in Minecraft
	+Added TabbyChat
	+Added The RC Mod
	+Added Ultimate Tools
	+Added World Downloader
	+Added Zaedes' Steamworks
	+Added BuddyCam
	+Added Custom Mob Spawner
	+Added Condensed Blocks Mod

	*Changed many "Forge Compatible" labels to "Forge Required".
	+Added InfiCraft
	+Added KeepCalm's Mods
	+Added Ore Dictionary Converter
	+Added GuiAPI
	+Added ID Resolver
	+Added Jammy Furniture Mod (Beta)
	+Added Glass Tools Mod
	+Added ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech
	+Added Eastonium147's Mods
	+Added Equivalent Exchange 3 (Prerelease)
	+Added Atomic Science
	+Added Reactioncraft Mobs Mod
	+Added BlockPysics Mod
	+Added Blubbeltasche's Mods
	+Added Smart Moving
	+Added StrongerPistons
	+Added Dynmap
	+Added 3D Items
	+Added AssassinCraft
	+Added Marcopolo's Mods
	+Added BetterFonts
	+Added LibShapeDraw
	+Added BuildRegion
	+Added Camera Studio

	+Added Back Tools
	+Added Mob Amputation
	+Added Mob Dismemberment
	+Added Pig Grinder
	+Added Slender - Reimagined
	+Added Not in Minecraft Mod

	*Changed "Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Mod" to "The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Mod"
	-Removed The Car Mod
	+Added Timber!
	+Added Balkon's WeaponMod
	+Added The Mineya Mod
	+Added Obsidia: The power of Obsidian
	+Added Subaraki's Secondary Mod
	+Added The Death Scythe Mod
	+Added Kirwi's Clay Golem Mod
	+Added Better Breeding Mod
	+Added Teleportation Stones

	/Restored Full 1.3.2 List
	/Moved Lists 1.3.2 and 1.4.2 to the post below the ChangeLog
	+Added TukMC
	+Added Layman Mod Maker
	+Added Vazkii's Mods
	+Added Ivorius' Mods
	+Added Witches and More
	+Added Reactioncraft Better Bookcases
	+Added Wolves+ Mod
	+Added FlintCraft
	+Added Glowstone Wire
	+Added Torojima's Chococraft
	+Added Mo' Creatures
	+Added Mine & Blade: Commander
	+Added UseCount 2
	+Added BlockPhysics Mod
	+Added Twilight Forest
	+Added Forgotten Nature
	+Added Assassin's Creed Gun/Weapon Mod

	+Added Multi Crafting Table
	+Added Poop Mod
	*Changed Buildcraft's link to an official release
	+Added IndustrialCraft 2 (Beta)
	+Added Insta House Mod
	+Added Camo Lights Mod
	+Added Desired Blocks
	+Added Easy Dyes Mod
	+Added Precious Gems
	+Added Mining Enhancements
	+Added Desperation Food
	+Added Soda Craft
	+Added Your Ore
	+Added Moustaches and More
	+Added Falling Meteors Mod
	+Added IronChests
	+Added Thermal Expansion
	+Added New Section for Tools & Utilities
	+Added WorldPainter (Tool/Utility)
	+Added Inventory Tweaks
	+Added EssentialCraft
	+Added The Infection
	+Added MysticRPG
	+Added Additional Buildcraft Objects
	+Added Additional Pipes (Unofficial)
	*Updated ChickenBones Mods (+Added Wireless Redstone CBE)
	+Added Gravity Gun
	+Added Greg's Lighting
	+Added XyCraft
	+Added Forestry
	+Added Factorization
	+Added Advanced Machines

	*Changed 1.4.4 list to 1.4.4/1.4.5
	+Added Epicarno Mod
	+Added Dragon Mounts
	+Added Wireless Redstone

	+Added WiNeTel's BetterWorld Mods
	+Added Familiars
	+Added Millenaire
	+Added Animal Packer
	+Added Rotten Flesh to Leather
	+Added ChickenBones mods
	+Added Fearitude's Mods
	+Added HD Skins and Cloaks
	+Added DivineRPG
	+Added Pam's Mods
	+Added PlayerAPI
	+Added Railcraft
	+Added TheBombzen's Mods

	+Added Lion King Mod
	+Added Tale of Kingdoms
	+Added Clean UI

	+Added Mutant Creatures
	+Added ControlPack
	+Added Better Sprinting
	+Added Backpacks
	+Added Damage Indicators
	+Added Better Than Wolves Mod
	+Added Wasteland mod

	+Added TooManyItems
	+Added SecretRooms Mod
	+Added MAtmos
	+Added CraftGuide

	+Added AtomicStryker's Mods
	+Added Usefulfood
	+Added Portal Gun - Reconstructed
	+Added Rei's Minimap
	+Added DaftPVF's Mods
	+Added Risugami's Mods
	+Added DayZ Mod
	+Added Clay Soldiers Mod
	+Added LOLCaatz's Clientside Tweaks
	+Added More explosives
	+Added Macro/Keybind Mod and LiteLoader
	+Added MineLittlePony
	+Added CapeCraft
	+Added ComputerCraft
	+Added DayZ Mod
	+Added Crudedragos's Mods
	+Added X-Ray Mod
	+Added PaintGun Mod
	+Added Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Mod
	+Added Lighting Fix
	+Added Dynamic Mazes
	+Added CocoaCraft
	+Added ModOptionsAPI
	+Added Minecraft My Way mod
	+Added Better World Generation 3
	+Added Steve's Carts 2
	+Added JSOne Studios' Mods
	+Added Davidee's Mods
	+Added Legendary Beasts (a)
	+Added In-game NBTEdit
	+Added Mob Spawn Controls
	+Added MorpheusZero's Mods
	+Added Buildcraft
	+Added ExtraBiomesXL
	+Added Mods by Kinyoshi
	+Added Forge
	+Added Optifine