*Updated "Paxel Mod" by Xnet: Renamed

	+Added "Key and Code Lock"

	+Added "NEI Mystcraft Plugin"

	+Added "Diving Gear Mod"
	+Added "Growing Flowers"
	+Added "Multiplayer Profiles"
	+Added "Prayers"
	+Added "World Handler"
	-Removed "SimpleOres": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Thermal Expansion 3": Download no longer available

	+Added "Roxa's Fuel Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Stone Stair Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Straw Mod"
	+Added "Super Mario Mod"

	*Updated "ChickenShed"

	*Updated "Forge Mod Loader (FML)" name: Now "FML"

	*Updated "InstantBlocks" info: Added source

	*Updated "Clay Soldiers Mod" info: Added source

	*Updated "No Fire Spread" info: Updated source
	*Updated "No Ice Melt" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Space Marine Mod" link and info: Updated source

	*Updated "Goblins and Giants" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Harder Peaceful" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Improved Mob Spawn" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Jelly Cubes" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Koi" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Magical Experience" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Nether Eye" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Pumpkin-less Snow Golem" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Simple Recipes" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Slime Dungeons" info: Updated source
	*Updated "The Peacefulpack" info: Updated source
	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Modular Force Field System" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Reptile Mod" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "The Camping Mod" info: Updated source
	*Updated "TwitchTV IRC Mod" description
	*Updated "TwitchTV IRC Mod Reborn" description and info: Repository no longer available
	-Removed "Additional Crafting": Thread no longer available

	-Removed "Jukebox Fix": Replaced with Jukebox Reloaded

	+Added "Forge Mod Loader (FML)"
	*Updated "Custom Mob Spawner" description and info: Requires Forge
	+Added "Cube World"
	+Added "Custom Lan Port Mod"
	+Added "Painter's Flower Pot"

	+Added "Project Zulu: Better Overworld"
	+Added "Sports Mod"

	*Updated "Unlit Torches and Lanterns" name: Now "Unlit Torches"
	+Added "Nature Overhaul"
	+Added "Minecessity"
	+Added "NoMoreRecipeConflict"
	+Added "SteamBikes and LawnMower"
	+Added "SteamShip, SteamBoat and Pirates"
	+Added "Quidcraft"
	+Added "CARuins, GreatWall and WalledCity Generator"

	*Updated "RadarBro" description
	+Added "OmniTools"
	+Added "ForgeIRC"
	-Removed "Better Animations Collection Revived": Download no longer available
	-Removed "CrackedZombies": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Parachute Mod": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Reptile Mod": Download no longer available

	*Updated "RotaryCraft" info: Added source
	*Updated "Better Anvils" info: Added source
	+Added "Essentia Everything"
	+Added "Doggy Talents Mod"
	-Removed "The Lord of the Rings Mod": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Walking Dead Mod" name: Now "CrackedZombies"
	*Updated "Usefulfood" info: Added source
	-Removed "Atomic Science": Download no longer available (Mod merged with Resonant Induction)
	-Removed "Health Bars": Download no longer available

	*Updated "ChickenChunks" info: Added source
	*Updated "Ender Storage" info: Added source
	*Updated "Not Enough Items" info: Added source
	*Updated "Falling Meteors Mod" info: Added source
	*Updated "Greg's Lighting" description and authors: renamed "gcewing" to "Greg_Ewing"
	*Updated "Greg's SG Craft" description
	*Updated "ICBM" authors and info: Added DarkGuardsman, Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from authors)
	*Updated "ID Resolver" link and info: Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from authors)
	*Updated "LavaBoat" info: Added source
	*Updated "Magic Bees" info: Added source
	*Updated "Metallurgy 3" authors and info: Updated source
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Atum: Journey Into The Sands" info: Updated source
	+Added "Greg's Blocks"
	+Added "Greg's Prospecting"
	+Added "Whole Tree Axe"
	+Added "Chest Transporter"

	*Updated "Buildcraft" authors: Added SpaceToad
	*Updated "Compact Solars" link
	*Updated "Dimensional Doors" authors: Added SenseiKiwi
	*Updated "Elemental Creepers" info: Added source
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Added source
	+Added "Enhanced Books"
	-Removed "Gravestone Mod": Download no longer available

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" authors: Added Thunderdark, RichardG867, and GregoriusT

	*Updated "Flan's Mod" info: Added source

	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" authors: Renamed Sunstrike to Arkan

	-Removed "Magical Crops": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Touhou Items Mod" author: Added original author

	*Updated "Galacticraft" link
	+Added "Micdoodle Core"

	*Updated "MusicCraft" link and description

	*Updated "TooManyItems" link

	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" link

	*Updated "BetterStorage" author: Now by copygirl and Vic_

	-Removed "Mekanism": Download no longer available

	*Updated "VoxelMap" link

	*Updated 3 mods by immibis (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Dimensional Anchors" info: Requires "Immibis Core"
		*Updated "InfiniTubes" info: Requires "Immibis Core"
		*Updated "Liquid XP" info: Requires "Immibis Core"

	*Updated "Immibis's Microblocks" info: Requires "Immibis Core"

	*Updated "Thermal Expansion 3" info: No longer in Beta

	-Removed "MineChem": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Metallurgy 3" description and info: Requires "KeithyUtils"

	*Updated 4 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Back Tools" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
		*Updated "Mob Amputation" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
		*Updated "Mob Dismemberment" info: Fixed dependencies - Requires ModLoader
		*Updated "Torched" info: Requires "iChun Util"
	*Updated 2 mods by thehippomaster21 (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Animated Player Mod" name: Now "Animated Player"
		*Updated "Mutant Creatures" info: Not dependent on "AnimationAPI"

	*Updated "Food Plus" info: Now "Forge Required"

	*Updated "Rancraft Penguins" description and info: Added source

	*Updated "Extra Utilities" description
	*Updated "Trapcraft": Added source
	*Updated "VeinMiner" description

	-Removed "Advanced Machines": Download no longer available

	*Updated "OpenCCSensors" info: Added source

	*Updated 14 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Advanced Machines" link
		*Updated "BattleTowers" link
		*Updated "Dynamic Lights" link
		*Updated "Finder Compass" link
		*Updated "Infernal Mobs" link
		*Updated "KenshiroMod" link
		*Updated "Magic Yarn" link
		*Updated "Minions" link
		*Updated "Multi Mine" link
		*Updated "Pet Bat" link
		*Updated "Ropes+" link
		*Updated "Ruins" link
		*Updated "Simply Hax" link
		*Updated "Stalker Creepers" link

	*Updated "Forestry": Added source

	*Updated "Millenaire" info: Now Universal

	*Updated "MAtmos" info: Added source

	*Updated "ExtraCells" info: Added source
	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" description

	*Updated "BetterStorage" author, description and info: Now by copygirl, Updated source
	*Updated "Random Things" description and info: Added source

	*Updated "MineFantasy" info: Marked as Beta

	*Updated "Pixelmon" info: No longer Open Source

	*Updated "Mouse Tweaks" description and info: Now "Base Edit", Requires "ModLoader", Added source

	*Updated "Chisel" description

	*Updated "Aliens Vs Predator" description
	*Updated "Dimensional Doors" description
	+Added "Creeper Species"
	+Added "Wood Converter"

	*Updated "BiblioCraft" description
	*Updated "Minecraft Comes Alive" description
	+Added "Antique Atlas"
	+Added "BrainStoneMod"

	*Updated "Aroma1997s Dimensional World": Now "Forge Required"
	*Updated "CompactWindmills": Now "Forge Required"
	*Updated "Paintball" link

	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" author: Now by mDiyo, progwml6, Sunstrike and fuj1n

	*Updated "Scenter" info: Now "Clientside"

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" link
	*Updated "The Mists of RioV": Added source

	*Updated "ChickenShed" info, link and description: Added source

	+Added "Lantern Mod"
	+Added "Too Many Biomes"

	*Updated "Gamma bright" name and info: Now "Gammabright", Now "Forge Required"

	*Updated "Artifice" description

	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" info: Updated source

	*Updated "Auto-shutdown": Added source

	*Updated "Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod" name and info: Now "Furniture Mod", Added source

	*Updated 2 mods by Mumfrey (Which are the following)
		*Updated "LiteLoader" description
		*Updated "Macro/Keybind Mod" description

	*Updated "IronChests 2" name and info: Now "IronChests", Updated source
	*Updated "Monster Spawn Highlighter" description
	+Added "More Player Models 2"

	*Updated "[Applied Energistics] ExtraCells" name: Now "ExtraCells"
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] Compact Mobs" name and info: Now "Compact Mobs", Requires "Buildcraft"
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] QuarryPlus" name and info: Now "QuarryPlus", Requires "Buildcraft"
	*Updated "Caption API" info: Added source
	*Updated "[Chert Craft] Gravel Replacement" name and info: Now "Gravel Replacement", Requires "Chert Craft Mod"
	*Updated "[ComputerCraft] Immibis's Peripherals" name: Now "Immibis's Peripherals", Requires "ComputerCraft"
	*Updated "[ComputerCraft] OpenCCSensors" name: Now "OpenCCSensors", Requires "ComputerCraft"
	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" author and info: Now by Pahimar, Added source
	*Updated "[Equivalent Exchange 3] Equivalency" name and info: Now "Equivalency", Requires "Equivalent Exchange 3"
	*Updated "[Forestry] Magic Bees" name and info: Now "Magic Bees", Requires "Forestry"
	*Updated "[Hats] Hat Stand" name and info: Now "Hat Stand", Requires "Hats"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines" name and info: Now "Advanced Machines", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Combo Armors" name and info: Now "Combo Armors", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Compact Solars" name, link, description and info: Now "Compact Solars", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] CompactWindmills" name and info: Now "CompactWindmills", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Gravitation Suite" name and info: Now "Gravitation Suite", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] GregTech-Addon" name and info: Now "GregTech-Addon", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Modular Force Field System" name and info: Now "Modular Force Field System", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2", Added source
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Nuclear Control" name and info: Now "Nuclear Control", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] OreDupeFix" name and info: Now "OreDupeFix", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "ModOptionsAPI" info: Added source
	*Updated "More Pistons Mod" info: Added source
	*Updated "[Metallurgy 3] Metal Mechanics" name, description and info: Now "Metal Mechanics", Requires "Metallurgy 3" and "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "[Mystcraft] Ages of Mystcraft" name and info: Now "Ages of Mystcraft", Requires "Mystcraft"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Atomic Science" name, link and info: Now "Atomic Science", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Biotech name and info: Now "Biotech", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech" name, link and info: Now "ICBM", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Mekanism" name, link and info: Now "Mekanism", Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] MineChem" name, link and info: Now "MineChem", Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Modular Powersuits" name, link and info: Now "Modular Powersuits", Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	-Removed "[Forestry] ThaumicBees"
	-Removed "[Universal Electricity] Assembly Line"
	-Removed "[Universal Electricity] Biotech"
	-Removed "[Universal Electricity] Complex Machines"
	-Removed "[Universal Electricity] Electric Expansion"

	+Added 2 mods by thebombzen (Which are the following)
		+Added "AutoSwitch"
		+Added "ThebombzenAPI"

	*Updated "M-Ore Mod" info: Now "Universal"

	*Updated 5 mods by power crystals (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Flat Bedrock": Added source
		*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded": Added source
		*Updated "Nether Ores": Added source
		*Updated "Power Converters": Added source
		*Updated "PowerCrystals Core": Added source
	*Updated "Dynmap" description and info: Added source, Now "Serverside"
	*Updated "Secret Rooms Mod": Added source

	*Updated "GuiAPI": Added source
	*Updated "Mo' Creatures" description

	*Updated "iChun Util": Added source
	*Updated "SimplicityOresMod": Added source, Now "Universal"

	*Updated "VoxelMap" link

	+Added "VeinMiner"

	*Updated "No Ice Melt": Added source, Now "Base Edit"
	+Added "No Fire Spread"

	*Updated "Note Block Display": Added source, Now "Clientside"
	+Added "Even Moar Foods?"
	+Added "TwitchTV IRC Mod Reborn"

	+Added 3 mods by Cazzar (Which are the following)
		+Added "Cazzar Core Lib"
		+Added "Jukebox Fix"
		+Added "Jukebox Reloaded"

	*Updated 14 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		*Updated "BattleTowers": Added source
		*Updated "Dynamic Lights": Added source
		*Updated "Finder Compass": Added source
		*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines": Added source
		*Updated "Infernal Mobs": Added source
		*Updated "KenshiroMod": Added source
		*Updated "Magic Yarn": Added source
		*Updated "Minions": Added source
		*Updated "Multi Mine": Added source
		*Updated "Pet Bat": Added source
		*Updated "Ropes+": Added source
		*Updated "Ruins": Added source
		*Updated "Simply Hax": Added source
		*Updated "Stalker Creepers": Added source

	*Updated "Custom NPCs": Added source
	*Updated "Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod" description
	+Added "Ages of Mystcraft"
	+Added "Artifice"
	+Added "Mo' Creatures"
	+Added "THX Helicopter"
	+Added "World Downloader"

	*Updated "Biomes O' Plenty" info: Added source

	*Updated "Optifine" description
	+Added "Gammabright"

	+Added "Deconstruction Table"
	+Added "Legendary Beasts"
	+Added "Nexion"

	*Updated "Minecraft Capes" name, description and info: Now "Minecraft Capes (MCCapes)" and "Clientside"
	+Added "[BuildCraft] QuarryPlus"
	+Added "Green Thumb Mod"
	+Added "Logitech LCD Application for Minecraft"
	+Added "Revamp Enhanced Villager and Mob Performance"
	+Added "Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod"

	*Updated "X-Ray Mod (craftminer502)" info: Now "Clientside"
	+Added "Auto-shutdown"

	+Added "Mob Spawn Controls"

	+Added "Star Wars Mod"

	+Added "Redstone Clock"

	+Added "Single Player Commands"

	*Updated "Unlit Torches" name and description: Now "Unlit Torches and Lanterns"
	+Added "GrowthCraft"

	+Added "Aether II"
	+Added "Magic Rings Mod"
	+Added "Project Bench"
	+Added "Random Things"
	+Added "Resource Engineering"

	+Added "Scenter"
	+Added "[Forestry] ThaumicBees"

	+Added "Additional Crafting"
	+Added "Butterfly Mania"
	+Added "Food Plus"
	+Added "More Gems Mod"
	+Added "Unlit Torches"
	+Added "Wall Jump"
	+Added "XCommands"

	*Fixed "Better Dungeons" link; Was aiming at rikmuld's camping mod for some reason
	+Added "Coloured Diamonds Mod"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines"
	+Added "Power Converters"
	+Added "Secret Rooms Mod"

	+Added 2 mods by AnonymousProductions (Which are the following)
		+Added "MineFantasy"
		+Added "MineFantasy: Renaissance"
	+Added "DartCraft"
	+Added "Random Additions"

	+Added 3 mods by Koopinator (Which are the following)
		+Added "Fancy Fences"
		+Added "Useful Storage"
		+Added "Metal Rods"
	+Added "chylex's Minimods"
	+Added "Forestry"
	+Added "More Pistons Mod"
	+Added "Price of Progress"
	+Added "Recipe Remover"
	+Added "Redstone Energy Field"
	+Added "Usefulfood"

	+Added "Fallout Mod"
	*Updated "Consistent Glowstone Drops" info: Now "Universal"
	+Added "Aroma1997s Dimensional World"
	+Added "CJB Mod"
	+Added "Emoticons"
	+Added "Enchanted"
	+Added "Higher Trees and Other Stuff"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] CompactWindmills"
	+Added "Paintball"
	+Added "Real Steel Mod"
	+Added "Redstone Jukebox"
	+Added "Thirst Mod"
	+Added "Weeping Angels"

	+Added "All-U-Want Inventory Editor"
	+Added "Enhanced Visuals"
	+Added "KBI Enriched Gravel"
	+Added "Mob Tools"

	*Updated "More Pressure Plates Mod" info: Now "SSP SMP LAN", "Forge Compatible", and "Modloader Compatible"
	*Updated "Reinforced Butter" info: Now "SSP SMP LAN", Added description
	+Added "Gizmos"
	+Added "Railcraft"

	+Added "SaplingSpawn"
	+Added "Reinforced Butter"
	+Added "Mo' Foods+"

	+Added "Soul Shards"

	*Changed description for "FlowerCraft"
	+Added "M-Ore Mod"
	+Added "CustomVolume"
	+Added "Bleach Mod"
	+Added "The Melee/Elemental Skeletons Mod"
	*Renamed "Furniture Mod" to "Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod"
	*Renamed "Macro/Keybind ModLiteLoader" to "Macro/Keybind Mod"
	*Added "Liteloader" dependency to "Macro/Keybind Mod"

(April/27/2013, 11:30 PM)
	*Changed mod author for "FlintCraft" from "Kinyoshi" to "666mayhem666 & Kinyoshi"
	+Added 2 mods by CubeX2 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Custom Stuff 2"
		+Added "Multi Page Chest"
		+Added "More Furnaces"
		+Added "Chest Transporter"
	+Added "The Ether Mod"
	+Added "Better Sprinting"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] MineChem"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Biotech"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Complex Machines"
	+Added "No Regeneration Mod"
	+Added "AdventureTime Mod"
	+Added "Macro/Keybind ModLiteLoader"
	+Added "AlphabetBlocks Mod"
	+Added "Butter Mod"
	+Added "Mine Little Pony"
	+Added "BetterStorage"
	+Added "BuddyCam"
	+Added "Extra Utilities"
	+Added "Boxes"
	+Added "Dynamic Mazes"
	+Added "The Ultimate Nether Mod"
	+Added "Underground Biomes"

(April/27/2013, 6 AM)
	*Fixed "Forge Compatibility" color for "Double Door Mod". Now blue as it should have been
	*Updated "Mithril" info: Now "Universal" and "Forge Required"
	+Added 2 mods by eragonn1490 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Reactioncraft BaseMod" (Dependency)
		+Added "Reactioncraft Better Bookcases"
	+Added 2 mods by Rinnsal (Which are the following)
		+Added "Ores drop Mores 2"
		+Added "NetherStuffs"
	+Added "More Stuff"
	+Added "Better Than Wolves Mod"
	+Added "Magical Crops"
	+Added "Herobrine Mod"
	+Added "COFL's Simple Arrowblur"
	+Added "Thaumcraft 3"
	+Added "True Randomite"
	+Added "Easy Crafting"
	+Added "Extended Workbench"
	+Added "Extra-Blocks mod"
	+Added "Chocolate Mod"
	+Added "doFireTweak"
	+Added "Castle Defenders"
	+Added "Mysterious Eggs"
	+Added "UgoCraft"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] GregTech-Addon"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Modular Force Field System v2"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Nuclear Control"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Combo Armors"
	+Added "Travelling House Mod"
	+Added "Mob Pressure Plates Mod"
	+Added "LavaBoat"
	+Added "Uses For Lapis"
	+Added "Throwable Bricks Mod"
	+Added "BearGrylls Mod"
	+Added "Sealab's Commands"
	+Added "Glowstone Wire"
	+Added "The Airship Mod"
	+Added "FlintCraft"
	+Added "LiteLoader"

	-Removed "Runic Dust Mod" - Reason: Not yet updated to 1.5.1
	+Added "Myths and Monsters"
	+Added "HiddenDoors"
	+Added "The Lord of the Rings"
	+Added "Lemon Land"
	+Added "Metal Mechanics"
	+Added "EnchantView"
	+Added "Mutant Biome"
	+Added "Derpy Squid"
	+Added "The Resident Evil Mod"
	+Added "MumbleLink"
	+Added "More Records Mod"
	+Added "Poop"
	+Added "Rotten Flesh to Leather"
	+Added "Ores Drop Mores 2"
	+Added "Consistent Glowstone Drops"
	+Added "Simply Horses"
	+Added "GenCreator"
	+Added "Flann Mod"
	+Added "EnderStuff+"
	+Added "Better Item Despawning"
	+Added "More Health Enhanced"
	+Added "FewerRavines/LessCaves"
	+Added "Falling Meteors Mod"
	+Added "More Explosives"
	+Added "FriendColour"
	+Added "Superheroes Unlimited"
	+Added "I Don't Like Villages Mod"
	+Added "myBiome Mod"

	+Added 2 mods by ProPercivalalb (Which are the following)
		+Added "Trapcraft"
		+Added "Doggy Talents Mod"
	+Added "The Seasons Mod"
	+Added "DupleCraft"
	+Added "AgeCraft"
	+Added "littleMaidMob"
	+Added "MusicCraft"
	+Added "Famous Mod"
	+Added "Doggy Talents Mod"
	+Added "Equivalent Exchange 3"
	+Added "Crazy Ravines"
	+Added "Animated Player"
	+Added "Calendar GUI"

	*Updated "HomiePower Mod FE" info: Improved description
	*Updated "Elemental Orbs" info: Now "Universal"
	*Updated "CreepersNoCreeping" info: Now "Universal"
	+Added 4 mods by power crystals (Which are the following)
		+Added "PowerCrystals Core"
		+Added "Nether Ores"
		+Added "MineFactory Reloaded"
		+Added "Flat Bedrock"
	+Added 8 mods by wuppy21 (Which are the following)
		+Added "The Peacefulpack"
		+Added "Slime Dungeons"
		+Added "Nether Eye"
		+Added "Koi"
		+Added "Jelly Cubes"
		+Added "Improved Mob Spawn"
		+Added "Harder Peaceful"
		+Added "Goblins and Giants"
	+Added "Balkon's WeaponMod"
	+Added "JourneyMap"
	+Added "XACT: Xhamolk_'s Advanced Crafting Table"
	+Added "Vanity Blocks"
	+Added "Furniture Mod"
	+Added "The J-Craft Mods"
	+Added "Crazy Chunks"
	+Added "EnderTanks"
	+Added "Slime Chunk Finder"
	+Added "Natura"

	*Updated "Thermal Expansion" info: Changed author to "Team CoFH", Improved description
	*Renamed "Retractable Ladders" to "Ladder Kit"
	+Added "Touhou Items Mod"
	+Added "Atum: Journey Into The Sands"
	+Added "Jaffas and More"
	+Added "Minekawaii"

	*Updated "The Camping Mod" info: Fixed author name to "rikmuld" instead of "rilmuld", changed link to point to rikmuld's site
	*Updated "Gravestone Mod" info: Now "Forge Required", Improved description
	+Added 8 mods by Kinyoshi (Which are the following)
		+Added "Ancient Tree Root Mod"
		+Added "Bone Ore Mod"
		+Added "Desert Petrified Wood Mod"
		+Added "Stone Basin Biome"
		+Added "Craft Gunpowder Mod"
		+Added "Smeltable Gravel Mod"
		+Added "Stick To Plank Mod"
		+Added "Wool To String Mod"
	+Added "SimplicityOresMod"
	+Added "Better Dungeons"
	+Added "MudMod"
	+Added "The Soda Mod"
	+Added "Cartographer"
	+Added "BigTrees"

	/Changed it so descriptions do not exist until you hover over its element. No perceivable change to the end user aside from them no longer being found in a ctrl+f search. Perhaps a slightly faster load time overall as well.
	/Added mod submission form for those who wish to submit mods to the list while also remaining anonymous. See bit.ly/modlist-submit
	*Updated "Trail Mix" info: Shortened Description (now with 50% more silliness)
	+Added 5 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		+Added "Attachable Grinder"
		+Added "Back Tools"
		+Added "Hats"
		+Added "Mob Amputation"
		+Added "Mob Dismemberment"
	+Added 3 mods by rbdyck (Which are the following)
		+Added "Mithril"
		+Added "Booze"
		+Added "Kitchens"
	+Added "Note Block Display"
	+Added "WarZ Mod"
	+Added "ID Resolver"
	+Added "Better Farming"
	+Added "Dimensional Doors"
	+Added "Invasion Mod"
	+Added "Coral Reef Mod"
	+Added "The Herbology Mod"
	+Added "Retractable Ladders"
	+Added "Rainbow XP Mod"
	+Added "Warfield 3"
	+Added "Thermal Expansion"
	+Added "Bookz"
	+Added "PrimitiveCraft"
	+Added "LegendGear"
	+Added "RealLan"
	+Added "SimplicityOresMod"

	*Updated "Soul Eater Mod" info: Now "Universal"
	+Added 2 mods by MorpheusZero (Which are the following)
		+Added "CreepersNoCreeping"
		+Added "BatsDropLeather"
	+Added 3 mods by DerBaM (Which are the following)
		+Added "Flat Bedrock Layer"
		+Added "Doubledoor"
		+Added "Grave"
	+Added "DrZhark"
		+Added "Mo' Creatures"
		+Added "Custom Mob Spawner"
	+Added "HomiePower Mod FE"
	+Added "PowerCraft"
	+Added "Applied Energistics"
	+Added "Mystcraft"
	+Added "[Mystcraft] Ages of Mystcraft"
	+Added "More Food Mod"
	+Added "Hardcore Enderdragon"
	+Added "Light Level Overlay"
	+Added "Dynmap"
	+Added "Crafting Creation"
	+Added "Factorization"

	*Fixed links for "[Universal Electricity] Assembly Line", "[Universal Electricity] Atomic Science", and "[Universal Electricity] Modular Powersuits" pointing to old, nonexistent pages
	+Added 7 mods by Immibis (Which are the following)
		+Added "[ComputerCraft] Immibis's Peripherals"
		+Added "Dimensional Anchors"
		+Added "Immibis Core"
		+Added "Immibis's Microblocks"
		+Added "InfiniTubes"
		+Added "Liquid XP"
		+Added "TubeStuff"
	+Added 2 mods by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN (Which are the following)
		+Added "Vending Block"
		+Added "Chisel"
	+Added "Better Furnaces"
	+Added "GuiAPI"
	+Added "Timber!"
	+Added "Gulliver the Resizing Mod"
	+Added "End of the Rainbow Mod"
	+Added "Glacier Ice"
	+Added "Minecraft Comes Alive"
	+Added "Biomes O' Plenty"
	+Added "SimpleOres"
	+Added "DarkLords RPG"
	+Added "The Farlanders"
	+Added "Advanced Agriculture"
	+Added "Highlands"
	+Added "Soul Eater Mod"
	+Added "Overcrafted"
	+Added "Colorful Armor"

	-Removed "The Invether" (Meant to put on 1.5.0 list)
	+Added 4 mods by Blubbeltasche (Which are the following)
		+Added "Flowercraft"
		+Added "Haycraft"
		+Added "Slabcraft"
		+Added "Staircraft"
	+Added 3 mods by crackedEgg (Which are the following)
		+Added "Reptile Mod"
		+Added "Parachute mod"
		+Added "Walking Dead Mod"
	+Added 5 mods by Hurricaaane (Which are the following)
		+Added "Minaptics"
		+Added "QuickThirdPerson"
		+Added "ChatlogToFile"
		+Added "Skinning In-Game"
		+Added "Bindings Compact"
	+Added 4 mods by Lunatrius (Which are the following)
		+Added "Monster Spawn Highlighter"
		+Added "Schematica"
		+Added "InGame Info XML"
		+Added "Stackie"
	+Added 8 mods by Kinyoshi (Which are the following)
		+Added "Chert Craft"
		+Added "Corn Nuts"
		+Added "[Chert Craft] Gravel Replacement"
		+Added "Dead Bush Replacement"
		+Added "Desert Cotton Plant"
		+Added "Desert Grund Plant"
		+Added "Item Soup Replacement"
		+Added "Mushroom Torch"
	+Added 3 mods by WyrdOne (Which are the following)
		+Added "Caption API"
		+Added "Minecraft My Way"
		+Added "ModOptionsAPI"
	+Added 2 mods by jsprouts (Which are the following)
		+Added "More Pressure Plates Mod"
		+Added "Easier Skeletons Mod"
	+Added 2 mods by JinRyuu (Which are the following)
		+Added "Naruto C"
		+Added "Dragon Block C"
	+Added "Ninja Mod"
	+Added "Pixelmon"
	+Added "AntiSteve"
	+Added "Aliens Vs Predator"
	+Added "Animal Bikes"
	+Added "ExtraBiomesXL"
	+Added "Ars Magica"
	+Added "Armor Movement Mod"
	+Added "AssassinCraft"
	+Added "Better Anvils"
	+Added "Better Breeding Mod"
	+Added "Cave-Gen Mod"
	+Added "Clay Soldiers Mod"
	+Added "ChatSounds"
	+Added "Chocolatecraft"
	+Added "Commander Mod"
	+Added "ComputerCraft"
	+Added "ControlPack"
	+Added "Emeralds+ Mod"
	+Added "Ice Cream Sandwich Creeper Mod"
	+Added "CraftGuide"
	+Added "Forestry"
	+Added "IndustrialCraft 2"
	+Added "Smart Moving"
	+Added "Steve's Carts 2"
	+Added "Double Door Mod"
	+Added "Mouse Tweaks"
	+Added "MAtmos"
	+Added "Mutant Creatures"
	+Added "Compressed Cobblestone"
	+Added "More Swords Mod"
	+Added "Forgotten Nature"
	+Added "Gearz Mod"
	+Added "Defensive Villagers"
	+Added "EternalsSwords"
	+Added "AlcheMine"
	+Added "Diamond Buckets+"
	+Added "Sophisticated Wolves"
	+Added "Rival Rebels"
	+Added "Universal Electricity"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Assembly Line"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Atomic Science"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Electric Expansion"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Mekanism"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Modular Powersuits"
	+Added "StackPack"
	+Added "SojaCraft"

	+Added 7 mods by FatherToast (Which are the following)
		+Added "Deadly World"
		+Added "Lava Monsters"
		+Added "Health Bars"
		+Added "Lost Books"
		+Added "Player Heads"
		+Added "Special Mobs"
		+Added "Utility Mobs"
	+Added "Chainz: The -Missing- Iron Link"
	+Added "Asgard Shield"
	+Added "Galacticraft"
	+Added "MineVideo"
	+Added "The Runic Dust Mod"
	+Added "TwitchTV IRC Mod"
	+Added "The Camping Mod"
	+Added "WebChat"
	+Added "Tale of Kingdoms"
	+Added "Extra Doors"

	*Updated "Mystic Mod" info: Updated description
	+Added 4 mods by chicken_bones (Which are the following)
		+Added dependency "CodeChickenCore"
		+Added "ChickenChunks"
		+Added "Not enough Items (NEI)"
		+Added "Ender Storage"
	+Added "Gravestone Mod"
	+Added "The Wars Mod"
	+Added "More XP Mod"
	+Added "The Invether"
	+Added "Flintlock Guns Mod"
	+Added "Dungeon Mobs"
	+Added "Enchanting Plus"
	+Added "Team Fortress 2 Mods"
	+Added "More Village Biomes + Village Logic Addon"
	+Added "Flintlock Guns Mod"
	+Added "Enhanced Portals"
	+Added "Jammy Furniture Mod"
	+Added "Village Info"
	+Added "HybridCraft"
	+Added "Elemental Creepers"
	+Added "Flan's Mod"
	+Added "Smart Spawn Mod"
	+Added "X-Ray Mod (craftminer502)"

	+Added 5 mods by bspkrs (Which are the following)
		+Added dependency "bspkrsCore"
		+Added "ArmorStatusHUD"
		+Added "DirectionHUD"
		+Added "StatusEffectHUD"
		+Added "WorldStateCheckpoints"	
	+Added 6 mods by DaftPVF (Which are the following)
		+Added "IngameInfo"
		+Added "CrystalWing"
		+Added "BlockBreaker / ConnectedDestruction"
		+Added "TreeCapitator"
		+Added "FloatingRuins"
		+Added "StartingInventory"
	+Added 5 mods by MamiyaOtaru (Which are the following)
		+Added "VoxelMap (Zan's)"
		+Added "No Voidfog (or Dimming)"
		+Added "Old North / Retro Sun Direction"
		+Added "No Slimes in Superflat"
		+Added "Retro Fences"
	+Added 5 mods by CJB (Which are the following)
		+Added "CJB API"
		+Added "More Info Mod"
		+Added "QuickCraft Mod"
		+Added "X-Ray Mod"
		+Added "Mob Filter Mod"
		+Added "Fly Mod"
	+Added "Better World Generation 4"
	+Added "TooManyItems"
	+Added "Telicraft"
	+Added "Finder Compass"
	+Added "Compact Crafting"
	+Added "RadarBro"
	+Added "ExtraneousCraft"
	+Added "NoSnow Mod"
	+Added "AllSnow Mod"
	+Added "Player API"
	+Added "Render Player API"
	+Added "Custom NPCs"
	+Added "Familiars Mod"
	+Added "MapWriter Minimap Mod"
	+Added "Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod"
	+Added "Gems+"
	+Added "Elemental Orbs"
	+Added "Better Biomes"
	+Added "The Barrels Mod"
	+Added "Inventory Tweaks"
	+Added "KeepMyStats"
	+Added "tukmc"
	+Added "The Ocarina Mod"
	+Added "Creeper Sword"
	+Added "Minor Alchemy"
	+Added "ProSthetics"
	+Added "Mystic Mod"

	+Added 5 mods by iChun (Which ar the following)
		+Added "iChun Util"
		+Added "Trail Mix"
		+Added "PortalGun"
		+Added "Gravity Gun"
		+Added "Death Counter"
	+Added 12 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		+Added "Dynamic Lights"
		+Added "Minions"
		+Added "Ropes+"
		+Added "BattleTowers"
		+Added "KenshiroMod"
		+Added "Multi Mine"
		+Added "Simply Hax"
		+Added "Magic Yarn"
		+Added "Ruins"
		+Added "Stalker Creepers"
		+Added "Pet Bat"
		+Added "Infernal Mobs"
	+Added 2 mods by soccerguy3 (Which are the following)
		+Added "No Ice Melt"
		+Added "No Fire Spread"
	+Added 6 mods by Corosus (Which are the following)
		+Added "Movement State Display"
		+Added "Move Plus"
		+Added "Zombie Awareness"
		+Added "Auto Farmer"
		+Added "Weather & Tornadoes"
	+Added 12 mods by Risugami (Which are the following)
		+Added "ModLoader"
		+Added "Elemental Arrows"
		+Added "More Stackables"
		+Added "Sign Tags"
		+Added "Death Chest"
		+Added "AudioMod"
		+Added "Spawner GUI"
		+Added "Griefer Creepers"
		+Added "Recipe Book"
		+Added "Shelf"
		+Added "Biosphere"
		+Added "Armor Stand"
	+Added "BiblioCraft"
	+Added "Fancy Glass"
	+Added "Millenaire"
	+Added "Rei's Minimap"
	+Added "Optifine"
	+Added "The Mists of RioV"
	+Added "Torojima's Chococraft"
	+Added "Twilight Forest"
	+Added "Minecraft Capes"
	+Added "Tinkers Construct"
	+Added "RPG Inventory Mod"
	+Added "Damage Indicators"
	+Added "Rancraft Penguins"
	+Added "TabbyChat"
	+Added "Backpacks"
	+Added "Combat Bars"
	+Added "Ariadne's Thread"
	+Added "Item Frame Lag Fix"
	+Added "Minecraft Ideas Mod"
	+Added "Forge"
	+Added "ChickenShed"
	+Added "IronChests 2"