*Updated "SecurityCraft": Added source
	+Added "Desired Blocks"

	+Added "Paxel Mod" by darksaber0
	+Added "Paxel Mod" by Xnet

	+Added "Assembly Mod"
	+Added "Bacteria Mod"
	+Added "Custom Selection Box"
	+Added "Key and Code Lock"
	+Added "Planetoids"

	+Added "HeldCore"
	+Added "NEI Mystcraft Plugin"

	+Added "AllTheItems Mod"
	+Added "Apple & Milk & Tea"
	+Added "Coral Reef Mod"
	+Added "Digimobs"
	+Added "Growing Flowers"
	+Added "Invasion Mod"
	+Added "Kingdom Keys"
	+Added "Multiplayer Profiles"
	+Added "Netherrocks"
	+Added "Prayers"
	+Added "World Handler"

	+Added "BaM's Grave"
	+Added "Endermanage"

	+Added "DecoCraft"
	+Added "XtraBlocks Extreme Edition"

	+Added "Bleach Mod"
	+Added "Floatable Rails"

	+Added "Roxa's Experience Gem Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Fuel Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Stone Stair Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Straw Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Tall Doors Mod"
	+Added "Show Durability 2"
	+Added "Super Mario Mod"

	+Added "The Erebus"
	-Removed "ZZZZZ Custom Configs": Download no longer available

	*Updated "ChickenShed"

	*Updated "Forge Mod Loader (FML)" name: Now "FML"

	+Added "InstantBlocks"

	*Updated "Clay Soldiers Mod" info: Added source

	*Updated "No Fire Spread" info: Updated source
	*Updated "No Ice Melt" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Player Beacons" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Space Marine Mod" link and info: Updated source

	*Updated "Goblins and Giants" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Harder Peaceful" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Improved Mob Spawn" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Jelly Cubes" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Koi" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Magical Experience" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Nether Eye" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Pumpkin-less Snow Golem" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Simple Recipes" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Slime Dungeons" info: Updated source
	*Updated "The Peacefulpack" info: Updated source
	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Modular Force Field System" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Reptile Mod" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Stuff Worth Throwing" info: Updated source
	*Updated "The Camping Mod" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "TwitchTV IRC Mod" description
	*Updated "TwitchTV IRC Mod Reborn" description and info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Chat Damage Indicators" info: Repository no longer available
	-Removed "Reciper": Download no longer available

	+Added "Aroma1997s Portable Recharger"
	+Added "CraftingManager"
	+Added "Extra Achievements"
	+Added "Fullscreen Windowed"
	+Added "Geocraft: Better Ore Distribution 3"
	+Added "Pet Buddy Mod"
	+Added "Red Gear Core"
	+Added "ToolBelt"
	+Added "WebChat"
	+Added "Web Displays"
	+Added "World Generation Manager"

	+Added "Forge Mod Loader (FML)"
	*Updated "Creeper Collateral" description
	*Updated "Custom Mob Spawner" description and info: Requires Forge
	*Updated "Hunger Overhaul" info
	+Added "Insta House Mod"
	+Added "Cube World"
	+Added "Painter's Flower Pot"

	*Updated "Dragon Mounts" source
	*Updated "Minema" added source
	*Updated "Mineshot" added source
	+Added "Better Archery Mod"
	+Added "Project Zulu: Better Overworld"
	+Added "Camo Lights Mod"
	+Added "Sports Mod"
	+Added "Unique Artifacts"
	+Added "JumpPad++"
	-Removed "Painted Stone": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Unlit Torches and Lanterns" name: Now "Unlit Torches"
	+Added "Item Frame Lag Fix"
	+Added "Advanced Darkness"
	+Added "Nature Overhaul"
	+Added "LevelUp!"
	+Added "Minecessity"
	+Added "NoMoreRecipeConflict"
	+Added "Skill API"
	+Added "SteamCraft"
	+Added "ControllerBlock"
	+Added "Magic Wands"
	+Added "Mystic Mods"
	+Added "WeCraft Mod"
	+Added "MoreMinecraft!"
	+Added "SteamBikes and LawnMower"
	+Added "SteamShip, SteamBoat and Pirates"
	+Added "Quidcraft"
	+Added "CARuins, GreatWall and WalledCity Generator"
	+Added "Numina"

	*Updated "Cobblestone And Stone Armour" name: Now "Cobblestone And Stone Armor +"
	*Updated "RadarBro" description
	*Updated "Rediscovered Mod" name: Now "The Rediscovered Mod"
	*Updated "Universal Coins Mod" name: Now "Universal Coins"
	+Added "Plants Vs Zombies Mod"
	+Added "Wild Caves 3"
	+Added "Better Grass & Leaves Mod"
	+Added "Better Item Despawning"
	+Added "Bacon Mod"
	+Added "Redstone in Motion"
	+Added "RPG Inventory Mod"
	+Added "Transformer Converters"
	+Added "Rails of War"
	+Added "MC Heli Mod"
	+Added "Tubes!"
	-Removed "CrackedZombies": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Parachute Mod": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Reptile Mod": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Cobblestone And Stone Armour" info: Universal
	+Added "Logitech LCD Application for Minecraft"
	+Added "Hardcore Ender Expansion"

	+Added "Modular Force Field System"
	+Added "More Backpacks"

	*Updated "DrZhark's MagicCarpet Mod" description
	*Updated "Minegicka II" authors: Renamed Will.Eze to WilliamLe
	+Added "Somnia"
	+Added "Forestry Extras 2"
	+Added "Thaumcraft Extras"

	*Updated "Hunger Overhaul" info: Added source
	*Updated "Usefulfood" info: Added source
	*Updated "Walking Dead Mod" name: Now "CrackedZombies"
	*Updated "PneumaticCraft" info: Added source
	+Added "The Necromancy Mod"
	+Added "Mob Properties"
	-Removed "Atomic Science": Download no longer available (Mod merged with Resonant Induction)

	*Updated "ChickenChunks" info: Added source
	*Updated "Ender Storage" info: Added source
	*Updated "Not Enough Items" info: Added source
	*Updated "Translocator" name and info: Now "Translocators", Added source
	*Updated "HD Skins and Cloaks" link and info: Added source
	*Updated "ICBM" authors and info: Added DarkGuardsman, Added source (Discontinued, no future updates from authors)
	*Updated "Magic Bees" info: Added source
	*Updated "Metallurgy 3" authors and info: Updated source
	*Updated "Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2" authors: Added GotoLink
	*Updated "Backpack HUD" name: Now "IC2 Backpack HUD"
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Updated source
	*Updated "SimpleOres" name: Now "SimpleOres 2"
	*Updated "Additional Pipes" info: Added source
	*Updated "Agriculture" info: Added source
	*Updated "Aquaculture" info: Added source
	+Added "Forgotten Nature"
	+Added "Falling Meteors Mod"
	+Added "Greg's Blocks"
	+Added "Greg's Lighting"
	+Added "Greg's Prospecting"
	+Added "Greg's SG Craft"
	+Added "Gulliver the Resizing Mod"
	+Added "LavaBoat"
	+Added "Magic Carpet Mod"
	+Added "Moar Achievements Redux"
	+Added "More Enchantments"
	+Added "ATG - Alternate Terrain Generation"
	+Added "Sophisticated Wolves"
	+Added "NEI Addons"

	*Updated "Buildcraft" authors: Added SpaceToad
	*Updated "Compact Solars" link
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus" info: Added source
	*Updated "ExtraButtons" name: Now "Extra Buttons"
	*Updated "FpsPlus" link and dependencies info
	*Updated "Gravestone Mod" dependencies info
	*Updated "Iguana Tweaks" source link
	*Updated "Iguana Tweaks for Tinker's Construct" source link
	*Updated "Thaumic Tinkerer" source link
	*Updated "ZZZZZ Custom Configs" info: Added source
	+Added "Cartographer"
	+Added "Click Mining Fix Fix"
	+Added "Better Farming"
	-Removed "BetterFonts": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Extra Bees": Download no longer available
	-Removed "DivineRPG": Download no longer available

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" authors: Added Thunderdark, RichardG867, and GregoriusT
	*Updated "Aether II" Link and Dependencies info
	*Updated "Agriculture" Dependencies info
	+Added "Threaded Lighting"

	*Updated "Flan's Mod" info: Added source
	*Updated "Iguana Tweaks" name: Now "Iguana Tweaks for Tinker's Construct"

	*Updated "ForgeIRC" description
	*Updated "ForgeMultipart" description

	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" authors: Renamed Sunstrike to Arkan

	+Added "Wall Jump"

	*Updated "Sync" info: Requires "iChun Util"
	*Updated "Useful Pets" info: Requires "SpaceCore"

	*Updated 2 mods by micdoodle8 (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Galacticraft" link
		*Updated "Micdoodle Core" link and info: Added source
	+Added "Crossbow Mod 2"

	-Removed "CraftHeraldry": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Advanced HUD Continuation" name and description: Now "Advanced HUD"
	*Updated "MusicCraft" link and description

	*Updated "Damage Indicators" info: Clientside, server install not required
	*Updated "Steve's Carts 2" link

	*Updated "TooManyItems" link

	*Updated "Note Block Display" description
	-Removed "Instant Massive Structures Mod": Download no longer available
	-Removed "FortuneOres": No longer supported by author

	*Updated "BetterStorage" author: Now by copygirl and Vic_

	*Updated "SimpleEnderPouch" info: Updated source
	-Removed "Mekanism": Download no longer available

	*Updated "VoxelMap" link

	*Updated "Autofish" desc

	*Updated 3 mods by immibis (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Dimensional Anchors" info: Requires "Immibis Core"
		*Updated "InfiniTubes" info: Requires "Immibis Core"
		*Updated "Liquid XP" info: Requires "Immibis Core"

	*Updated "Steve's Carts 2" info: Currently in Beta
	*Updated "Immibis's Microblocks" info: Requires "Immibis Core"

	+Added "Picture-in-Picture"

	-Removed "MineChem": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Metallurgy 3" description and info: Requires "KeithyUtils"

	*Updated 3 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Mob Dismemberment" info: "Forge Required"
		*Updated "Sync" description
		*Updated "Torched" info: Requires "iChun Util"
	*Updated 2 mods by thehippomaster21 (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Animated Player Mod" name: Now "Animated Player"
		*Updated "AnimationAPI" info: Marked open source

	*Updated "Dragon Mounts" info: Now "Forge Required", Added source
	*Updated "Food Plus" info: Now "Forge Required"

	*Updated "Highlands" description and info: Added source
	*Updated "Project: Red" link

	*Updated "Rancraft Penguins" description and info: Added source

	+Added "JuiceWares"

	*Updated "Extra Utilities" description
	*Updated "VeinMiner" description
	+Added "Trapcraft"

	*Updated 2 mods by Duke605 (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Arcane Scrolls" link, description and info: Requires "KingCore"
		*Updated "DukeCore" name: Now "KingCore"
	+Added "Crafting Pillar"

	+Added "MobTalker2"

	*Updated 14 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		*Updated "Advanced Machines" link
		*Updated "BattleTowers" link
		*Updated "Dynamic Lights" link
		*Updated "Finder Compass" link
		*Updated "Infernal Mobs" link
		*Updated "KenshiroMod" link
		*Updated "Magic Yarn" link
		*Updated "Minions" link
		*Updated "Multi Mine" link
		*Updated "Pet Bat" link
		*Updated "Ropes+" link
		*Updated "Ruins" link
		*Updated "Simply Hax" link
		*Updated "Stalker Creepers" link

	*Updated "Forestry": Added source

	*Updated "Millenaire" info: Now Universal

	+Added 2 mods by DemoXin (Which are the following)
		+Added "MoreEnchants"
		+Added "SimpleEnderPouch"

	*Updated "MAtmos" info: Added source

	*Updated "ExtraCells" info: Added source
	*Updated "PneumaticCraft" description and info: No longer WIP
	*Updated "SmoothBedrock" info: Added source
	+Added "JAMI"

	*Updated "BetterStorage" author, description and info: Now by copygirl, Updated source
	*Updated "Random Things" description and info: Added source

	*Updated "Temperate Plants" description

	+Added "EnderTanks"

	*Updated "Pixelmon" info: No longer Open Source

	+Added "Arrow Cam Mod"
	+Added "BlockPlacer"

	+Added "Player Beacons"
	+Added "Underground Biomes Constructs"

	*Updated "Mouse Tweaks" description and info: Now "Base Edit", Requires "ModLoader", Added source

	*Updated "Chisel" description
	+Added "Reinforced Doors Mod"

	*Updated "AlgaeCraft" desc
	*Updated "Aliens Vs Predator" description
	*Updated "Ellian's MaterialDetector": Now "Base Edit"
	+Added 2 mods by kegare (Which are the following)
		+Added "BedrockLayer"
		+Added "Caveworld"
	+Added "Agriculture"
	+Added "Basic Guns Mod"
	+Added "Blocks3D Mod"
	+Added "Clonecraft"
	+Added "Creeper Species"
	+Added "Glenn's Gases"
	+Added "Light Bridges And Doors"
	+Added "Thaumcraft Mob Aspects"
	+Added "Wood Converter"
	+Added "ZZZZZ Custom Configs"

	*Updated "BiblioCraft" description
	*Updated "Minecraft Comes Alive" description
	+Added "Antique Atlas"
	+Added "BetterChests"
	+Added "BrainStoneMod"
	+Added "Coal 2 Charcoal"
	+Added "Crushcraft"
	+Added "EmeraldMod"
	+Added "OnlySilver"

	*Updated "Aroma1997s Dimensional World": Now "Forge Required"
	*Updated "CompactWindmills": Now "Forge Required"
	+Added "Aroma1997Core"

	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" author: Now by mDiyo, progwml6, Sunstrike and fuj1n

	*Updated "Scenter" info: Now "Clientside"

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" link
	*Updated "Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2" description
	*Updated "Still Hungry!" description
	*Updated "The Mists of RioV": Added source
	+Added "Familiars Mod"

	+Added "JourneyMap"

	*Updated "Carpenter's Blocks": Added source

	*Updated "ChickenShed" info, link and description: Added source

	+Added "Autofish"
	+Added "Lantern Mod"

	*Updated "Arcane Scrolls" link
	*Updated "DukeCore" link

	+Added "Joypad Mod"

	*Updated "Blood Magic" info: Added source

	*Updated "Gamma bright" name and info: Now "Gammabright", Now "Forge Required"

	*Updated "Artifice" description

	*Updated "Resonant Induction" info: Requires "ForgeMultipart"
	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" info: Updated source

	+Added "Time Keeper"

	*Updated "Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod" name and info: Now "Furniture Mod", Added source
	+Added "Soup Mod"

	*Updated 2 mods by Mumfrey (Which are the following)
		*Updated "LiteLoader" description
		*Updated "Macro/Keybind Mod" description
	+Added "Female Gender Option"
	+Added "Truss Mod"

	+Added "Watson"

	*Updated "IronChests 2" name and info: Now "IronChests", Updated source
	*Updated "Monster Spawn Highlighter" description
	*Updated "More Player Models 2" link
	*Updated "Zyin's HUD" info: Added source
	+Added "Uyjulian's X-ray Mod"

	*Updated "JABBA" link

	*Updated "[Applied Energistics] ExtraCells" name: Now "ExtraCells"
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] Additional Pipes" name and info: Now "Additional Pipes", Requires "Buildcraft"
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] Buildcraft Tools" name and info: Now "Buildcraft Tools", Requires "Buildcraft"
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] Den Pipes" name and info: Now "Den Pipes", Requires "Buildcraft"
	*Updated "[Buildcraft] Teleport Pipes" name and info: Now "Teleport Pipes", Requires "Buildcraft", Now "Universal"
	*Updated "[ComputerCraft] Immibis's Peripherals" name and info: Now "Immibis's Peripherals", Requires "ComputerCraft"
	*Updated "[Equivalent Exchange 3] Equivalency" name and info: Now "Equivalency", Requires "Equivalent Exchange 3"
	*Updated "[Forestry] Extra Bees" name and info: Now "Extra Bees", Requires "Forestry"
	*Updated "[Forestry] Magic Bees" name and info: Now "Magic Bees", Requires "Forestry"
	*Updated "[Forestry] Plugins for Forestry 3" name and info: Now "Plugins for Forestry 3", Requires "Forestry"
	*Updated "[Hats] Hat Stand" name and info: Now "Hat Stand", Requires "Hats"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines" name and info: Now "Advanced Machines", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines (immibis)" name and info: Now "Advanced Machines (immibis)", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Power Management" name and info: Now "Advanced Power Management", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Repulsion Systems" name and info: Now "Advanced Repulsion Systems", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Solar Panels" name and info: Now "Advanced Solar Panels", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Backpack HUD" name and info: Now "Backpack HUD", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] ChargePads" name and info: Now "ChargePads", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Compact Solars" name, link, description and info: Now "Compact Solars", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] CompactWindmills" name and info: Now "CompactWindmills", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Gravitation Suite" name and info: Now "Gravitation Suite", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] GregTech-Addon" name and info: Now "GregTech-Addon", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Nuclear Control" name and info: Now "Nuclear Control", Requires "IndustrialCraft 2"
	*Updated "[Not Enough Items] NEI Plugins" name and info: Now "NEI Plugins", Requires "CodeChickenCore" and "Not Enough Items"
	*Updated "[Thaumcraft 4] Thaumic Tinkerer" name, authors and info: Now "Thaumic Tinkerer", Now by Vazkii, pixlepix and nekosune, Requires "Thaumcraft 4"
	*Updated "[Tinkers' Construct] Iguana Tweaks" name and info: Now "Iguana Tweaks", Requires "Tinkers' Construct"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Atomic Science" name, link and info: Now "Atomic Science", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech" name, link and info: Now "ICBM", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Mekanism" name, link and info: Now "Mekanism", Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] MineChem" name, link and info: Now "MineChem", Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Modular Powersuits" name, link and info: Now "Modular Powersuits", Requires "Universal Electricity", Added source
	*Updated "[Universal Electricity] Resonant Induction" name, link and info: Now "Resonant Induction", Requires "Universal Electricity"
	+Added "Ages of Mystcraft"
	+Added "Caption API"
	+Added "Herblore Mod"
	+Added "ModOptionsAPI"
	+Added "More Pistons Mod"
	-Removed "[Forestry] ThaumicBees"

	+Added "JABBA"

	+Added "ExplorerCraft"

	*Updated "AutoSwitch" info and desc: Added source, Now "SSP", "SMP", "LAN"
	+Added "ThebombzenAPI"

	*Updated "FpsPlus": Added source, Now "Base Edit"
	+Added "High Pressure Tanks"
	+Added "Stuff Worth Throwing"

	*Updated 3 mods by skyboy026 (Which are the following)
		*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded": Added source
		*Updated "Nether Ores": Added source
		*Updated "PowerCrystals Core": Added source
	*Updated "Dynmap" description and info: Added source, Now "Serverside"

	*Updated "Mo' Creatures" description
	+Added "Custom Mob Spawner"
	+Added "Minecraft Expansion Pack"
	+Added "Village Taverns Updated"

	*Updated 2 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		*Updated "iChun Util": Added source
		*Updated "Morph": Updated source
	*Updated "SimplicityOresMod": Added source, Now "Universal"
	+Added "Mad Science"
	+Added "Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders"

	*Updated "VoxelMap" link

	+Added "EnderIO"
	+Added "SpaceCore"
	+Added "VeinMiner"

	+Added 2 mods by soccerguy3 (Which are the following)
		+Added "No Fire Spread"
		+Added "No Ice Melt"

	+Added "Barrier"
	+Added "Even Moar Foods?"
	+Added "Note Block Display"
	+Added "TwitchTV IRC Mod Reborn"

	+Added 3 mods by Cazzar (Which are the following)
		+Added "Cazzar Core Lib"
		+Added "Jukebox Fix"
		+Added "Jukebox Reloaded"
	+Added "NoSoundLag"

	+Added "EnderNet"
	+Added "HoloInventory"

	*Updated 14 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		*Updated "BattleTowers": Added source
		*Updated "Dynamic Lights": Added source
		*Updated "Finder Compass": Added source
		*Updated "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines": Added source
		*Updated "Infernal Mobs": Added source
		*Updated "KenshiroMod": Added source
		*Updated "Magic Yarn": Added source
		*Updated "Minions": Added source
		*Updated "Multi Mine": Added source
		*Updated "Pet Bat": Added source
		*Updated "Ropes+": Added source
		*Updated "Ruins": Added source
		*Updated "Simply Hax": Added source
		*Updated "Stalker Creepers": Added source

	+Added "Buffed Tools"
	+Added "FortuneOres"
	+Added "Waila"

	*Updated "BetterFonts" author: Now "thvortex", "Suzutsuki"
	*Updated "Craftable Horse Armor" info and desc: Added source
	*Updated "Custom NPCs": Added source
	*Updated "Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod" description
	*Updated "MumbleLink": Now "Forge Required"
	*Updated "SKC Core" info and desc: Added source
	+Added "Ages of Mystcraft"
	+Added "Artifice"
	+Added "Mo' Creatures"
	+Added "World Downloader"

	+Added "Arcane Crafter 2"
	+Added "Hamsterrific Mod"
	+Added "Igneous Mod"
	+Added "LotsOMobs"

	+Added "Advanced Genetics"
	+Added "RadarBro"

	+Added 2 mods by B0bGary (Which are the following)
		+Added "Uses For Lapis"
		+Added "Growable Ores"
	+Added "Clay Soldiers Mod"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Compact Solars"
	+Added "More Health Enhanced"
	+Added "SimpleOres"

	+Added 2 mods by Davidee (Which are the following)
		+Added "GuiLib"
		+Added "Mob Spawn Controls 2"
	+Added 5 mods by Myrathi (Which are the following)
		+Added "FinndusFillies"
		+Added "FlatSigns"
		+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] ChargePads"
		+Added "InfiniBows"
		+Added "Switches"
	+Added 2 mods by senpaisubaraki (Which are the following)
		+Added "Subaraki's Gravestone Mod"
		+Added "Health Charms"
	+Added "Gravestone Mod"

	+Added 4 mods by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN (Which are the following)
		+Added "IDfix"
		+Added "True Randomite"
		+Added "Vending Block"
	+Added 2 mods by ShadwDrgn (Which are the following)
		+Added "ForgeIRC"
		+Added "Soul Shards"
	+Added "DartCraft"
	+Added "Ancient Warfare"
	+Added "Better Furnaces"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Power Management"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Backpack HUD"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Nuclear Control"
	+Added "Mouse Tweaks"

	+Added 3 mods by Jannis234 (Which are the following)
		+Added "PlayerTrans"
		+Added "Suntorch"
		+Added "Uncrafter"
	+Added "Decorative Marble and Chimneys"
	+Added "More Player Models 2"
	+Added "Ore Dictionary Converter"
	+Added "SmoothBedrock"
	+Added "Torojima's BuildHelper"

	+Added "Atlanticraft"
	+Added "FpsPlus"
	+Added "Gliby's Voice Chat Mod"
	+Added "Mineshot"
	+Added "Minestrappolation"
	+Added "Power Boxes"
	+Added "SecurityCraft"
	+Added "The Elements Mod"
	+Added "TotalRPG"

	+Added 3 mods by crackedEgg (Which are the following)
		+Added "Parachute Mod"
		+Added "Reptile Mod"
		+Added "Walking Dead Mod"
	+Added 3 mods by skyboy026 (Which are the following)
		+Added "MineFactory Reloaded"
		+Added "Nether Ores"
		+Added "PowerCrystals Core"
	+Added "AutoSwitch"
	+Added "Blood Magic"
	+Added "Bounding Box Outline"
	+Added "Custom Flags"
	+Added "Godzilla"
	+Added "Lycanite's Mobs"
	+Added "[Not Enough Items] NEI Plugins"
	+Added "Pirates"

	+Added 2 mods by Abascus (Which are the following)
		+Added "DLC Craft"
		+Added "Universal Blocks"
	+Added 10 mods by spacechase0 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Auto-Fisher"
		+Added "Biome Wand"
		+Added "Component Equipment"
		+Added "Condensed Potions"
		+Added "Decorative Stuff"
		+Added "Everlasting Tools"
		+Added "Spelunker Dimension"
		+Added "Survival Wings"
		+Added "Toxic Rain"
		+Added "Useful Pets"
	+Added "Alice's Dolls (Touhou)"
	+Added "Extended Enchants"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Gravitation Suite"
	+Added "Monster Hunter Frontier Craft"

	+Added "AnimationAPI"
	+Added "Finder Compass"
	+Added "[Forestry] Extra Bees"
	+Added "Macro/Keybind Mod"
	+Added "Custom Recipes"
	+Added "Thaumcraft 4"
	+Added "[Thaumcraft 4] Thaumic Tinkerer"

	+Added "Balanced Exchange"
	+Added "Colorful Armor"
	+Added "Extra Utilities"
	+Added "Simple Portables"
	+Added "[Tinkers' Construct] Iguana Tweaks"
	+Added "Torojima's Chococraft"

	+Added 2 mods by denoflions (Which are the following)
		+Added "Creeper Collateral"
		+Added "HD Skins and Cloaks"
	+Added 2 mods by McKiller5252 (Which are the following)
		+Added "SimpleCraft"
		+Added "Torch Placer"
	+Added 3 mods by MineMaarten (Which are the following)
		+Added "Minesweeper Mod"
		+Added "PneumaticCraft"
		+Added "Sokoban Mod"
	+Added "Alchemy++"
	+Added "Backpacks (Brad16840)"
	+Added "Better Signs Mod"
	+Added "[Buildcraft] Additional Pipes"
	+Added "[Buildcraft] Buildcraft Tools"
	+Added "[Buildcraft] Den Pipes"
	+Added "Colourful Portals Mod"
	+Added "Combustable Lemon Launcher"
	+Added "Engineered Farm"
	+Added "[Forestry] Plugins for Forestry 3"
	+Added "FreezeCam"
	+Added "Good Night's Sleep"
	+Added "IndustrialCraft 2 (Experimental)"
	+Added "Minegicka II"
	+Added "More Enchantments"
	+Added "Mutant Creatures"
	+Added "Omnitech"
	+Added "PneumaticCraft"
	+Added "Power Tools"
	+Added "Project: Red"
	+Added "QuiverBow"
	+Added "Soft Hardcore"
	+Added "SuperGlass"
	+Added "The Ether Mod"
	+Added "The Farlanders"
	+Added "ToastCraft"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Mekanism"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] MineChem"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Modular Powersuits"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Resonant Induction"
	+Added "Usefulfood"
	+Added "XACT: Xhamolk_'s Advanced Crafting Table"

	+Added 7 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		+Added "Back Tools"
		+Added "Hats"
		+Added "[Hats] Hat Stand"
		+Added "Mob Amputation"
		+Added "Mob Dismemberment"
		+Added "Morph"
	+Added "Glacier Ice"
	+Added "littleMaidMob"
	+Added "Old North / Retro Sun Direction"
	+Added "Presence Footsteps"

	+Added "ExtraButtons"
	+Added "Minema"
	+Added "Sim-U-Kraft"
	+Added "Utilities"

	*Updated "LumberJack" info: Now "Universal"
	*Updated "Craftable Horse Armor" info: Requires "SKC Core"
	*Updated "InGame Info XML" info: Added source
	*Updated "Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition" info: Requires "CodeChickenCore"
	+Added 2 mods by Spikitiger (Which are the following)
		+Added "Endless Ocean"
		+Added "Small World"
	+Added 3 mods by rbdyck (Which are the following)
		+Added "Booze"
		+Added "Kitchens"
		+Added "Mithril"
	+Added "BetterSnow"
	+Added "CrazyOres"
	+Added "Enhanced Visuals"
	+Added "Extra Diamonds Mod"
	+Added "ForgeMultipart"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Solar Panels"
	+Added "Jammy Furniture Mod"
	+Added "Light Level Overlay"
	+Added "Lost Books"
	+Added "MineChess"
	+Added "MineTunes"
	+Added "SKC Core"
	+Added "The Seasons Mod"

	*Updated "Traincraft" description
	+Added "Camera Studio"
	+Added "Deconstruction Table"
	+Added "Fancy Fences"

	*Updated "Doggy Talents Mod" description
	*Updated "Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2" description
	*Updated "Player API" description
	+Added "Aether II"
	+Added "Dragon Block C"
	+Added "Dragon Mounts"
	+Added "Flan's Mod"
	+Added "Render Player API"

	+Added 9 mods by wuppy21 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Goblins and Giants"
		+Added "Harder Peaceful"
		+Added "Improved Mob Spawn"
		+Added "Jelly Cubes"
		+Added "Magical Experience"
		+Added "Nether Eye"
		+Added "Pumpkin-less Snow Golem"
		+Added "Slime Dungeons"
		+Added "The Peacefulpack"
	+Added "Animated Player Mod"
	+Added "COFL's Simple Arrowblur"
	+Added "Craftable Animals"
	+Added "Enchanting Plus"
	+Added "Factorization"
	+Added "GLSL Shaders Mod"
	+Added "HomiePower Mod"
	+Added "Hunger Overhaul"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] CompactWindmills"
	+Added "Legend of Zelda Mod"
	+Added "Nexion"
	+Added "Obsidian Pressure Plates"
	+Added "Random Additions"
	+Added "Rotten Flesh to Leather"
	+Added "SimplicityOresMod"
	+Added "TaleCraft"
	+Added "Traincraft"
	+Added "Useful Redstone Mod"
	+Added "Vanity Blocks"

	+Added 2 mods by KaboPC (Which are the following)
		+Added "ShowMonsters"
		+Added "Village Marker"
	+Added 2 mods by TNTMCPeople (Which are the following)
		+Added "More Cookable Food Mod"
		+Added "The Lapis Mod"
	+Added "Archimedes' Ships"
	+Added "BigTrees"
	+Added "Ferullo's Gun Mod"
	+Added "Forestry"
	+Added "Minor Alchemy"
	+Added "Highlands"
	+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] GregTech-Addon"
	+Added "Light Bridges Mod"
	+Added "Mine Little Pony"
	+Added "Railcraft"
	+Added "Reciper"
	+Added "Universal Coins Mod"

	+Added 2 mods by Flenix (Which are the following)
		+Added "FlenixCities"
		+Added "FlenixRoads"
	+Added 3 mods by Vazkii (Which are the following)
		+Added "CraftHeraldry"
		+Added "Creeper Temper"
		+Added "SoundControl"
	+Added "AssassinCraft"
	+Added "Carbon Mod"
	+Added "Custom NPCs"
	+Added "Lots of Food"
	+Added "Mo' Creatures"
	+Added "Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2"
	+Added "Mystcraft"
	+Added "NetherStuffs"
	+Added "PortalGun"
	+Added "Torch Levers"
	+Added "Twilight Forest"

	+Added 2 mods by Skorpio & sorash67 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Better Sponge Mod"
		+Added "WashingMachine Mod"
	+Added 2 mods by mDiyo (Which are the following)
		+Added "Natura"
		+Added "Tinkers' Construct"
	+Added "AdventureTime Mod"
	+Added "Aroma1997s Dimensional World"
	+Added "Buildcraft"
	+Added "Condensed Blocks Mod"
	+Added "Ellian's MaterialDetector"
	+Added "Hopper Ducts"
	+Added "LittleBlocks"
	+Added "Pixelmon"
	+Added "Project Bench"
	+Added "Still Hungry!"
	+Added "TabbyChat"
	+Added "The Lord of the Rings Mod"
	+Added "The Resident Evil Mod"
	+Added "Utility Chests Mod"

	+Added 2 mods by jerryz16 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Chain Armor Recipe Mod"
		+Added "Craftable Saddle Mod"
	+Added "Creeper Species"
	+Added "OreSpawn"
	+Added "SignTitles"
	+Added "TwitchTV IRC Mod"
	+Added "World Changers"

	+Added "AlgaeCraft"
	+Added "Minecraft Lighting Fix"
	+Added "RPG-Hud Mod"

	*Updated "Elemental Orbs" author: Removed "ferrettomato"
	*Updated "Left-Handed" link
	+Added 10 mods by immibis (Which are the following)
		+Added "[ComputerCraft] Immibis's Peripherals"
		+Added "Dimensional Anchors"
		+Added "Immibis Core"
		+Added "Immibis's Microblocks"
		+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Machines"
		+Added "[IndustrialCraft 2] Advanced Repulsion Systems"
		+Added "InfiniTubes"
		+Added "Liquid XP"
		+Added "RedLogic"
		+Added "TubeStuff"
	+Added "[Applied Energistics] ExtraCells"
	+Added "PaleoCraft"
	+Added "The Barrels Mod"
	+Added "VanillaPlus"

	+Added 3 mods by Duke605 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Arcane Scrolls"
		+Added "DukeCore"
		+Added "Mini"
	+Added "BetterCraft"
	+Added "Enhanced Portals 2"
	+Added "Team Fortress 2 Mods"

	+Added 6 mods by chicken_bones (Which are the following)
		+Added "ChickenChunks"
		+Added "CodeChickenCore"
		+Added "Ender Storage"
		+Added "Not Enough Items (NEI)"
		+Added "Translocator"
		+Added "Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition"
	+Added 3 mods by colossali (Which are the following)
		+Added "Batman mod"
		+Added "Slender Man"
		+Added "Super Heroes in Minecraft"
	+Added 6 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		+Added "Attachable Grinder"
		+Added "Death Counter"
		+Added "Gravity Gun"
		+Added "iChun Util"
		+Added "Torched"
		+Added "Trail Mix"
	+Added "Advanced HUD Continuation"
	+Added "Better Breeding Mod"
	+Added "Cartographer"
	+Added "ControlPack"
	+Added "DungeonPack"
	+Added "Logical Armory Mod"
	+Added "LumberJack"
	+Added "MAtmos"
	+Added "StandInMod"
	+Added "The Walking Dead"

	*Updated "End of the Rainbow Mod" info and description: Now "Forge Required" and "Universal"
	+Added 3 mods by andykuo1 (Which are the following)
		+Added "MC+ Blowpipe Mod"
		+Added "MC+ Satchel Mod"
		+Added "MC+ QuartzTools Mod"
	+Added 3 mods by Clashsoft (Which are the following)
		+Added "More Minerals Mod"
		+Added "More Potions Mod"
		+Added "More Tools Mod"
	+Added 3 mods by Duckstepper (Which are the following)
		+Added "Amethyst Tools"
		+Added "Craftable End Portal"
		+Added "Emerald Tools/Armor"
	+Added 2 mods by NzahCraft (Which are the following)
		+Added "Endergun Mod"
		+Added "Enderstaff Mod"
	+Added 3 mods by SimJoo (Which are the following)
		+Added "Pig Companion Mod"
		+Added "More Mobs Mod"
		+Added "More Wolves Mod"
	+Added 2 mods by SoBiohazardous and Delocuro (Which are the following)
		+Added "Extrapolated Decor"
		+Added "Extrapolated Ores"
	+Added 2 mods by TXX59 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Mystik Ores Mod"
		+Added "Smiley Gem Mod"
	+Added "Chocolate Mod (Killerjdog51)"
	+Added "CJB Mod (Continued)"
	+Added "Doggy Talents Mod"
	+Added "Elemental Orbs"
	+Added "Energy Weapons"
	+Added "[Equivalent Exchange 3] Equivalency"
	+Added "Extended Workbench"
	+Added "FoodEx"
	+Added "Gizmos"
	+Added "Hardcore Craftable Horse Armor"
	+Added "Hyper Fire"
	+Added "HUDini"
	+Added "Lemon Land"
	+Added "MapWriter Minimap Mod"
	+Added "Minecraft Comes Alive"
	+Added "Minecraft Tweaks"
	+Added "Mr_Crayfish's Furniture Mod"
	+Added "MusicCraft"
	+Added "Naruto C"
	+Added "Nether Essence Mod"
	+Added "Ore Dimension's Mod"
	+Added "Power of the Elements"
	+Added "RareOres"
	+Added "Rediscovered Mod"
	+Added "Single Player Commands"
	+Added "Skorpio's Washing Machine Mod"
	+Added "Space Marine Mod"
	+Added "Telecrapht"
	+Added "The Magical Pills Mod"
	+Added "The Uncrafting Mod"
	+Added "Throwable Bricks Mod"
	+Added "Village Info"

	+Added "Aliens Vs Predator"
	+Added "Balkon's WeaponMod"
	+Added "Better Furnaces"
	+Added "Player API"
	+Added "Smart Moving"

	*Updated 2 mods by MorpheusZero (Which are the following)
		*Updated "BatsDropLeather" info: Now requires "MorphCore"
		*Updated "CreepersNoCreeping" info: Now requires "MorphCore"
	+Added 2 mods by MorpheusZero (Which are the following)
		+Added "HorseAccessories"
		+Added "MorphCore"

	*Updated "Glowstone Wire" info: Now "Forge Required"
	+Added "Music Timer Mod"
	+Added "The Saturation Mod"

	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Added source
	+Added "Chat Damage Indicators"

	+Added 3 mods by culegooner (Which are the following)
		+Added "CreeperBurnCore"
		+Added "ExplosionDropsCore"
		+Added "SpawnEggDropsMod"
	+Added "EditableSigns"
	+Added "SkyZone World Generator"

	*Updated "Kodehawa's Cheating Essentials" info: Added source, Now "Forge Compatible"
	*Updated "MumbleLink" info: Added source, Now "Forge Required"
	*Updated "Optifine" info: Now "Forge Compatible"
	*Updated "Underground Biomes" info: Added source
	+Added 9 mods by MatrexsVigil (Which are the following)
		+Added "Clay Spawn"
		+Added "Desert Craft"
		+Added "Get all the Seeds!"
		+Added "HarvestCraft"
		+Added "Huge Mushroom Spawn"
		+Added "Melon Spawn"
		+Added "Simple Recipes"
		+Added "Temperate Plants"
		+Added "Weee! Flowers"
	+Added 2 mods by MorpheusZero (Which are the following)
		+Added "CreepersNoCreeping"
		+Added "BatsDropLeather"
	+Added "All-U-Want Inventory Editor"
	+Added "Animal Bikes"
	+Added "Applied Energistics"
	+Added "BetterSnow"
	+Added "BiblioCraft"
	+Added "Consistent Glowstone Drops"
	+Added "Glowstone Wire"
	+Added "IndustrialCraft 2 (IC2)"
	+Added "Ingame Mod List 3"
	+Added "Instant Massive Structures Mod"
	+Added "LiteLoader"
	+Added "Minecraft Capes"
	+Added "NotOnlyMoreOres Mod"
	+Added "Pressure Point Blocks"
	+Added "Rancraft Penguins"
	+Added "The Mists of RioV"
	+Added "Universal Electricity"
	+Added "Unlit Torches and Lanterns"
	+Added "Upgrade Pickaxe Mod"
	+Added "!X-RAY MOD"

	*Updated "The Camping Mod" author: Now "RikMuld"
	+Added "MoreOresOrite"
	+Added "The Camping Mod"

	*Updated "Biomes O' Plenty" info: Added source
	+Added "Left-Handed"
	+Added "SuperCraftingFrame"

	+Added 11 mods by bspkrs (Which are the following)
		+Added "ArmorStatusHUD"
		+Added "BlockBreaker / ConnectedDestruction"
		+Added "bspkrsCore"
		+Added "CrystalWing"
		+Added "DirectionHUD"
		+Added "FloatingRuins"
		+Added "IngameInfo"
		+Added "StartingInventory"
		+Added "StatusEffectHUD"
		+Added "TreeCapitator"
		+Added "WorldStateCheckpoints"
	+Added 5 mods by CubeX2 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Chest Transporter"
		+Added "Custom Stuff 2"
		+Added "More Furnaces"
		+Added "Multi Page Chest"
		+Added "Whole Tree Axe"
	+Added 3 mods by Davidee (Which are the following)
		+Added "In-game NBTEdit"
		+Added "Legendary Beasts"
		+Added "Mob Spawn Controls"
	+Added 3 mods by Lomeli12 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Craft Cards"
		+Added "Diving Gear Mod"
		+Added "LomLib"
	+Added 4 mods by Lunatrius (Which are the following)
		+Added "InGame Info XML"
		+Added "Monster Spawn Highlighter"
		+Added "Schematica"
		+Added "Stackie"
	+Added 2 mods by Sopwith (Which are the following)
		+Added "AllSnow Mod"
		+Added "NoSnow Mod"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] Atomic Science"
	+Added "Aquaculture"
	+Added "B&I"
	+Added "Better Biomes"
	+Added "Biomes O' Plenty"
	+Added "ChickenShed"
	+Added "ComputerCraft"
	+Added "Dalek Mod"
	+Added "Damage Indicators"
	+Added "Dynmap"
	+Added "ExtraBiomesXL"
	+Added "Gamma bright"
	+Added "KeithyUtils"
	+Added "Metallurgy 3"
	+Added "Millenaire"
	+Added "Mo' Foods+"
	+Added "More Fuel, Tweaks, and Everything"
	+Added "MumbleLink"
	+Added "Revamp: Enhanced Villager and Mob Performance"
	+Added "Scenter"
	+Added "Staircraft"
	+Added "Steve's Carts 2"
	+Added "Timber!"
	+Added "TooManyItems"
	+Added "Ultimate Tools"
	+Added "[Universal Electricity] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech"
	+Added "Zyin's HUD"

	+Added 12 mods by Risugami (Which are the following)
		+Added "Armor Stand"
		+Added "Biosphere"
		+Added "Death Chest"
		+Added "Elemental Arrows"
		+Added "Floodgate"
		+Added "Griefer Creepers"
		+Added "ModLoader"
		+Added "More Stackables"
		+Added "Recipe Book"
		+Added "Shelf"
		+Added "Sign Tags"
		+Added "Spawner GUI"
	+Added "Better World Generation 4"
	+Added "Kodehawa's Cheating Essentials"
	+Added "tukmc"

	+Added 12 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		+Added "BattleTowers"
		+Added "Dynamic Lights"
		+Added "Infernal Mobs"
		+Added "KenshiroMod"
		+Added "Magic Yarn"
		+Added "Minions"
		+Added "Multi Mine"
		+Added "Pet Bat"
		+Added "Ropes+"
		+Added "Ruins"
		+Added "Simply Hax"
		+Added "Stalker Creepers"
	+Added 3 mods by Blubbeltasche (Which are the following)
		+Added "Flowercraft"
		+Added "Haycraft"
		+Added "Slabcraft"
	+Added 3 mods by MamiyaOtaru (Which are the following)
		+Added "Automatic Wheat Farmer"
		+Added "Chat Bubbles"
		+Added "VoxelMap"
	+Added "Backpacks"
	+Added "Better Sprinting"
	+Added "Better Wood Mod"
	+Added "Craftable Horse Armor"
	+Added "Cyan Warrior Swords Mod"
	+Added "Decraft Mod"
	+Added "Forge"
	+Added "Galacticraft"
	+Added "Inventory Tweaks"
	+Added "IronChests 2"
	+Added "Marble XL"
	+Added "Random Things"
	+Added "Rei's Minimap"
	+Added "Underground Biomes"