+Added "Adequacy"

	*Updated "Admin Weapons": Changed desc
	*Updated "Custom Main Menu": Removed source
	*Updated "OreSpawn": Changed desc
	*Updated "Pixelmon": New link and desc
	+Added "Arkif's Hoverboard Mod"
	+Added "AutoRun"
	+Added "Clonecraft": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Deeper Caves": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Desired Blocks"
	+Added "EndPlus"
	+Added "Forge Relocation"
	+Added "Hacked World Mod"
	+Added "IC2 Wrench Plugin"
	+Added "MedicineCraft"
	+Added "Overpowered Inventory"
	+Added "Perfect Spawn"
	+Added "SecurityCraft"
	+Added "The Camping Mod"
	+Added "TNT-Rainmaker"
	+Added "TrashSlot"

	*Updated "WorldDownloader": New link
	+Added "Actually Additions"
	+Added "CsokiCraftUtil"
	+Added "Explosives++"
	+Added "How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon": Currently WIP
	+Added "Love Mod"
	+Added "Ore Dowsing"
	+Added "Realistic Terrain Generation": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Redstone Influx"
	+Added "SniperCraft"
	+Added "Sodacan Utilities"

	*Updated "LoaderList": Fixed link
	+Added "Advanced Warfare": Currently WIP
	+Added "AgameR Paint Mod"
	+Added "Builder's Dream"
	+Added "DarkCore"
	+Added "Dubstep Gun": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Gems+"
	+Added "Horror Pacman Mod"
	+Added "Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Matt's Mod Tray": Currently in Beta
	+Added "MCMB Tools"
	+Added "MoreVillageBiomes+"
	+Added "Multidimensional Ores": Currently in Beta
	+Added "NuclearCraft"
	+Added "Quirks and Perks"
	+Added "Screenshot Diary"
	+Added "Similsax Transtructors"
	+Added "Tardis Mod"
	+Added "Think's Lab Minions Mod"
	+Added "ToastMod"
	+Added "World Explorer": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Xtracraft"

	*Updated "Ding": Client-Side mod
	+Added "Bones And Stones"
	+Added "Inventory Pets"
	+Added "InvWorks"
	+Added "MineTweaker RecipeMaker"
	+Added "SciAPI"
	+Added "Torcherino"

	*Updated "Super Massive Tech": now in Alpha, requires EnderCore
	+Added "Ender IO Addons"
	+Added "Chisel: A New Hope"
	+Added "Gun Customization": Currently in Beta
	+Added "HardLib"
	+Added "Metallurgy Chisel"
	+Added "Not Enough Wands"
	+Added "Ore Flowers"
	+Added "Tombenpotter's Icarus"

	+Added "Advanced Lightsabers"
	+Added "Better HUD"
	+Added "Carbonization"
	+Added "CST7 Weapons"
	+Added "FAMM"
	+Added "FRSM"
	+Added "FSMM"
	+Added "Gods' Weapons"
	+Added "Heart Crystals"
	+Added "Irish Luck"
	+Added "Lucky Block"
	+Added "MalCore"
	+Added "Master Chef"
	+Added "Mo' Pickaxes"
	+Added "Player-Interface Mod"
	+Added "PremiumCore"
	+Added "PremiumCraft"
	+Added "Real Time"
	+Added "RWBY Craft"
	+Added "ServerTools"
	+Added "Survivor's Pack"
	+Added "Tools Done Right"
	+Added "WorldBorder-Forge"

	+Added "Build Helper"
	+Added "ForgeAutoShutdown"
	+Added "Kwasti Advertising"
	+Added "Mechalution"
	+Added "Megamod: Miner Network"
	+Added "Protocol4"
	+Added "PvPTime"
	+Added "Summon Sphere"
	+Added "The Derpy Shiz Mod"
	+Added "TurkeyUtil"
	+Added "TwinTails"

	*Updated "Deep Resonance": now in Beta, requires ElecCore and McJtyLib
	*Updated "Draconic Evolution": now requires Brandon's Core
	*Updated "Greg's Prospecting II": now requires ElecCore
	*Updated "JurassiCraft": link, authors, now requires LLibrary
	*Updated "Mo' Zombies": Added source
	*Updated "Prayers" link
	+Added "Advanced Inventory": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Bad Mobs"
	+Added "Brandon's Core"
	+Added "ElecCore"
	+Added "Growthcraft Community Edition"
	+Added "LAN Host Skin Fix"
	+Added "LLibrary"
	+Added "Login Shield"
	+Added "MovingWorld"
	+Added "Minecraft IO"
	+Added "SkinPort"
	+Added "Warp Drive": Currently in Alpha
	-Removed "Modular Force Field System" (Calclavia): Download no longer available
	-Removed "Resonant Induction": Download no longer available

	*Updated "ControlPack": New link
	+Added "Ding"
	+Added "EnchantView"
	+Added "Resource Loader"
	+Added "YAMPST"

	*Updated "Modular Systems": link, authors, now requires Bookshelf API
	+Added "Animated Player"
	+Added "Auto Ore Dictionary Converter"
	+Added "Blood Arsenal"
	+Added "Bookshelf API"
	+Added "Compacter"
	+Added "Crossbow Mod 2"
	+Added "Deep Resonance": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Dr. Cyano's Lootable Bodies"
	+Added "FloodLights"
	+Added "FLORA Reborn"
	+Added "GoodyBags"
	+Added "Loot++"
	+Added "MattDahEpic Core"
	+Added "NOVA"
	+Added "Pokecube - Revival"
	+Added "Redstonic"
	+Added "ResourcefulCrops": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Restricted Saplings"
	+Added "RFDrills"
	+Added "Sanguine Utilities": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Tainted Magic"
	+Added "Thaumic Alchemy": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Thaumic Bases"
	+Added "Thaumic Expansion"
	+Added "Thermal Casting"
	+Added "Thermal Recycling": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Tinker I/O"
	+Added "Tinkers' Defense"
	+Added "Unicode Font Fixer"
	-Removed "Minecraft Selfies": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Mo' Furnaces": Download no longer available
	-Removed "Thaumcraft Extras 2": Download no longer available

	+Added "Admin Weapons"
	+Added "AquaTweaks"
	+Added "Assembly Mod"
	+Added "Back in Slime"
	+Added "Bacteria Mod"
	+Added "Better Liquids"
	+Added "Better Records"
	+Added "BetterVanilla"
	+Added "Chameleon Blocks"
	+Added "Custom Main Menu"
	+Added "Custom Selection Box"
	+Added "Dead Mess"
	+Added "Fake Ores"
	+Added "Fancy Fluid Storage"
	+Added "JewelryCraft 2"
	+Added "Just Another Fun Food Addon"
	+Added "Key and Code Lock"
	+Added "Model Citizens"
	+Added "Planetoids"
	+Added "Simple Condensers"
	+Added "Soul Forest"
	+Added "Waterproof"
	+Added "YUNoMakeGoodMap"

	*Updated "AE2 Stuff": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "RFTools": Now requires McJtyLib
	+Added "Ex Astris Rebirth"
	+Added "McJtyLib"
	+Added "More Herobrine": Currently in Beta
	+Added "ProjectXY": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Tiny Storage"
	+Added "Waila Features": Currently in Beta
	+Added "WIIEMC" (What Is Its EMC)
	+Added "World Sync"

	*Updated "Clay Soldiers Mod": Now requires SanAndreasP's Manager Pack
	*Updated "Decoration Mega Pack" link
	*Updated "Forge Essentials": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "KitchenCraft": Now requires EnderCore
	*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Nether Ores": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Not Enough Resources": Now in Beta
	*Updated "Plant Mega Pack" link
	*Updated "Project E": No longer in Alpha
	*Updated "Redstone Armory": Now requires EnderCore
	*Updated "The Camping Mod": Now requires RikMuld's Core
	*Updated "WAILA Plugins": Now requires EnderCore
	*Updated "WorldEdit": No longer in Beta
	+Added "Another One Bites the Dust: Berry Bushes"
	+Added "Aquatic Abyss"
	+Added "Better Boat"
	+Added "BetterFps"
	+Added "Big Doors"
	+Added "DivineRPG"
	+Added "EnderCore": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Et Futurum"
	+Added "Harvest the Nether"
	+Added "Immersive Engineering"
	+Added "Immersive Integration"
	+Added "Magneticraft"
	+Added "MapWriter 2"
	+Added "Matter Overdrive"
	+Added "Not Enough IDs"
	+Added "Potion Packs"
	+Added "Project Bench": Currently in Beta
	+Added "RikMuld's Core"
	+Added "SanAndreasP's Manager Pack"
	+Added "Superheroes Unlimited"
	+Added "Wood Stuff"

	*Updated "Buildcraft Additions": Now requires Eureka
	*Updated "ExtraTiC": Now in Beta
	*Updated "Fast Food": Now in Beta
	*Updated "Nevermine" name: Now "Nevermine 2"
	*Updated "Redstone Armory": Now depend on ttCore too
	*Updated "Tinkers' Mechworks": No longer in Beta
	+Added "Alternate Terrain Generation"
	+Added "Aqua Creepers": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Better PvP"
	+Added "BiomeTweaker"
	+Added "Buffed Tools"
	+Added "Deathways"
	+Added "Doors"
	+Added "Ender Zoo"
	+Added "Eureka"
	+Added "Full Chests": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Gravity Gun": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Grimoire of Gaia 3"
	+Added "Guide API"
	+Added "Industrial Technologies and More Mod"
	+Added "Keygrip – Mocap": Currently in Beta, incompatible with iChun's mods
	+Added "Lattice Mod"
	+Added "MineFX"
	+Added "Mo' Bends": Currently WIP
	+Added "Music Choices"
	+Added "NEI Mystcraft Plugin"
	+Added "New Biospheres"
	+Added "PortalGun": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Progression"
	+Added "Ragdoll Corpses": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Randomite"
	+Added "Richard's Coffee And Tea Mod"
	+Added "SafeChat"
	+Added "SpACore"
	+Added "Squidless": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Switches Continued"
	+Added "Terra Arts"
	+Added "The Elements Mod"
	+Added "ThePhysician2000's Furniture Mod"
	+Added "The Walking Dead"
	+Added "ThutCore"
	+Added "Thut's Elevators"
	+Added "Trade Booth Mod"
	+Added "Tropicraft"
	+Added "True Tier System"
	+Added "Werkbench"

	*Updated "Intelligent Energistics": Now in Beta
	*Updated "Mantle": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "ModTweaker": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Photoreal": Discontinued, no future updates from author
	*Updated "Statues": Discontinued, no future updates from author
	+Added "AsieTweaks"
	+Added "Dimensional Doors": Currently Unstable
	+Added "FighterMobs"
	+Added "Greg's Prospecting II": Currently in Beta
	+Added "HelpFixer"
	+Added "{ JSONAbles }"
	+Added "KitchenCraft": Currently in Beta
	+Added "littleMaidMob"
	+Added "Magistics": Currently in Pre-release
	+Added "OreRegen": Currently in Beta
	+Added "SquidAPI"
	+Added "StarStones"
	+Added "The Kappa Experience"
	+Added "Turtle Gun"
	-Removed "The Necromancy Mod": Duplicate entry for "Necromancy"

	*Updated "AsieLib": link
	*Updated "Computronics": link
	*Updated "MoreOredicts": link
	*Updated "Not Enough Resources": link
	*Updated "Statues": link
	+Added "4-Space"
	+Added "Advanced Power Management 2": Currently Unstable
	+Added "Biota": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "ChiselTones"
	+Added "Christmas Festivities Mod 3"
	+Added "CJB API"
	+Added "CJB Mod"
	+Added "Custom Interaction Sounds"
	+Added "Elemental Witch": Currently WIP
	+Added "MFR Magical Crops Compatibility"
	+Added "Mob Filter"
	+Added "More Info"
	+Added "Peripherals++"
	+Added "QuickCraft"
	+Added "Thaumic Upholstry": Currently in Beta
	+Added "UBC Ore Registrar": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Where are you?": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Witching Gadgets"
	+Added "X-Ray"

	+Added "Component Equipment": Currently WIP
	+Added "ExplorerCraft": Currently single-player only

	*Updated "Additional Pipes": link, source, dependencies
	*Updated "AgriCraft": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "CoFH Core" link and info: Currently a release candidate
	*Updated "CoFH Lib" link and info: Currently a release candidate
	*Updated "Computronics": Authors
	*Updated "Gendustry": Added source
	*Updated "Hardcore Ender Expansion": Added source
	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2": Authors
	*Updated "It Fell From The Sky": Discontinued, no future updates from author
	*Updated "Metallurgy 4": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Metallurgy Core": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded" link (don't use Alpha builds from curseforge)
	*Updated "Monster Spawn Highlighter": Discontinued, no future updates from author
	*Updated "Nether Ores" link (don't use Alpha builds from curseforge)
	*Updated "New Dawn": Real 1.7.10 version is out
	*Updated "OpenBlocks": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "OpenModsLib": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Pressure Pipes": Added source
	*Updated "Redstone Arsenal" link and info: Currently a release candidate
	*Updated "SimpleOres 2": Dependencies
	*Updated "Thermal Expansion 4" link and info: Currently a release candidate
	*Updated "Thermal Foundation" link and info: Currently a release candidate
	+Added "Aesthetics"
	+Added "Aether II"
	+Added "Aether Aspects"
	+Added "AE2 Stuff"
	+Added "akkamaddiCore"
	+Added "AllTheItems Mod"
	+Added "Apple & Milk & Tea"
	+Added "Apple & Milk & Tea 2"
	+Added "Armor Effect Mod"
	+Added "AutoFood"
	+Added "AzhdevCore"
	+Added "BetterBedrockGen"
	+Added "BugfixMod"
	+Added "Calculator"
	+Added "Clay WorldGen"
	+Added "Clockwork Phase"
	+Added "Cloud Storage"
	+Added "Connected Glass"
	+Added "Craftable Horse Armour and Saddle"
	+Added "Dense EB Ores"
	+Added "Digimobs"
	+Added "Draconic Evolution"
	+Added "Electrical Age"
	+Added "Enhanced Spawners 2"
	+Added "Entity LagFix"
	+Added "Epic Siege Mod"
	+Added "Equivalence"
	+Added "Expanded Rails"
	+Added "ExtensionFixer"
	+Added "FancyGrass"
	+Added "Fire's Clay Spawn"
	+Added "FlatBedrock Xplosion's Edition"
	+Added "Floating Rails"
	+Added "Frozencraft"
	+Added "Fusion"
	+Added "Gilded Games Util"
	+Added "Growing Flowers"
	+Added "GuiLib"
	+Added "Horizontal Glass Panes"
	+Added "Hotkey Ore Dictionary Converter"
	+Added "Hungry Animals"
	+Added "HxC-Blocks"
	+Added "HxC-Core"
	+Added "HxCEnchants"
	+Added "HxCSkills": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "HxCWorldGen"
	+Added "Immibis's Peripherals"
	+Added "InfiniteInvo"
	+Added "Instant Structures Mod"
	+Added "Integrated Circuits": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Intermediary": Currently in Early Alpha
	+Added "Invasion Mod"
	+Added "ItemPhysic"
	+Added "Just Another Crafting Bench"
	+Added "Just Another Spawner"
	+Added "Kingdom Keys"
	+Added "Kore Sample"
	+Added "LegendGear 2"
	+Added "LootBags"
	+Added "Magia Naturalis": Currently WIP
	+Added "Minecraft Lighting Fix Mod"
	+Added "Mineralogy"
	+Added "Mob Rebirth"
	+Added "Mob Spawn Controls 2"
	+Added "Monster Girl Mod"
	+Added "Monster Swarm"
	+Added "MoreChisels"
	+Added "More Materials"
	+Added "More Minecraft 2"
	+Added "MoreOredicts"
	+Added "Multiplayer Profiles"
	+Added "OpenCCSensors"
	+Added "OpenPeripheralAddons"
	+Added "OpenPeripheralCore"
	+Added "OpenPeripheralIntegration"
	+Added "Origin"
	+Added "Pearcel Mod"
	+Added "Pig Manure Mod"
	+Added "Portable Craft Bench"
	+Added "Prayers"
	+Added "Realistic Deaths"
	+Added "Ridiculous World"
	+Added "Road Blocks"
	+Added "Runic Dungeons"
	+Added "Santa's Decor"
	+Added "Santa's Toys"
	+Added "Scott's Tweaks"
	+Added "Second Screen for Minecraft"
	+Added "Shamanry": Currently WIP
	+Added "ShinyStones Mod 2"
	+Added "Ships Mod"
	+Added "Shipwrecks"
	+Added "SimpleCore API"
	+Added "Simple Recycling"
	+Added "Simple Tungsten"
	+Added "Simply Paths"
	+Added "Steve's Workshop"
	+Added "Streams"
	+Added "Thaumcraft Node Tracker"
	+Added "Thaumic Horizons"
	+Added "Thermal Dynamics": Currently a release candidate
	+Added "Trophy Slots"
	+Added "UltraTech": Discontinued, no future updates from author
	+Added "VeinMiner Mod Integration": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Weeping Angels"
	+Added "Wildycraft"
	+Added "Wear Your Enemies"
	+Added "World Handler"
	+Added "Xaero's Minimap"
	+Added "Zombie Infection"
	+Added "Ztones"
	-Removed "Craft++": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Eternal Isles" name: Now "Nevermine"
	*Updated "Minechem" link and dependencies: Requires CoFH Lib
	*Updated "SecurityCraft": Added source
	+Added "SmoothBedrock"
	+Added "SamCore"
	+Added "Creative Blocks"
	+Added "The Vegan Option"
	+Added "Thermal Smeltery"
	+Added "Beacon"
	+Added "Ingame Account Switcher"
	+Added "Fireplace Core"
	+Added "Fast Food"
	+Added "Simple Refinement"
	+Added "QuiverMob"
	+Added "The Reinforced Mod"
	+Added "LoaderList"
	+Added "LaunchGUI"
	+Added "Memory Cleaner"
	+Added "Dessertcraft"
	+Added "Obsidian Utilities"
	+Added "PeacefulSurface"
	+Added "Camo Lights Mod"
	+Added "Dr. Cyano's Wonderful Wands and Wizarding Robes"
	+Added "TinyPockets": Currently in Beta

	*Updated "ChatLog": Added source
	*Updated "Whitelister": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Project E": Now in Alpha
	*Updated "SteamCraft 2": Authors, dependencies
	*Updated "Project: Red": Dependencies
	*Updated "FastCraft" description
	*Updated "Redstone Arsenal": Added source
	+Added "Endermanage"
	+Added "Aura Cascade"
	+Added "Better Sleeping"
	+Added "CreepTech"
	+Added "Fullscreen Windowed"
	+Added "Glass Shards"
	+Added "MrTJPCore"
	+Added "BaM's Grave"
	+Added "Compact Machines": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Boilerplate"
	+Added "Eternal Isles"
	+Added "Ender Enhancement"
	+Added "Myths and Monsters"
	+Added "Wintercraft"
	+Added "Profiles"
	+Added "InGameModConfigs"
	+Added "Voltz Engine": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Guilt Trip"
	+Added "Dynamic Sword Skills"
	+Added "Fast Building"
	+Added "Realms of Chaos"
	+Added "Geochests"
	+Added "Better Horse Hud"
	+Added "Custom Recipes"
	+Added "BetterBeginnings": Currently WIP
	+Added "GenCreator"
	+Added "ReCubed"
	+Added "MineTunes"
	+Added "Enchiridion 2"
	+Added "Colored Light": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Pistronics 2": Currently in Development
	+Added "Soul Shards: The Old Ways": Continuation of Soul Shards: Reborn
	+Added "Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded": Currently in Beta
	+Added "The Ice Cream Sandwich Creeper Mod"
	+Added "The Seasons Mod": Currently in Beta

	*Updated "Aliens Vs Predator": Added source
	*Updated "Dense Ores": Updated link to CurseForge page
	*Updated "Tinkers' Mechworks": Now in Beta
	+Added "Bladecraft"
	+Added "Better Anvils"
	+Added "Better Rain"
	+Added "Cogs of the Machine": Currently WIP
	+Added "DecoCraft"
	+Added "RFTools"
	+Added "Garden Stuff"
	+Added "Not Enough Resources": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Revamp: Enhanced Villager and Mob Performance"
	+Added "Custom-Collection": Currently in Early Alpha
	+Added "Kwasti Villagers"
	+Added "RadarBro"
	+Added "XtraBlocks Extreme Edition"
	+Added "Rotten Flesh to Leather"
	+Added "The Mists of RioV II - Shadow of Aun'Tun"

	*Updated "Essence of the Gods": SSP only
	*Updated "Not Enough Keys" authors
	*Updated "Archimedes' Ships": Added source
	*Updated "Balkon's WeaponMod": Added source
	*Updated "Enhanced Biomes": Added source
	*Updated "Blue Power": Now in Beta, requires QmunityLib
	*Updated "Waila": No longer depend on NEI and CCC
	*Updated "ICBM": source and link
	*Updated "Natura": No longer in Alpha
	*Updated "Custom Ore Generation: First Revival": Added source
	*Updated "Hardcore Darkness": Added source
	*Updated "CompactStorage": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Chisel 2": Added tterrag1098 as author
	+Added "Adventure Backpack Mod": Currently WIP
	+Added "Armourer's Workshop": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Better Furnaces"
	+Added "Creeper Species"
	+Added "Freerunner's Mod"
	+Added "InfiniBows"
	+Added "Sword Pedestal"
	+Added "Better Sand"
	+Added "BurpTech"
	+Added "Alarmcraft"
	+Added "Brewing Cauldron"
	+Added "More Deadly Mobs"
	+Added "Zipline"
	+Added "Light Level Overlay Reloaded"
	+Added "AWH Haggis Mod"
	+Added "QmunityLib": Currently in Beta
	+Added "LittleBlocks"
	+Added "SlimeVoid Library"
	+Added "Floatable Rails"
	+Added "Bleach Mod"
	+Added "Jaffas and More!"
	+Added "Rails of War": Currently WIP
	+Added "Realistic Pain"
	+Added "Thaumic Pipes": Currently WIP
	+Added "OmnisCore"
	+Added "Tall Doors"
	+Added "Move Plus"
	+Added "ZombieCraft 3": Currently in Beta
	+Added "WorldEdit": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Whitelister": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Alice's Dolls (Touhou)"
	+Added "Ancient Trees"
	+Added "Biome Wand"
	+Added "Camera Studio"
	+Added "Color Blocks 2"
	+Added "Combustable Lemon Launcher"
	+Added "MooFluids"
	+Added "Realistic World Gen"
	+Added "More Crafting Recipes Mod"
	+Added "Oceancraft"
	+Added "Survival Wings"
	+Added "PoorOres"
	+Added "Old World Gen"
	+Added "World Downloader"
	-Removed "Rei's Minimap": Download no longer available

	*Updated "Cheating Essentials" authors
	*Updated "OreSpawn": No longer in Development
	*Updated "Flaxbeard's Steam Power" info
	*Updated Ivorius's mods: Added sources
	*Updated "Ars Magica 2": Now requires AnimationAPI
	+Added "Additional Buildcraft Objects"
	+Added "Additional Pipes"
	+Added "Throwable Bricks Mod"
	+Added "Magic Wand Mod"
	+Added "Super Mario Mod"
	+Added "Convenient Recipes"
	+Added "sprinkles_for_vanilla"
	+Added "Growable Ores"
	+Added "DummyCore"
	+Added "EssentialCraft 3"
	+Added "Essential Thaumaturgy"
	+Added "Additional Pipes"
	+Added "SquidUtils"
	+Added "Brewcraft"
	+Added "Thaumic Machina"
	+Added "Thaumcraft NEI Plugin"
	+Added "Thaumic Revelations"
	+Added "No Cubes"
	+Added "Project E"
	+Added "AFSU Mod"
	+Added "AgriCraft"
	+Added "Chisel 2": Continuation of Chisel by pokefenn
	+Added "Chisel Facades"
	+Added "Funky Locomotion"
	+Added "Framez"
	+Added "Essence of the Gods"
	+Added "Resonant Induction"
	+Added "IvToolkit"
	+Added "Rougelike Dungeons Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Straw Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Experience Gem Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Fuel Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Stone Stair Mod"
	+Added "Roxa's Tall Doors Mod"
	+Added "The Ice Cream Mod"
	+Added "MineChess"
	+Added "Minesweeper Mod"
	+Added "In-Game Wiki Mod"
	+Added "In-Game NBTEdit"
	+Added "Custom Chest Loot"
	+Added "Still Hungry!"
	+Added "Gliby's Voice Chat Mod"
	+Added "More Health Enhanced"
	+Added "Sildur's shaders"
	+Added "Show Durability 2"
	+Added "Extra Food"
	+Added "Steve's Addons"
	+Added "iBench"
	+Added "Iron Chest Minecarts"
	+Added "Traveller's Gear"
	+Added "PermissionForge": Currently in Beta
	-Removed "Hat Stand": Merged into Hats mod

	*Updated "Big Reactors": Now in Alpha
	*Updated "Electro-Magic Tools": No longer in Alpha
	*Updated "Forestry": No longer in Development
	*Updated "Enchanting Plus": No longer in Beta
	+Added "The Erebus"
	+Added "Cheating Essentials"
	+Added "Cyan Warrior Swords Mod"
	+Added "Bow Infinity Fix"
	+Added "Hardcore Darkness"
	+Added "AnimationAPI"
	+Added "Mutant Creatures"
	+Added "ThaumcraftGates"
	+Added "Thaumic Infusion"
	+Added "The Camping Mod"
	+Added "QuiverBow"
	+Added "Not Enough Keys"
	+Added "Clienthax's ChocoCraft"
	+Added "ttCore"
	+Added "WAILA Plugins"
	+Added "EnndsCore"
	+Added "Truss Mod": Currently in Beta
	-Removed "NEI Plugins": Replaced with NEI Integration

	*Updated "Better Title Screen" authors
	*Updated "ChickenShed"
	*Updated "IronChests" authors
	+Added "Auto Sapling"
	+Added "ColorChat"
	+Added "Enhanced Server Moderation"
	+Added "K4Lib"

	*Updated "Forge Mod Loader (FML)" name: Now "FML"
	+Added "Tabula"

	*Updated "VoxelMap" link and info: Requires "LiteLoader"
	+Added "Ellian's MaterialDetector"
	+Added "ICBM": Currently in Development

	*Updated "Forbidden Magic" dependencies: Requires "Thaumcraft 4"
	+Added "InstantBlocks"
	+Added "OreSpawn": Currently in Development

	+Added "Clay Soldiers Mod": Currently in Beta

	*Updated "No Fire Spread" info: Updated source
	*Updated "No Ice Melt" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Presence Footsteps" info: Updated source
	*Updated "WAWLA" info: Updated source

	*Updated "Goblins and Giants" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Harder Peaceful" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Improved Mob Spawn" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Jelly Cubes" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Koi" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Magical Experience" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Nether Eye" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Pumpkin-less Snow Golem" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Simple Recipes" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Slime Dungeons" info: Updated source
	*Updated "The Peacefulpack" info: Updated source
	*Updated "More Swords Mod" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Parachute Mod" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Redstone Arsenal" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Modular Force Field System" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Extra Peripherals" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Reptile Mod" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "Stuff Worth Throwing" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Thermal Expansion 4" info: Repository no longer available
	*Updated "CrackedZombies" info: Repository no longer available

	*Updated "AbyssalCraft" description
	*Updated "Mouse Tweaks" info: Updated dependencies
	+Added "The Blocklings Mod"

	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" info: No longer in Beta
	*Updated "The Kitchen Mod" source link
	+Added "Antique Atlas"
	+Added "Plant Mega Pack"
	+Added "Mystcraft"
	+Added "Rival Rebels"

	-Removed "Plant Mega Pack": Thread removed by author request

	*Updated "MalisisCore" description
	*Updated "Underground Biomes Constructs" info: No longer in Beta
	+Added "Ars Magica 2": Currently in Beta
	+Added "ChickenChunks"
	+Added "ComputerCraft"
	+Added "CraftingManager"
	+Added "Do It Yourself Decorative Blocks"
	+Added "Extra Achievements": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Extra Peripherals"
	+Added "Geocraft: Better Ore Distribution 3"
	+Added "JurassiCraft"
	+Added "MC+ Mods"
	+Added "Plant Mega Pack"
	+Added "Psychedelicraft"
	+Added "Recurrent Complex"
	+Added "Red Gear Core"
	+Added "Spider Queen Reborn"
	+Added "SteamCraft2": Currently in Beta
	+Added "TelePads"
	+Added "TerraFirmaCraft": Currently in Beta
	+Added "TerraFirmaCraft NEI plugin"
	+Added "Thirst Mod"
	+Added "Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition"
	+Added "World Generation Manager"

	+Added "Forge Mod Loader (FML)"

	*Updated "Applied Energistics 2" added source
	*Updated "ExtraBiomesXL": Now Release Candidate
	*Updated "Railcraft" added source
	+Added "AE2 Tech Add-On": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Cube World"
	+Added "Custom Mob Spawner"
	+Added "Custom Stuff 3": Currently WIP
	+Added "Cute Mob Models"
	+Added "Insta House Mod"
	+Added "Intelligent Energistics": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Forge Essentials": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Dense Ores"
	+Added "Creeper Collateral"
	+Added "INpureCore"
	+Added "MalisisCore"
	+Added "Malisis' Doors"
	+Added "MobTalker2": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Mo' Creatures"
	+Added "Modular Systems"
	+Added "The Amnesia Mod"
	-Removed "No Cubes": Not available on this version

	*Updated "Thermal Foundation" info
	*Updated "Thermal Expansion 4" info
	*Updated "CoFH Core" info
	*Updated "CoFH Lib" info
	*Updated "Redstone Arsenal" info
	*Updated "Underground Biomes Constructs" authors
	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" info
	*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded" info
	*Updated "Dragon Mounts" source
	*Updated "EnviroMine" added source
	*Updated "Forestry" authors
	+Added "Zelda Sword Skills+"
	+Added "Wood Converter"
	+Added "Weee! Flowers"
	+Added "Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod"
	+Added "Trapcraft"
	+Added "Torch Levers"
	+Added "Redstone Armory"
	+Added "Climate Control": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Clay Spawn"
	+Added "Get all the Seeds!"
	+Added "Simple Recipes"
	+Added "Temperate Plants"
	+Added "Easy Crafting"
	+Added "Project Zulu: Better Overworld"
	+Added "All-U-Want Inventory Editor"
	+Added "Better Title Screen"
	+Added "Crafting Pillar"
	+Added "Deconstruction Table"
	+Added "Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod"
	+Added "Greg's Lighting"
	+Added "New Dawn"
	+Added "Sonic the Hedgehog Mod"
	+Added "Super Heroes in Minecraft"
	+Added "TabbyChat"
	+Added "Team Fortress 2 Mods"
	+Added "The Ether Mod"
	+Added "Vanity Blocks"
	+Added "Alchemy++"
	+Added "Ancient Warfare"
	+Added "Better Dungeons"
	+Added "Blue Vanilla"
	+Added "Butterfly Mania"
	+Added "Colorful Armor"
	+Added "Colourful Portals Mod"
	+Added "Ex Astris"
	+Added "Extreme Blocks"
	+Added "Foundry"
	+Added "Gizmos"
	+Added "Hostile Worlds"
	+Added "LanteaCraft"
	+Added "Legend of Zelda Mod"
	+Added "LotsOMobs"
	+Added "More Potions Mod"
	+Added "More Tools Mod"
	+Added "Particle Man"
	+Added "Pirates"
	+Added "Random Additions"
	+Added "Simple Portables"
	+Added "The Mining Mod"
	+Added "AppleCore"
	+Added "Hunger In Peace"
	+Added "Enchiridion"
	+Added "RadixCore"
	+Added "Sports Mod"
	+Added "Waila NBT"
	+Added "What's This Pack"
	+Added "Blood Utils"
	+Added "Chemlab": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "JumpPad++"
	+Added "Custom Music Discs"
	+Added "Extractination II"
	+Added "CookieCore"
	+Added "Better Sugar Cane"

	*Updated "FluidConverters" info: Added source
	*Updated "Bagginses" info: Added source
	+Added "ExtraBiomesXL": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Luppii's Ladders"
	+Added "Rotatable Blocks"
	+Added "Calendar GUI"
	+Added "iPixeli's Gender Mod"
	+Added "Invincible Hamster"
	+Added "Minechem"
	+Added "Nature Overhaul"
	+Added "Lemon Land"
	+Added "LevelUp!"
	+Added "Minecessity"
	+Added "NoMoreRecipeConflict"
	+Added "Skill API"
	+Added "SteamCraft"
	+Added "NewDungeons"
	+Added "ControllerBlock"
	+Added "Magic Wands"
	+Added "Mystic Mods"
	+Added "WeCraft Mod"
	+Added "MoreMinecraft!"
	+Added "SteamBikes and LawnMower"
	+Added "SteamShip, SteamBoat and Pirates"
	+Added "Quidcraft"
	+Added "CARuins, GreatWall and WalledCity Generator"
	+Added "tgame-core"
	+Added "MinecraftLoader"
	+Added "Magitek": Currently in Beta
	+Added "ExpandedRedstone"
	+Added "GeoStrata": No longer in Beta
	+Added "ReactorCraft": No longer in Beta
	+Added "RotaryCraft": No longer in Beta
	+Added "UsefulTNT"
	+Added "ElectriCraft"
	+Added "MeteorCraft"
	+Added "ChromatiCraft"
	+Added "Cave Control"
	+Added "CritterPet"
	+Added "LegacyCraft"
	+Added "Void Monster"
	+Added "Fluxed Trinkets"
	+Added "More Pistons Mod"
	+Added "Numina"
	+Added "Modular Powersuits"
	+Added "Minestuck"
	+Added "Cazzar Core Lib"
	+Added "Jukebox Reloaded"

	+Added "BigTrees"
	+Added "Emotes"

	*Updated "Cobblestone And Stone Armour" name: Now "Cobblestone And Stone Armor +"
	*Updated "Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod" info: Updated source
	*Updated "Minecraft Comes Alive" info: Added source
	+Added "Plants Vs Zombies: Minecraft Warfare"
	+Added "Wild Caves 3"
	+Added "Mine Painter"
	+Added "The Kitchen Mod"
	+Added "Craftable Animals"
	+Added "Craft++"
	+Added "BetterCraft"
	+Added "Mariculture"
	+Added "Remain in Motion"
	+Added "Rei's Minimap"
	+Added "MapWriter Minimap Mod"
	+Added "Haycraft"
	+Added "Flowercraft"
	+Added "Slabcraft"
	+Added "Staircraft"
	+Added "MC Heli Mod"
	+Added "Tubes!"
	+Added "AetherCraft"
	+Added "Modular Furnaces 2"
	+Added "Mo' Villages"
	+Added "Soul Shards: Reborn"
	+Added "Mo' Chickens"
	+Added "Progressive Automation"
	+Added "The RC Mod"
	+Added "Hydraulicraft"
	+Added "Village Info"
	-Removed "NuclearPan": Replaced with Ztech
	-Removed "Electric Fishing Rod": Replaced with Ztech

	*Updated "Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod" info: Updated source
	+Added "Automagy": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Buildcraft Additions"
	+Added "Nodal Mechanics"
	+Added "Another One Bites the Dust 2"
	+Added "Gany's Nether"
	+Added "Gany's End"
	+Added "Gany's Surface"
	+Added "Technomancy"
	+Added "Modular Force Field System": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "TiC Tooltips"
	+Added "Waila Harvestability"
	+Added "The Spice of Life"
	+Added "Squake"
	+Added "Squeedometer"
	+Added "Time-Speed Mod"
	+Added "More Backpacks"
	+Added "Solar Expansion"
	+Added "Solar Flux"
	+Added "Zombie Awareness"
	+Added "Xeno's Reliquary"
	+Added "Simple Fluid Tanks"
	+Added "FluidConverters"
	+Added "CreepyPastaCraft"
	+Added "AbyssalCraft"
	+Added "Thaumic Warden": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Forbidden Magic" Prerelease
	+Added "Logitech LCD Application for Minecraft"
	+Added "The Lord of the Rings Mod"
	+Added "Hardcore Ender Expansion"
	+Added "Improving Minecraft"
	+Added "RotaryCraft": Currently in Beta
	+Added "DragonAPI": Currently in Beta
	+Added "ReactorCraft": Currently in Beta
	+Added "GeoStrata": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Magic Clover"
	+Added "Cobblestone And Stone Armour"
	+Added "Better Villages Mod"
	+Added "The Dalek Mod"
	+Added "QuarryPlus"
	+Added "Mo' Zombies"
	+Added "Doggy Talents Mod"
	+Added "Better Armor 2"

	*Updated "StopGap" info: Added source
	*Updated "Logistics Pipes" info: Added source
	+Added "ExtraTiC": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Dual Hotbars"
	+Added "TragicMC 2": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Somnia"
	+Added "Minegicka 3"
	+Added "Storage Drawers"
	+Added "Mine Little Pony: Friendship is Crafting"
	+Added "Tinkers' Steelworks"
	+Added "Equivalent Exchange Reborn": Currently WIP
	+Added "Thaumic Energistics"
	+Added "Thaumic Exploration"
	+Added "Forestry Extras 2"
	+Added "Thaumcraft Extras 2"
	+Added "WaslieCore"

	*Updated "Nuclear Control 2" description
	*Updated "PneumaticCraft" info: Added source
	*Updated "ZoomMod" info: Now requires Forge, no longer base edit
	+Added "Advanced Dispensers"
	+Added "Advanced Genetics"
	+Added "Aliens Vs Predator"
	+Added "Amberoguia"
	+Added "AutoSwitch"
	+Added "Artifice"
	+Added "Battle Music"
	+Added "Better Sprinting"
	+Added "Blocks3D Mod"
	+Added "Bloody Dimensions"
	+Added "BoosterMod"
	+Added "Cave Generation Mods"
	+Added "Coolers"
	+Added "Craftable Horse Armor"
	+Added "Joypad Mod"
	+Added "The Necromancy Mod"
	+Added "Special Mobs"
	+Added "Deadly World"
	+Added "Lava Monsters"
	+Added "Lost Books"
	+Added "Mob Properties"
	+Added "Natural Absorption"
	+Added "CUDA Shaders"
	+Added "Doge Mod"
	+Added "Doomlike Dungeons"
	+Added "Eggy Goodness"
	+Added "EiraIRC" Release
	+Added "Extended Workbench"
	+Added "Familiars Mod"
	+Added "MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod"
	+Added "Glenn's Gases"
	+Added "Goblins and Giants"
	+Added "Harder Peaceful"
	+Added "Hopper Ducts"
	+Added "Improved Mob Spawn"
	+Added "Jelly Cubes"
	+Added "JewelryCraft"
	+Added "Koi"
	+Added "Kwasti Bust Monsters"
	+Added "Magical Experience"
	+Added "MinePix"
	+Added "Moar Signs"
	+Added "Mo' Furnaces"
	+Added "M-Ore Mod"
	+Added "More Player Models 2"
	+Added "Multiworld"
	+Added "Nether Eye"
	+Added "No Fire Spread"
	+Added "No Ice Melt"
	+Added "No Void Fog Mod"
	+Added "Obsidian Boat"
	+Added "OnlySilver"
	+Added "Ore Dictionary Converter"
	+Added "Paintball"
	+Added "Pandora's Box"
	+Added "Parachute Mod"
	+Added "Peaceful Plus"
	+Added "Presence Footsteps"
	+Added "Pumpkin-less Snow Golem"
	+Added "Rancraft Penguins"
	+Added "Reptile Mod"
	+Added "SecurityCraft"
	+Added "Simple Recipes"
	+Added "Slime Dungeons"
	+Added "Stuff Worth Throwing"
	+Added "SuperCraftingFrame"
	+Added "Surface Quartz"
	+Added "ThebombzenAPI"
	+Added "The Peacefulpack"
	+Added "Voxel Player Models"
	+Added "CrackedZombies"
	+Added "Watson"
	+Added "XRay"
	+Added "Ye Gamol Chattels"
	+Added "Zyin's HUD"
	+Added "EnderIO" Release
	+Added "Usefulfood"

	*Updated "Ender Storage" info: Added source
	*Updated "Not Enough Items" info: Added source
	*Updated "Translocator" name and info: Now "Translocators", Added source
	*Updated "IronChests" authors and info: Updated source
	*Updated "Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2" authors: Added GotoLink
	*Updated "Combo Armors" authors, description and source
	*Updated "Electric Fishing Rod" description
	*Updated "Nuclear Control 2" description
	*Updated "Aquaculture" info: Added source
	+Added "Fossils and Archeology Revival"
	+Added "Falling Meteors Mod"
	+Added "FinndusFillies"
	+Added "FlatSigns"
	+Added "Greg's SG Craft"
	+Added "Herobrine Mod"
	+Added "Lantern Mod"
	+Added "Logistics Pipes"
	+Added "Magic Bees"
	+Added "MCPatcher"
	+Added "Millenaire"
	+Added "Minecraft Comes Alive"
	+Added "Minestrappolation"
	+Added "More Enchantments"
	+Added "Custom Stuff 2"
	+Added "More Furnaces"
	+Added "Multi Page Chest"
	+Added "Whole Tree Axe"
	+Added "Chest Transporter"
	+Added "The Mists of RioV"
	+Added "Nuclear Control 2"
	+Added "ObsidiPlates"
	+Added "Turbo"
	+Added "Bio Materials"
	+Added "IC2 Tweaks"
	+Added "IHL Tools & Machines"
	+Added "Backpack HUD"
	+Added "EnetBridge"
	+Added "IC2 Classic"
	+Added "EnviroMine"
	+Added "Enchanting Plus"
	+Added "No Cubes"
	+Added "Sound Filters"
	+Added "Animals+"
	+Added "NEI Plugins"
	+Added "NEI Addons"
	+Added "Sophisticated Wolves"
	+Added "BDLib"
	+Added "Advanced Generators"
	+Added "Gendustry"
	+Added "Pressure Pipes"
	+Added "Iridium Mod"
	+Added "The Barrels Mod"
	+Added "SimpleOres 2"
	+Added "Power Converters"
	+Added "Backpacks (Brad16840)"
	+Added "Balanced Exchange"
	+Added "Backpack Renderer Add-on"
	+Added "NuclearPan"
	+Added "Atum: Journey Into The Sands"

	*Updated "Buildcraft" authors: Added SpaceToad
	*Updated "Elemental Creepers" name: Now "Elemental Creepers - Rebooted"
	*Updated "Thaumic Tinkerer": Updated source
	*Updated "ZZZZZ Custom Configs" info: Added source
	+Added "Click Mining Fix Fix"
	+Added "Compact Solars"
	+Added "ControlPack"
	+Added "Custom Ore Generation: First Revival"
	+Added "Dragon Mounts"
	+Added "DungeonPack"
	+Added "Dynmap"
	+Added "Enhanced Portals 3"
	+Added "ExtraCells 2"
	+Added "FpsPlus"
	+Added "Gravestone Mod"
	+Added "Gravitation Suite"
	+Added "GregTech-Addon"
	+Added "Iguana Tweaks"
	+Added "Iguanas Tinker Tweaks"
	+Added "Thaumcraft Mob Aspects"
	+Added "Hunger Strike"
	+Added "Modular Flower Pots"
	+Added "Extra Buttons"
	+Added "Binnie's Mods"
	+Added "Balkon's WeaponMod"
	+Added "MAtmos"
	+Added "Localized Weather & Stormfronts"
	+Added "LomLib"

	*Updated "IndustrialCraft 2" authors: Added Thunderdark, RichardG867, and GregoriusT
	+Added "Lots of Food"
	+Added "Advanced Machines (immibis)"
	+Added "Advanced Repulsion Systems"
	+Added "Advanced Solar Panels"
	+Added "Aquaculture"
	+Added "Archimedes' Ships"
	+Added "Primitive Mobs"
	+Added "The Farlanders"

	+Added "CompactChests": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Flan's Mod"
	+Added "LibShapeDraw"
	+Added "Link Info"

	*Updated "FastCraft" link

	*Updated "VeinMiner" info: No longer in Beta
	+Added "ACT"
	+Added "FoxLib"
	+Added "Sanguimancy"
	+Added "Tails"
	+Added "Underground Biomes Constructs": Currently in Beta

	*Updated "ForgeMultipart" description
	+Added 2 mods by ProfMobius (Which are the following)
		+Added "MobiusCore"
		+Added "Opis"

	+Added "Arcane Scrolls"
	+Added "Thaumcraft 4"
	+Added "Thaumic Tinkerer"

	*Updated "Mantle" authors: Renamed Sunstrike to Arkan
	*Updated "Tinkers' Construct" authors: Renamed Sunstrike to Arkan
	*Updated "Tinkers' Mechworks" authors: Renamed Sunstrike to Arkan
	+Added "Big Reactors": Release Candidate
	+Added "EnderTech"
	+Added "FastCraft": Currently Experimental
	+Added "Minecraft Selfies": Release Candidate
	+Added "OpenBlocks": Currently in Beta
	+Added "OpenModsLib": Currently in Beta
	+Added "OresPlus": Currently in Beta

	+Added "Magical Crops": Currently in Beta

	+Added "BrainStoneMod": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Touhou Items Mod"

	+Added "RainbowCraft"
	+Added "Mod Control"
	+Added "vChat": Currently in pre-release

	*Updated "PortaPortal" link
	+Added "AssassinCraft"
	+Added "HoloInventory"
	+Added "JuiceWares"
	+Added "Villager's Nose"

	*Updated "CraftHeraldry" link
	+Added "Animal Bikes"
	+Added "Backpacks (Eydamos)"
	+Added "CrayCrafting"
	+Added "DaBells"
	+Added "Food Plus"
	+Added "MCTwitter"

	+Added "Pneumatic Cooking"

	*Updated "CoFH Core" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	*Updated "FLORA" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	*Updated "Redstone Arsenal" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	*Updated "Simply Jetpacks" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	*Updated "Thermal Expansion 4" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	*Updated "Thermal Foundation" info: No longer requires "CoFH Lib"
	+Added "Bagginses"
	+Added "Blue Power": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Macro/Keybind Mod"
	+Added "Railcraft"
	+Added "Wall Jump"

	*Updated "MineFactory Reloaded" info: No longer requires "CodeChickenCore"
	*Updated "Redstone Arsenal" info: No longer requires "CodeChickenCore"
	*Updated "Simply Jetpacks" info: No longer requires "CodeChickenCore"
	*Updated "Thermal Expansion 4" info: No longer requires "CodeChickenCore"
	*Updated "Thermal Foundation" info: Requires "CoFH Lib"
	+Added "FLORA"

	+Added 3 mods by Divisor (Which are the following)
		+Added "Player API"
		+Added "Render Player API"
		+Added "Smart Moving"
	+Added 16 mods by iChun (Which are the following)
		+Added "Attachable Grinder"
		+Added "Back Tools"
		+Added "Death Counter"
		+Added "Hats"
		+Added "Hat Stand"
		+Added "iChun Util"
		+Added "It Fell From The Sky"
		+Added "Mob Amputation"
		+Added "Mob Dismemberment"
		+Added "Morph"
		+Added "Photoreal"
		+Added "Shatter"
		+Added "Streak"
		+Added "Sync"
		+Added "Torched"
		+Added "Trail Mix"
	+Added 3 mods by spacechase0 (Which are the following)
		+Added "SpaceCore"
		+Added "Useful Pets"
		+Added "Useful Pets Addon - Painterly Textures"
	+Added "Translocator"

	+Added 2 mods by Darkhax (Which are the following)
		+Added "More Swords Mod"
		+Added "WAWLA"
	+Added 3 mods by micdoodle8 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Galacticraft"
		+Added "Galacticraft Planets"
		+Added "Micdoodle Core"

	*Updated "Forestry" link
	+Added "Lycanite's Mobs"
	+Added "Pixelmon"

	+Added "CraftHeraldry"
	+Added "Ping"

	+Added "Advanced HUD"
	+Added "Advanced Dispensers": Currently in Beta
	+Added "MusicCraft"

	*Updated "CoFH Lib" link
	+Added 3 mods by asie (Which are the following)
		+Added "AsieLib"
		+Added "Computronics"
		+Added "Statues"
	+Added 2 mods by MatrexsVigil (Which are the following)
		+Added "Desert Craft"
		+Added "HarvestCraft"
	+Added "CharacterOnGui"
	+Added "Coal 2 Charcoal"
	+Added "Ex Nihilo"
	+Added "VanillaPlus"

	+Added 5 mods by TeamCoFH (Which are the following)
		+Added "CoFH Core": Currently in Beta
		+Added "CoFH Lib": Currently in Beta
		+Added "Redstone Arsenal": Currently in Beta
		+Added "Thermal Expansion 4": Currently in Beta
		+Added "Thermal Foundation": Currently in Beta
	+Added 2 mods by skyboy026 (Which are the following)
		+Added "MineFactory Reloaded": Currently in Beta
		+Added "Nether Ores": Currently in Beta
	+Added 2 mods by Vswe (Which are the following)
		+Added "Steve's Carts 2": Currently in Beta
		+Added "Steve's Factory Manager": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Carpenter's Blocks"
	+Added "CraftGuide"
	+Added "Damage Indicators"
	+Added "Enhanced Biomes"
	+Added "Factorization"
	+Added "Hardcore Questing Mode"
	+Added "Mouse Tweaks"
	+Added "Natura": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Random Things"
	+Added "ShinyFood"
	+Added "Simply Jetpacks"

	+Added "Better World Generation 4"
	+Added "Ender Book"
	+Added "Warp Book"
	+Added "Witchery": Currently in Beta
	-Removed "Baubles ~Princess Edition~": No longer supported, original has been updated

	+Added 7 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		+Added "Multi Mine"
		+Added "Necromancy"
		+Added "Pet Bat"
		+Added "Ropes+"
		+Added "Ruins"
		+Added "Simply Hax"
		+Added "Stalker Creepers"
	+Added "Secret Rooms Mod"

	*Updated "TooManyItems" link and info: Now "Forge Compatible"
	+Added 8 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
		+Added "Advanced Machines"
		+Added "BattleTowers"
		+Added "Dynamic Lights"
		+Added "Finder Compass"
		+Added "Infernal Mobs"
		+Added "KenshiroMod"
		+Added "Magic Yarn"
		+Added "Minions"
	+Added "GLSL Shaders Mod"
	+Added "Scenter"

	*Updated "Equivalent Exchange 3" link
	+Added "Custom NPCs"
	+Added "WorldEditWrapper"

	+Added 2 mods by kegare (Which are the following)
		+Added "BedrockLayer"
		+Added "Caveworld"
	+Added "Adventurer's Amulets"
	+Added "ChunkBorders"
	+Added "DaFlight"
	+Added "FortuneOres 2"
	+Added "Gammabright"
	+Added "Instant Massive Structures Mod"
	+Added "Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2"
	+Added "Note Block Display"
	+Added "Quick Hotbar Mod"
	+Added "TreeCapitator"
	+Added "WorldEditCUI"

	+Added "BetterStorage": Currently WIP

	*Updated "Optifine": No longer unstable
	+Added 3 mods by Calclavia (Which are the following)
		+Added "Modular Force Field System": Currently in Development
		+Added "Resonant Engine": Currently in Development
		+Added "Universal Electricity": Currently in Development
	+Added "Redstone Paste Mod"
	+Added "Mekanism"
	+Added "Simple Ender Things"
	+Added "Tinkers' Mechworks": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "VoxelCam"
	+Added "WorldStateCheckpoints"

	+Added 3 mods by ProfMobius (Which are the following)
		+Added "JABBA"
		+Added "RPG Advanced Mod"
		+Added "Waila"
	+Added "ModTweaker": Currently in Beta

	+Added 3 mods by bspkrs (Which are the following)
		+Added "CrystalWing"
		+Added "FloatingRuins"
		+Added "StartingInventory"
	+Added "BetterChests"
	+Added "GrowthCraft"
	+Added "JourneyMap"
	+Added "OpenComputers"

	+Added "Ender Storage"
	+Added "Extra Utilities"
	+Added "ForgeMultipart"
	+Added "Highlands"
	+Added "MumbleLink"
	+Added "Project: Red"
	+Added "TooMuchTime"
	+Added "VoxelMap": Temporary link while author re-hosts elsewhere
	-Removed "Railcraft": Crashes, not supported by author yet

	+Added "MineMenu"
	+Added "PneumaticCraft"
	+Added "StopGap"

	+Added 3 mods by Lunatrius (Which are the following)
		+Added "Monster Spawn Highlighter"
		+Added "Schematica"
		+Added "Stackie"

	+Added 3 mods by Lunatrius (Which are the following)
		+Added "DynIMC"
		+Added "InGame Info XML"
		+Added "LunatriusCore"
	+Added "Buildcraft"
	+Added "Forestry": Currently in Development
	+Added "Mantle": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Tinkers' Construct": Currently in Beta

	+Added 4 mods by bspkrs (Which are the following)
		+Added "ArmorStatusHUD"
		+Added "bspkrsCore"
		+Added "DirectionHUD"
		+Added "StatusEffectHUD"
	+Added 2 mods by Sopwith (Which are the following)
		+Added "AllSnow Mod"
		+Added "NoSnow Mod"
	+Added "3D Furnace"
	+Added "Aroma1997s Dimensional World"
	+Added "Autofish"
	+Added "Baubles ~Princess Edition~"
	+Added "Flower Tea"

	*Updated "Forge": No longer in Beta
	+Added 2 mods by Aroma1997 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Aroma1997Core"
		+Added "AromaBackup"
	+Added 2 mods by chicken_bones (Which are the following)
		+Added "CodeChickenCore"
		+Added "Not Enough Items"
	+Added "Better Foliage"
	+Added "LiteLoader"
	+Added "Metallurgy 4": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Metallurgy Core": Currently in Beta
	+Added "TooMuchRain"
	+Added "Uyjulian's X-ray Mod"
	+Added "Version Checker"
	+Added "ZZZZZ Custom Configs"

	*Updated "Nearby Mob Finder" link

	*Updated "EnderIO" link
	+Added 7 mods by immibis (Which are the following)
		+Added "Dimensional Anchors"
		+Added "Immibis Core"
		+Added "Immibis's Microblocks"
		+Added "InfiniTubes"
		+Added "Liquid XP"
		+Added "RedLogic"
		+Added "TubeStuff"
	+Added "Blood Magic"
	+Added "EiraIRC": Currently in Beta
	+Added "EvilCraft"
	+Added "MineTweaker 3"
	+Added "Nearby Mob Finder"
	+Added "Twilight Forest"

	+Added 2 mods by dmillerw (Which are the following)
		+Added "RemoteIO"
		+Added "TooMuchLoot"
	+Added 2 mods by portablejim (Which are the following)
		+Added "VeinMiner": Currently in Beta
		+Added "Planter Helper": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Equivalent Exchange 3"
	+Added "IndustrialCraft 2": Experimental

	*Updated "Forge" info: Currently in Beta
	+Added 2 mods by masa_fi (Which are the following)
		+Added "Ender Utilities"
		+Added "Multishot"
	+Added "Applied Energistics 2"
	+Added "BiblioCraft"
	+Added "Biomes O' Plenty": Currently unstable
	+Added "Inventory Tweaks"
	+Added "Morpheus"
	+Added "No Hotbar Scroll"
	+Added "Optifine": Currently unstable
	+Added "Super Massive Tech"

	+Added "Chisel"
	+Added "GwyCraft"

	+Added "Baubles"
	+Added "Botania"
	+Added "EnderIO": Currently in Beta
	+Added "IronChests"
	+Added "PortaPortal"
	+Added "Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod"
	+Added "Railcraft"
	+Added "Talismans"
	+Added "Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod"
	+Added "Yet Another Food Mod"
	+Added "ZoomMod"

	+Added 6 mods by Duke605 (Which are the following)
		+Added "Boost"
		+Added "Fishing Nets"
		+Added "Ingame Mod List 4"
		+Added "KingCore"
		+Added "Stone Armour"
		+Added "Tool Heads"
	+Added "ChatLog"
	+Added "ChickenShed"
	+Added "Elemental Creepers"
	+Added "Flatbedrock"
	+Added "Forge": Currently in Pre-release
	+Added "Glowstone Wire"
	+Added "Lorem Lucis"
	+Added "OpenEye": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Refined Relocation"
	+Added "TooManyItems"