+Added "Adequacy"

	*Updated "Admin Weapons": Changed desc
	*Updated "Custom Main Menu": Removed source
	*Updated "Pixelmon": New link and desc
	+Added "AutoRun"
	+Added "Building Bricks"
	+Added "DV Mod" (Crops Patch)
	+Added "MoreDimensions Mod"
	+Added "Overpowered Inventory"
	+Added "Perfect Spawn"
	+Added "Power Advantage API"
	+Added "SecurityCraft"
	+Added "Thaumcraft 5"
	+Added "The Camping Mod"
	+Added "TNT-Rainmaker"
	+Added "TrashSlot"

	+Added "ANSSRPG": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Dragon Shouts"
	+Added "Elemental Cows Reborn"
	+Added "Multiplayer Profiles"
	+Added "Ore Dowsing"
	+Added "Palaria": Currently in Beta
	+Added "SniperCraft"
	+Added "The Little Things"
	+Added "WorldDownloader"

	*Updated "LoaderList": Fixed link
	+Added "BioWarfare"
	+Added "Builder's Dream"
	+Added "Command Blocks in Creative Tabs"
	+Added "Cooking Plus"
	+Added "Dark Gems Reborn 2"
	+Added "Definitely Not Seeds"
	+Added "Fusion" by DonkeyTeeth2013: Currently in Beta
	+Added "Gears N' Clouds": Currently WIP
	+Added "Gems+"
	+Added "Jon's Useless Mod": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Matt's Mod Tray": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Minetella 2": Currently WIP
	+Added "MoreVillageBiomes+"
	+Added "Paxel Mod" by darksaber0
	+Added "Similsax Transtructors"
	+Added "Think's Lab Minions Mod"
	+Added "ToastMod"
	+Added "WorldMaker"

	*Updated "Ding": Client-Side mod
	+Added "Bones And Stones"
	+Added "Geographicraft"
	+Added "Inventory Pets"
	+Added "InvWorks"
	+Added "Ore Seeds"
	+Added "Power Wand"
	+Added "Replay Mod"
	+Added "Revolution"
	+Added "SciAPI"
	+Added "TbscFPS"
	+Added "ZenoTechnology"

	+Added "Chisel: A New Hope": Currently in Alpha

	+Added "Better HUD"
	+Added "FAMM"
	+Added "Fancy Fish Mod"
	+Added "FRSM"
	+Added "FSMM"
	+Added "JurassiCraft"
	+Added "Lapis Pack"
	+Added "Lucky Block"
	+Added "Master Chef"
	+Added "Mo' Pickaxes"
	+Added "Planttech"
	+Added "Sandstone Pack"
	+Added "ServerTools"
	+Added "Survivor's Pack"

	*Updated "ZapFill": Added extreme version in desc
	+Added "ForgeAutoShutdown"
	+Added "OP Diamond Items"
	+Added "PvPTime"
	+Added "Random Peripherals"
	+Added "Real Blocks"
	+Added "VanillaPlus"

	*Updated "Ender Zoo": no longer in Beta
	*Updated "NeoTech": now requires Bookshelf API
	+Added "Advanced Inventory": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Alarmcraft"
	+Added "Armor Effect Mod"
	+Added "BetterBeginnings": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Better Villages Mod"
	+Added "Blood Magic": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Bookshelf API"
	+Added "Custom Music Discs"
	+Added "Flan's Mod"
	+Added "Highlands"
	+Added "Hungry Animals"
	+Added "Improving Minecraft"
	+Added "Level Up!"
	+Added "LLibrary"
	+Added "Login Shield": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Lots of Food"
	+Added "More Deadly Mobs"
	+Added "More Furnaces"
	+Added "MovingWorld"
	+Added "Multi Page Chest"
	+Added "NoMoreRecipeConflict"
	+Added "Wild Caves 3"

	+Added "AutoSwitch"
	+Added "CharacterOnGui"
	+Added "ControlPack"
	+Added "Custom Backgrounds"
	+Added "Ding"
	+Added "EnchantView"
	+Added "Guide API"
	+Added "MumbleLink"
	+Added "Resource Loader"
	+Added "ThebombzenAPI"
	+Added "YAMPST"

	+Added "Arrow Camera"
	+Added "Auto Ore Dictionary Converter"
	+Added "BreedingViewer"
	+Added "Dr. Cyano's Base Metals"
	+Added "GoodyBags"
	+Added "Loot++"
	+Added "MattDahEpic Core"
	+Added "ResourcefulCrops": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Restricted Saplings"

	+Added "Admin Weapons"
	+Added "Bacteria Mod"
	+Added "Better Creative Inventory"
	+Added "Custom Main Menu"
	+Added "Custom Selection Box"
	+Added "Dead Mess"
	+Added "Fake Ores 2"
	+Added "FanAPI"
	+Added "JoelGodOfWar's Simple Coordinates Mod": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Just Backpacks"
	+Added "Old Guns Mod"
	+Added "SmeltCycle"
	+Added "Somnia": Currently Unstable
	+Added "The Better Banners Mod"
	+Added "Worms Mod"
	+Added "YUNoMakeGoodMap"

	*Updated "Cyclops Core": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "EvilCraft": No longer in Beta
	+Added "Exp Chest": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Exp Translation"
	+Added "Waila Features": Currently in Alpha

	*Updated "Animal Bikes": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Custom NPCs": Now in Beta
	*Updated "GLSL Shaders Mod": No longer in Alpha
	*Updated "OpenComputers": No longer in Beta
	+Added "Animals Plus"
	+Added "Antique Atlas"
	+Added "Attachable Grinder"
	+Added "Bad Mobs"
	+Added "BetterFps"
	+Added "Butterfly Mania"
	+Added "Chameleon"
	+Added "Chisels & Bits"
	+Added "Cyclops Core": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Doomlike Dungeons"
	+Added "EvilCraft": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Ex Nihilo 2": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Extended Workbench": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Extra Food": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Forge Essentials": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "HxCEnchants"
	+Added "Fullscreen Windowed"
	+Added "Gliby's Voice Chat Mod"
	+Added "Gravity Gun"
	+Added "In-Game Wiki Mod"
	+Added "JourneyMap": Currently in Beta
	+Added "MapWriter 2"
	+Added "MineChess"
	+Added "Minecraft Comes Alive"
	+Added "Minestuck"
	+Added "Minesweeper Mod"
	+Added "Mob Amputation"
	+Added "Pandora's Box"
	+Added "Project Bench": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Project E": Currently in Beta
	+Added "RadixCore"
	+Added "RikMuld's Core"
	+Added "Squake"
	+Added "Storage Drawers"
	+Added "The Camping Mod"
	+Added "Torched"
	+Added "TreeCapitator"
	+Added "Trail Mix"
	+Added "WorldEdit"

	*Updated "Fast Food": Now in Beta
	*Updated "Inventory Tweaks": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod": Added source
	*Updated "Plant Mega Pack": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Schematica": No longer in Beta
	+Added "Backpacks" by Brad16840: Currently in Beta
	+Added "Backpacks" by Eydamos: Currently in Beta
	+Added "Better PvP"
	+Added "CrystalWing"
	+Added "Custom Mob Spawner"
	+Added "Dark Roleplay": Currently WIP
	+Added "Decoration Mega Pack"
	+Added "DungeonPack"
	+Added "Enchanting Plus": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Ender Zoo": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Entity LagFix"
	+Added "Flower Tea"
	+Added "iPixeli's Gender Mod"
	+Added "Keygrip – Mocap"
	+Added "Magic Clover"
	+Added "MineFX"
	+Added "Mo' Creatures": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Music Choices"
	+Added "NeoTech"
	+Added "Peaceful Plus"
	+Added "Picture-in-Picture"
	+Added "Pixelmon"
	+Added "Ragdoll Corpses": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Realistic Pain"
	+Added "Squeedometer"
	+Added "Tabula"
	+Added "The Elements Mod"

	*Updated "EiraIRC": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Ender Utilities": Now in Beta
	+Added "Amberoguia"
	+Added "ArmorStatusHUD"
	+Added "BattleTowers"
	+Added "bspkrsCore"
	+Added "DirectionHUD"
	+Added "Elemental Creepers - Rebooted": Now requires LomLib
	+Added "FloatingRuins"
	+Added "Flux Ducts"
	+Added "HelpFixer"
	+Added "MAtmos": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Pet Bat"
	+Added "Scenter"
	+Added "StartingInventory"
	+Added "StatusEffectHUD"
	+Added "Turtle Gun"
	+Added "Wall Jump"

	*Updated "Vein Miner": No longer in Beta
	+Added "Alchemy Craft": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "BeardedLib"
	+Added "Craftable Animals": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Custom Interaction Sounds"
	+Added "Ender Utilities": Currently in Early Alpha
	+Added "Improved Mob Spawn"
	+Added "LomLib"
	+Added "Random Things"

	*Updated "Batty's Coordinates Mod" link and info: Forge version available
	*Updated "Batty's Coordinates PLUS! Mod" link and info: Forge version available
	+Added "Back Tools"
	+Added "Guilt Trip"
	+Added "iChun Util"
	+Added "LavaBoat"
	+Added "Magic Yarn"
	+Added "Minions"
	+Added "Shatter"
	+Added "Smart Moving"
	+Added "Streak"

	+Added "Death Counter"
	+Added "Doge Mod"
	+Added "Multishot"

	*Updated "Biomes O' Plenty": Now requires Forge
	*Updated "Convenient Recipes": Now requires Forge
	*Updated "Inventory Tweaks": Now in Beta
	*Updated "Mineralogy": Now requires Forge
	*Updated "Morpheus": Added source
	*Updated "TooManyItems" now Forge Compatible
	*Updated "World Handler": Now requires Forge
	+Added "AllTheItems Mod"
	+Added "AzhdevCore": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "BetterBedrockGen"
	+Added "Better Foliage"
	+Added "Bloodmoon"
	+Added "C4Lib": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Clay WorldGen"
	+Added "Craftable Horse Armour and Saddle"
	+Added "Doggy Talents"
	+Added "Enhanced Spawners 2": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Equivalence"
	+Added "Expanded Rails"
	+Added "ExtensionFixer"
	+Added "Fast Leave Decay"
	+Added "Fire's Clay Spawn": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Frozencraft"
	+Added "Galactic Colored Blocks": Currently in Beta
	+Added "HxC-Core"
	+Added "Instant Structures Mod"
	+Added "Igneous Additions"
	+Added "ItemPhysic"
	+Added "Just Another Crafting Bench"
	+Added "KUDA Shaders"
	+Added "Laser Level"
	+Added "MCPatcher"
	+Added "Minecraft Lighting Fix Mod"
	+Added "Mob Rebirth"
	+Added "More Enchantments"
	+Added "More Materials"
	+Added "Mouse Tweaks"
	+Added "OpenComputers": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Paintball"
	+Added "Pig Manure Mod"
	+Added "Portable Craft Bench"
	+Added "Progressive Automation"
	+Added "Quick Hotbar Mod"
	+Added "Road Blocks"
	+Added "Roguelike Dungeons": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Second Screen for Minecraft"
	+Added "Shipwrecks"
	+Added "TabbyChat 2": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Trophy Slots"
	+Added "Vein Miner": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Void Glasses"
	+Added "Wear Your Enemies"
	+Added "WorldEditCUI"
	+Added "Xaero's Minimap"
	+Added "Yet Another Food Mod"
	+Added "Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod"
	+Added "Zombie Infection"
	+Added "Zombie Steaks"
	+Added "Zombie Sunscreen"

	*Updated "Dr. Cyano's Wonderful Wands and Wizarding Robes": Name, dependencies
	+Added "Aroma1997s Dimensional World"
	+Added "Beacon"
	+Added "Command Syntax Highlighter"
	+Added "Dessertcraft"
	+Added "Dr. Cyano's Lootable Bodies"
	+Added "Extra Food Mod"
	+Added "Fast Food"
	+Added "Fireplace Core"
	+Added "Hunger Strike"
	+Added "Ingame Account Switcher"
	+Added "LaunchGUI"
	+Added "LoaderList"
	+Added "Memory Cleaner"
	+Added "Obsidian Utilities"
	+Added "PeacefulSurface"
	+Added "SecurityCraft"
	+Added "Simple Refinement"
	+Added "SmoothBedrock": Currently in Beta
	+Added "The Peacefulpack"
	+Added "The Reinforced Mod"

	*Updated "ChatLog": Added source, now requires Forge
	*Updated "Forge": No longer in beta
	+Added "BaM's Grave"
	+Added "Better Horse Hud"
	+Added "Damage Indicators"
	+Added "Dynamic Sword Skills"
	+Added "Glass Shards"
	+Added "InGame Info XML"
	+Added "InGameModConfigs"
	+Added "Joypad Mod"
	+Added "LunatriusCore"
	+Added "Realms of Chaos"
	+Added "Redstone Paste Mod"
	+Added "Schematica": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Simply Hax"
	+Added "Sophisticated Wolves"
	+Added "Stackie"
	+Added "Talismans 2"
	+Added "The Ice Cream Sandwich Creeper Mod"

	*Updated "Forge" description
	+Added "Dense Ores": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Village Info"

	*Updated "Dynmap": No longer in Alpha
	*Updated "Gammabright": No longer in Beta
	*Updated "Hardcore Darkness": Added source
	*Updated "Waila": No longer depends on NEI and CCC
	+Added "AWH Haggis Mod"
	+Added "Baubles"
	+Added "CodeChickenCore"
	+Added "Custom NPCs": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Hopper Ducts"
	+Added "Light Level Overlay Reloaded"
	+Added "Not Enough Items"
	+Added "Not Enough Keys": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Plant Mega Pack": Currently in Beta
	+Added "RenderCore"
	+Added "SlimeVoid Library": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Sound Filters"
	+Added "Version Checker"
	+Added "Whitelister"
	+Added "Wireless Redstone Core": Currently in Alpha

	+Added "Better Sprinting"
	+Added "Click Mining Fix Fix"
	+Added "Craft++"
	+Added "Essence of the Gods"
	+Added "Harder Peaceful"
	+Added "Infernal Mobs"
	+Added "Jelly Cubes"
	+Added "Koi"
	+Added "Multi Mine"
	+Added "Nearby Mob Finder"
	+Added "Nether Eye"
	+Added "PermissionForge": Currently in Alpha
	+Added "Pumpkin-less Snow Golem"
	+Added "Ruins"
	+Added "Sildur's shaders"
	+Added "Simple Recipes"
	+Added "Slime Dungeons"
	+Added "Stalker Creepers"
	+Added "Wood Converter"

	+Added "Animal Bikes": Currently in Beta
	+Added "AromaBackup"
	+Added "Aroma1997Core"
	+Added "BetterChests"
	+Added "CrackedZombies"
	+Added "Dynamic Lights"
	+Added "Dynmap"
	+Added "Extra Achievements"
	+Added "Hardcore Darkness"
	+Added "Mod Control"
	+Added "More Player Models 2": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Morpheus"
	+Added "MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod"
	+Added "MumbleLink"
	+Added "Parachute Mod"
	+Added "Player API"
	+Added "Render Player API"
	+Added "Reptile Mod"
	+Added "Waila"
	+Added "Yarr Cute Mob Models - Remake"
	+Added "Zyin's HUD"

	+Added "EiraIRC": Currently in beta

	*Updated "Biome Borders" description
	+Added "Auto Sapling"
	+Added "BedrockLayer"
	+Added "Better Title Screen"
	+Added "ChickenShed"
	+Added "ColorChat"
	+Added "Enhanced Server Moderation"
	+Added "Inventory Tweaks"
	+Added "IronChests"
	+Added "K4Lib"

	+Added "Forge": Currently in VERY early beta, expect crashes and corrupt save files

	*Updated "Floatable Rails" author, link and info: Compatible with SMP, using MCF details: "Urushibara" instead of "MG001Maya"
	+Added "Biome Borders"
	+Added "DaFlight"
	+Added "Gammabright": Currently in Beta
	+Added "Macro/Keybind Mod": Currently in beta
	+Added "Pop Enchant Tags"
	+Added "SlimeChunkInfo"
	+Added "Villagers Inventory Viewer"
	+Added "World Handler"

	+Added "Ambient Birds"
	+Added "Autofish"
	+Added "Batty's Coordinates Mod"
	+Added "Batty's Coordinates PLUS! Mod"
	+Added "Biomes O' Plenty": Currently likely unstable and missing features.
	+Added "Bison"
	+Added "Bow Infinity Fix"
	+Added "ChatLog"
	+Added "ChunkBorders"
	+Added "Convenient Recipes"
	+Added "Dr. Cyano's Wonderful Wands & Wizarding Armor"
	+Added "Ellian's MaterialDetector"
	+Added "Floatable Rails"
	+Added "GLSL Shaders Mod": Currently in alpha, may crash the game and corrupt save files.
	+Added "InputFix"
	+Added "LiteLoader": Currently in development
	+Added "Mineralogy"
	+Added "Morpheus": Currently in alpha
	+Added "No Fire Spread"
	+Added "No Ice Melt"
	+Added "Optifine"
	+Added "The Simple Xray Mod"
	+Added "TooManyItems"
	+Added "Uyjulian's X-ray Mod"
	+Added "VoxelMap"
	+Added "XRay"
	+Added "ZapFill"