Minecraft Forum Thread
Originally initiated by catqueen5, this was a huge text list handmade into several thread posts.
Yes, that's as painful as it sounds.

Some time after, ZeroLevels, a MCF moderator, took over as catqueen5 no longer had the time to mantain it.
The thread then evolved into...
MCF Modlist Site
The site was created and hosted on several free hosting sites, but the amount of bandwidth always went over what the servers would allow for a free plan.
Luckily, citricsquid decided to host the project on his domain and servers.
At this point all of the site pages were being manually made by hand. ZeroLevels alone took the massive project.
Back-end Changes
GrygrFlzr met ZeroLevels in the #minecraftforge IRC channel, and soon realized how inefficient the project was.
The site undertook a complete overhaul behind the scenes (though it may not look like it) and human errors were then minimized.
Still, the site felt outdated. At this point ZeroLevels has been busy with life, so GrygrFlzr was doing a lot of the work by himself.
Some of the workload had been reduced during the Back-end Changes, but the efficiency of the submission form increased the rate of the mods that were submitted.
One of GrygrFlzr's friends told him about a CSS Framework and this site was made within the span of 2 months.
Recent Updates
ZeroLevels is finally able to find free time and actively add mod submissions on to the list.
He has retired from being an MCF Moderator, and the modlist thread ownership has been passed on to him.
Some more table designs are tested and applied to the site.