Mod Name Author

3D Items Quintinity

This mod now provides configuration options so you can make the items appear the way you want them to! 3D items in fast graphics, change render distance, item and block sizes, rotation and bobbing! Also, fixed vanilla bug where items were screwed up with HD texture packs!

Open Source Clientside Forge Compatible

Additional Buildcraft Objects Flow86

Provides some additional pipes and objects for Buildcraft.

Open Source Universal Forge Required Buildcraft

Additional Pipes DaStormBringer

Adds additional piping options such as teleport pipes.

Universal Forge Required

Advanced HUD TurboSlow

A mod that allows you to customize the in-game HUD.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Aliens Vs Predator Ri5ux

Adds mobs, entities, and blocks based on the Aliens Vs Predator movie series.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Animal Bikes Noppes

A multiplayer mod which allows you to ride animals.

Universal Forge Compatible

Animal Packer Leondrel

SSP SMP Forge Required

Armor Movement Mod JSut210

Adds armour that aids in different types of mobility.

SSP Forge Required

Ars Magica Mithion

A look into what Minecraft could become when you add a splash of magic.

Universal Forge Required

AssassinCraft castielq

Adds many elements from the Assassin's Creed games, such as a new HUD, weapons, tools, and other mechanics.

Universal Forge Required Render Player API

Assassin'sCreed ++ senpaisubaraki

Adds two armour sets, a gun, throwable knives, bullets, an assassin's dagger, and two mobs that you can talk to.

SSP Forge Compatible

AtmosMobs Daveyx0

Adds many new mobs to the game to create a more pleasant/realistic atmosphere. Supports ExtraBiomesXL/Biomes 'O PLenty

Universal Forge Required

Auto-shutdown monnef

This is a server-only mod used for automatic shutting down after specified time with no players online.

Open Source Serverside Forge Required

AutoSwitch thebombzen

Automatically switches to the correct tool when mining a block and automatically uses the correct weapon when attacking a mob or a player. Also switches back to your previous item when you are done mining or attacking a mob, useful for building and going on mining trips.

Open Source SSP SMP LAN Forge Compatible ThebombzenAPI

Backpacks (Eydamos) Eydamos

Adds dyable backpacks to the game for storing extra items. Backpack size is configurable.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Back Tools iChun

Shows some tools on the back of the player. These tools are based on the last equipped tool that the player had.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Bacon Mod MinecraftWero

Incorporates everyone's favorite food into every aspect of Minecraft gameplay! Tools, armor, weapons, mobs, food, you name it! The wonderful world of bacon lies before you.

Universal Forge Required

Balkon's WeaponMod BalkondeurAlpha

Throw a spear in a zombie's head! Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd! Shoot some slimes into pieces with an old musket! And more!

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Better Breeding Mod senpaisubaraki

Adds more purpose to breeding, such as meatier pigs, fluffier chickens that shed feathers, stronger wolves, and cows with thicker hides to name a few.

Universal Forge Compatible

BetterFonts The_MiningCrafter

Adds TrueType/OpenType font support for Minecraft. This mod will use the fonts installed on your system for drawing text instead of the builtin bitmap fonts that come with Minecraft.

Clientside Forge Compatible

Better Furnaces TheFrogMC

Adds some new Furnaces to the game!

Universal Forge Required

Better Sprinting chylex

Allows you to bind keys to the vanilla movements such as sprinting, as well as keys to toggle sprint/sneak while also adding new functionality.

Clientside Forge Compatible

Better Than Wolves Mod FlowerChild

A mod that changes much of the functionality of Minecraft that makes Survival a lot less trivial, as well as mechanical additions that progress through ages.Not for the weak. Progression takes time, effort, and a lot of getting used to from the standard Minecraft.

Universal Not Forge Compatible Base Edit

Better Villages Mod Jstorey97

Increases the chances of generating a village, clustering villages together and improving wheat fields.

Universal Forge Required

B&I Megabitus98

Adds some recipes that help the player and also adds some Block and Items.

Universal Forge Required

Biomes O' Plenty TDWP_FTW, ted80, Amnet, Adubbz

A mod that is designed to give players a better Minecraft world to explore, and more of a reason to explore it in the first place. There are a lot of realistic biomes, as well as some fantasy biomes.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Bladecraft Darkhax, thisguy1045, ghostrec35

Gives the player complete color customization of their swords, providing a selection of infinite colors to choose from! It fits in with vanilla gameplay, adding a mechanic that doesn't over complicate the game, or change the medieval feel!

Universal Forge Required

BlockPhysics Mod id_miner

SSP SMP Forge Required

Blubbeltasche's Mods Blubbeltasche

SSP SMP Forge Required

BuddyCam romibi

With the Buddycam you can view your Friends View in Multiplayer, if he/she allows it. You can even observe your Pets in Single- & Multiplayer (as of 1.5.1d). You can fully customize the position and size of the buddycam-screen and the renderquality.The only limitation to the number of screens is the power of your Computer. (Tested with 3 screens.)

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Buildcraft SirSengir, SpaceToad, asiekierka

Adds machines which can be powered by engines and fuel to help build and/or dig!

Open Source Universal Forge Required

BuildRegion bencvt

Clientside Forge Compatible

Camera Studio Sushen

A mod for recording timeplapses without the need of another player.

Clientside Forge Compatible

Camo Lights Mod Phobophobe

Allows you to craft blocks with glowstone to make glowing blocks.

Universal Forge Required

CapeCraft djmati11

Clientside Forge Compatible

Cave-Gen Mod -Reaper-

Adds new world type - Caves. Living in these caves is difficult. Resources are limited, ores are scattered and many monsters wait for their prey.

SSP Forge Compatible

Chest Transporter CubeX2

Adds a new item to the game: Chest Transporter. This item allows you pick up a chest with content and place it somewhere else. You can also pick up chests from a storage minecart and place it in a normal minecart. But while you have a chest in your inventory, you dig and walk slowlier, have more hunger and can not jump over one block. It also works with Multi Page Chest and Iron Chests.

Universal Forge Required

ChickenChunks chicken_bones

Adds a block called a chunkloader, when placed it will keep chunks around it loaded even if no players are nearby or even online. So now your plants can grow and your automatic quarries can run, even when you're not around. Works in singleplayer as well.

Open Source Universal Forge Required CodeChickenCore

ChristmasCraft Newt_Head

Adds Christmas related content to the game, such as colder biomes, friendly mobs, presents, trees, and decorations!

Universal Forge Required

Christmas Festivities Mod eekysam

Adds decorations such as ornaments, candy logs, and snowglobes. Adds a new world called The Kringle which uses added blocks and items.

SSP LAN Not Forge Compatible

Clay Soldiers Mod (Alpha) SanAndreasP

So you're probably wondering to yourself A mod involving clay? No Way! I need all the grey goop I can get for my brick castle! Well put those tried, burnt hands to rest for a second and think about this: What if you could create your own miniature army out of clay and stage the most epic battles imaginable in a space small enough to be your backyard? Now before you accuse us of being a madman, take a look at this mod. Read ahead through the thread, and you'll see just what kind of violent mayhem you can cause with just a few simple materials plucked right from the ground.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Clay Tools condo97

SSP SMP Forge Required

Clean UI sprolsly

Overhauls the in-game menus for a new look.

Clientside Forge Compatible

CocoaCraft -Reaper-

SSP Forge Compatible

CodeChickenCore (Dependency) chicken_bones

This mod is required for Not Enough Items (NEI), Ender Storage, Translocator, and ChickenChunks.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Coloured Beds Mod Gorion91

Universal Forge Required

Commander Mod Visudex

Adds several commands to the game, works only in single player, they range from being cheats, to useful tools for map makers. The goal is to have the result of each command to be visible, and played without having the mod installed.

SSP Forge Compatible

ComputerCraft dan200

ComputerCraft adds programmable computers and robots.

Universal Forge Required

Condensed Blocks Mod Fenrir00

Lets you condense many blocks down into a single block for 3 levels, allowing you to store 46,656 in a single stack of blocks. Used in conjunction with Barrels from Factorization, this number can rise to 2,985,984 in total for a single block of storage. If we're talking metals or diamonds, this increases even further to 26,873,856 worth of ingots/diamonds. 26,873,856 ingots to 2,985,984 storage blocks to 331,776 condensed storage blocks, to 36,864 super condensed storage blocks, to 4,096 extreme condensed storage blocks to 1 barrel (64 stacks of 64) of extreme condensed storage blocks.

Universal Forge Required

Condensed Potions spacechase0

Lets you condense 9 potions into a single one using a similar recipe to metal storage blocks. Nine of the same potions in a crafting table will give you a single. Depending on the type, this will also return the 9 bottles once you've used all 9 sips of the potion.

Universal Forge Required

ControlPack infinitiesloop

Adds controls/keybinding for such things as Auto Tool Selection, Auto Run, toggleable sneak and jump, Arrows Remaining Counter, etc..

Clientside Forge Compatible

Coral Reef Mod q3hardcore

Adds some plants and blocks to the bottom of the sea.

Universal Forge Required

Craftable Animals Naruto1310

Allows players to craft animals using the items they drop.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

CraftGuide Uristqwerty

Quick access to a list of every crafting recipe in the game!

Open Source Clientside Forge Compatible

Creepypastacraft Phuck_Yu_Too

Adds creepypasta creations and creatures

SSP Forge Compatible

Crudedragos's Mods Crudedragos

N/A Forge Required

Custom Mob Spawner DrZhark

Provides random mob spawning behavior from pre-Beta 1.8 for other mods, with individual spawning lists per mod.

Universal Forge Required

Custom NPCs Noppes

This mod adds a set of tools to create npcs with different roles/jobs and other functions. It gives Creative Players a way to liven up their world with fully Customizable NPCs.

Universal Forge Required

Damage Indicators rich1051414

When anything living takes damage, the damage they took will bounce off their head, with a cool little effect. Also shows a mod portrait, with name, status

Universal Forge Required

Davidee's Mods Davidee

SSP SMP Forge Compatible

DayZ HoBoS_TaCo

Based on the original DayZ mod for ARMA 2. Adds a new world type to play, with new biomes, zombie mobs, effects and more.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

DayZ Mod creater_admin

SSP SMP Forge Required

Desired Blocks Phobophobe

Adds new blocks and recipes that aim to make the game more convenient and fun, while keeping the vanilla feel of Minecraft.

Universal Forge Required

Desperation Food Phobophobe

Adds new forms of food for desperate situations.

Universal Forge Required

Double Door Mod kirsybuu

Adds double doors, allowing them to be opened and closed together. Also enjoy double fence gates and trap doors! This works with clicking on them as well as all things redstone.

Universal Forge Required

Dragon Mounts BarracudaATA

Allows you to hatch previously useless dragon eggs. Once fostered and tamed, they'll be your faithful companion in all situations and, of course, can be used for a ride!

Open Source Universal Forge Compatible ModLoader

DupleCraft Cannash54

Adds a non-OP way of dupling (doubling) items. Also lets you fuse items together.

Universal Forge Required