Mod Name Author

3D Items Quintinity

This mod now provides configuration options so you can make the items appear the way you want them to! 3D items in fast graphics, change render distance, item and block sizes, rotation and bobbing! Also, fixed vanilla bug where items were screwed up with HD texture packs!

Open Source Clientside Forge Compatible

Additional Buildcraft Objects Flow86

Provides some additional pipes and objects for Buildcraft.

Open Source Universal Forge Required Buildcraft

Additional Pipes tcooc

Adds additional piping options such as teleport pipes.

Open Source Universal Forge Required Buildcraft

Advanced Agriculture Rheel

A tech-mod that will make your minecraft tech-life a lot more fun. It originally started with an idea to make farming more fun, interesting and specifically useful, but has grown out to be a mod way more than that.

Universal Forge Required

Advanced Generators 2 F4113nb34st

Adds new generators (Slag, Thermal, Turbine Solar and Slow Grinders) and other related blocks and items.

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2 F4113nC0r3

Advanced HUD TurboSlow

A mod that allows you to customize the in-game HUD.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Advanced Machines Original Snyke

SSP SMP Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Advanced Power Management Pantheis

Adds several new blocks to IC2 to help you manage your energy grid.

Open Source Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Advanced Power Systems Seph

An addon that adds new power generation for buildcraft and machines for processing.

Universal Forge Required Buildcraft

Advanced Repulsion Systems immibis

Allows you to create forcefields and zap stuff.

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2 Immibis Core

Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL

An addon meant to provide more advanced solar panels, both for keeping things compact and offering upgraded versions of solar helmets.

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Advanced Technologies (Beta) thebest108

SSP SMP Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Adventure Kit nerdboy64

Adds many features geared towards adventuring. Adds tents, lanterns, headlamps, telescopes, climbing ropes and anchors, and grappling hooks!

Universal Forge Required

AdventureTime Mod (Beta) Koslaw

Adds content from the hit Cartoon Network show: Adventure Time into Minecraft!

SSP LAN Forge Compatible

AlgaeCraft Azaka7

Adds a large variety of new blocks, items, and food. Algae spawn in swamps, coral reef spawn in ocean biomes, and new mobs exist underwater.

Universal Forge Required

Aliens Vs Predator Ri5ux

Adds mobs, entities, and blocks based on the Aliens Vs Predator movie series.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Alma Wade Mod SBGuitarist

Adds Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R. franchise of videogames.

SSP Forge Compatible

AlmostPeaceful roby7338

Disables healing in peaceful mode and activates hunger as in easy mode.

Universal Forge Required

Ancient Warfare Shadowmage4513

This mod is dedicated to bringing all sorts of ancient-warfare related tools and machinery to the Minecraft world.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Animal Bikes Noppes

A multiplayer mod which allows you to ride animals.

Universal Forge Compatible

AntiSteve Verdana

Sets the default skin server to Mojang's old skin server, possibly fixing skins not loading should their new server be down.

Clientside Forge Compatible

Aperture Science Turtle Upgrades Hackingroelz

Includes many turtle upgrades varying from IDetecting turtles to batch turtles, you can enable the parts that you like

Universal Forge Required ComputerCraft

Applied Energistics AlgorithmX2

A Mod About energy, matter, and getting stuff done! Probably.

Universal Forge Required

Ariadne's Thread chrisk123999

Upon hitting the activation key (default is P), this mod creates a floating thread that leads from where you pressed the key to wherever you walk to. Never get lost again!

Clientside Forge Compatible

Armor Movement Mod JSut210

Adds armour that aids in different types of mobility.

SSP Forge Required

Armor Stand Risugami

This block will give you a place to show off your armor. Just place the block and right click on the platform. You can choose from a selection of skins to hold your armor, as well as have it stare at you, constantly. You may also change the texture of platform by putting block in the last slot.

SSP Forge Compatible

ArmorStatusHUD bspkrs

Displays your currently equipped armor and held item along with the durability remaining without having to open your inventory!

Open Source Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader bspkrsCore

Armour and Tool Status HUD DoomFruit

Clientside Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Ars Magica Mithion

A look into what Minecraft could become when you add a splash of magic.

Universal Forge Required

Asgard Shield: Sword -n- Board Action Jade Knightblazer

Adds shields and guarding mechanics to Minecraft.

Universal Forge Required

AspectGuide for Thaumcraft Gyromitra

Shows Thaumcraft aspects of items in CraftGuide.

Clientside Forge Required CraftGuide

AssassinCraft castielq

Adds many elements from the Assassin's Creed games, such as a new HUD, weapons, tools, and other mechanics.

Universal Forge Required Render Player API

Assassin'sCreed ++ senpaisubaraki

Adds two armour sets, a gun, throwable knives, bullets, an assassin's dagger, and two mobs that you can talk to.

Universal Forge Required

AstralCraft XZelnar

Once upon a time, before Steve came and before creepers could be seen resting from the daylight in the caves, there was a race of intelligent creatures, that inhabited this world. It was a technological race, which managed to advance in many superior technologies. But, due to unclear circumstances, the race disappeared, leaving nothing but mysterious traces of its existence. Now it's up to you to uncover the mystery and obtain the technologies of the ancients...

Universal Forge Required

AtmosMobs Daveyx0

Adds many new mobs to the game to create a more pleasant/realistic atmosphere. Supports ExtraBiomesXL/Biomes 'O PLenty

Universal Forge Required

AudioMod (API) Risugami

AudioMod is an upgrade of sorts, and a modder's utility. Included in this mod is CodecIBXM, created by Paul at, who is the creator of the sound system used in Minecraft. It allows Minecraft to play (in addition to ogg, wav, and mus files), xm, s3m, and mod files. The only readily available feature of this mod is the ability to add new music, however, it adds support for modders to add new records and sound effects.NOTE: Do not install this with Forge. Forge has its own version that's backwards compatible with Risugami's.

SSP Not Forge Compatible

Audiotori Hurricaaane

Audiotori is a cascading sound pack manager. It allows you to use multiple sound packs at once to replace the default Minecraft sounds, or replace sounds added by other mods.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Aurora Rubealis MrRube

Adds curvy undulating auroras to Minecraft. They slowly become brighter as the sunsets, and fade out as the sun begins to rise. Like the Aurora Borealis of the real world, they will only spawn in the ?northern? cold climates.

Universal Forge Required

Auto-shutdown monnef

This is a server-only mod used for automatic shutting down after specified time with no players online.

Open Source Serverside Forge Required

AutoSwitch thebombzen

Automatically switches to the correct tool when mining a block and automatically uses the correct weapon when attacking a mob or a player. Also switches back to your previous item when you are done mining or attacking a mob, useful for building and going on mining trips.

Open Source SSP SMP LAN Forge Compatible ThebombzenAPI

Backpacks (Eydamos) Eydamos

Adds dyable backpacks to the game for storing extra items. Backpack size is configurable.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Back Tools iChun

Shows some tools on the back of the player. These tools are based on the last equipped tool that the player had.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Bacon Mod MinecraftWero

Incorporates everyone's favorite food into every aspect of Minecraft gameplay! Tools, armor, weapons, mobs, food, you name it! The wonderful world of bacon lies before you.

Universal Forge Required

Baked Goods Mod Crzyguitardude

Adds many food items and recipes to the game.

Universal Forge Required

Balkon's WeaponMod BalkondeurAlpha

Throw a spear in a zombie's head! Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd! Shoot some slimes into pieces with an old musket! And more!

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Basic Guns Mod ARandomHobo37

Adds six different guns: a pistol, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a submachine gun, and a light machine gun. Includes weapons attachments, Kevlar armor and grenades.

Universal Forge Required

BattleTowers AtomicStryker

Adds towers that spawn throughout your world for you to ascend and gain treasure from, each floor containing mobs and loot with a boss at the very top.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Beam Me Up! (Early Alpha) narc

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Better Anvils vdvman1

A small mod that just removes the anvil xp level limit.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Better Arrows LOLCaatz

Titled FLAMING Arrows on the thread: Adds flame and smoke trails for flaming arrows, as well as the look of a chunk coming out of a wall (done with particles) when an arrow hits it.

Clientside Forge Compatible

Better Biomes SMEZ1234

Adds a new world type, more biomes, and configuration options for vanilla biomes. The Better Biomes world type contains all the new biomes - they do not generate in the standard Overworld. Each one can be turned off in the config.

Universal Forge Required

Better Breeding Mod senpaisubaraki

Adds more purpose to breeding, such as meatier pigs, fluffier chickens that shed feathers, stronger wolves, and cows with thicker hides to name a few.

Universal Forge Compatible

Better Dungeons Chocolatin

Adds many, many new dungeons, challenges, and treasures to the game.

Universal Forge Required

Better Farming iBlackShadow

Adds several seeds, trees, tools, fruits, recipes, and a scarecrow.

Universal Forge Required

BetterFonts The_MiningCrafter

Adds TrueType/OpenType font support for Minecraft. This mod will use the fonts installed on your system for drawing text instead of the builtin bitmap fonts that come with Minecraft.

Clientside Forge Compatible

Better Furnaces TheFrogMC

Adds some new Furnaces to the game!

Universal Forge Required

Better Login Need4Poop402

Ensures you log into any server whether it is full, or if it is even offline. In other words, this mod saves you from spamming the Refresh button when you cannot connect to a server. This mod does it for you. All you need to do is wait.

Clientside Forge Compatible

BetterMaps darahalian

SSP Not Forge Compatible

Better Signs Mod Poersch

Improves the handling and visuals of standard signs.

Clientside Forge Required

BetterSnow acomputerdog

Allows snow to pile up during snowfall and increases snow levels from 8 to 16. Includes a GUI to customize snow.

Open Source Universal Forge Compatible

Better Snow Mod acomputerdog

Better Snow mod is designed to revamp Minecraft's rather simple snow. After all, does snow really just pile up an inch and then stop, regardless of how much more it snows? And does snow really never melt? The answers are obviously no, and that is where Better Snow comes in!

SSP LAN Forge Compatible

Better Sprinting chylex

Allows you to bind keys to the vanilla movements such as sprinting, as well as keys to toggle sprint/sneak while also adding new functionality.

Clientside Forge Compatible

BetterStorage (WIP) copygirl, Vic_

Adds more storage options, such as Storage Crates, Reinforced Chests, Lockers, Armor Stands, as well as locks and keys for its chests.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Better Than Wolves Mod FlowerChild

A mod that changes much of the functionality of Minecraft that makes Survival a lot less trivial, as well as mechanical additions that progress through ages.Not for the weak. Progression takes time, effort, and a lot of getting used to from the standard Minecraft.

Universal Not Forge Compatible Base Edit

Better Villages Mod Jstorey97

Increases the