Mod Name Author

Additional Buildcraft Objects Flow86

Provides some additional pipes and objects for Buildcraft.

Open Source Universal Forge Required Buildcraft

Additional Pipes tcooc

Adds additional piping options such as teleport pipes.

Open Source Universal Forge Required Buildcraft

Advanced Dispensers SuperManitu

Adds a new Dispenser, the Placer, which can plant seeds and place blocks. Useful for automatic Farms.

Universal Forge Required

Advanced HUD maxpowa

Continuation of TurboSlow's Advanced HUD. Allows you to customize the in-game HUD.

Open Source Clientside Forge Required

Advanced Machines (immibis) immibis

An unnerfed version of AtomicStryker's. Adds advanced versions of some IC2 machines, such as the Singularity Compressor, Centrifuge Extractor, and Rotary Macerator.

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2 Immibis Core

Advanced Power Management Pantheis

Adds several new blocks to IC2 to help you manage your energy grid.

Open Source Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Advanced Repulsion Systems immibis

Allows you to create forcefields and zap stuff.

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2 Immibis Core

Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL

An addon meant to provide more advanced solar panels, both for keeping things compact and offering upgraded versions of solar helmets.

Universal Forge Required IndustrialCraft 2

Adventure Kit nerdboy64

Adds many features geared towards adventuring. Adds tents, lanterns, headlamps, telescopes, climbing ropes and anchors, and grappling hooks!

Universal Forge Required

AdventureTime Mod (Beta) Koslaw

Adds content from the hit Cartoon Network show: Adventure Time into Minecraft!

SSP LAN Forge Compatible

Aether II (Alpha) 115kino, Brenwwe, Collin1971, kingbdogz, MrBrandonPotts, qqqjorge

The Aether is a 'hostile paradise', composed of floating sky islands filled with strange creatures and great mysteries. Brave adventurers who wish to explore this forgotten paradise merely only have to compose a portal out of glowstone and ignite it with a bucket of water.

Open Source Universal Forge Required Player API Render Player API Threaded Lighting

Ages of Mystcraft Veovis Muad'dib

Adds over 80 symbols to Mystcraft, most of which are material modifiers, though there are new Directional modifiers, new Length modifiers, and symbols that do nothing beyond add stability/instability.

Universal Forge Required Mystcraft

Alchemy++ mokonaDesu

Implements new ways of potion brewing, combining potions together and getting potion effects not obtainable through vanilla alchemy. It also adds new ways of storing potions and some new blocks to decorate the alchemical lab.

Universal Forge Required

AlgaeCraft Azaka7

Adds a large variety of new blocks, items, and food. Algae spawn in swamps, coral reef spawn in ocean biomes, and new mobs exist underwater.

Universal Forge Required

Alice's Dolls (Touhou) iwa_yukinoshita

Adds craftable dolls from the Touhou game series, with Artificial Intelligence that help with a variety of tasks.

Universal Forge Required

Aliens Vs Predator Ri5ux

Adds mobs, entities, and blocks based on the Aliens Vs Predator movie series.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

AllSnow Mod Sopwith

Changes the properties of the non-snowy biomes in Minecraft, lowering their ambient temperatures and essentially cooling them down so that snow and ice will not melt when generated. It then switches on the biomes' toggles for snowfall. The result is all biomes have snow in them, and when precipitation falls it is always snow (except in ocean biomes).

Universal Forge Required

All-U-Want Inventory Editor mister_person

Allows you to not only give yourself any item in the game, but almost every possible kind of item.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

AlmostPeaceful roby7338

Disables healing in peaceful mode and activates hunger as in easy mode.

Universal Forge Required

AlphabetBlocks Mod AaronLardenoye

Adds colored blocks with each letter of the alphabet as well as some symbols, to more easily make signs out of blocks.

Universal Forge Required

Alternate Terrain Generation (ATG) TTFTCUTS

Adds a new world type which considers height, temperature, and moisture to derive biomes.

Universal Forge Required

Amberoguia b1u3m0nk3, chilibomb

Adds a farmable crop which drops a food item also usable for tools, armor, or blocks. Also adds small mobs.

Universal Forge Required

Amethyst Tools Duckstepper

Adds Amethyst tools and armor.

Universal Forge Required

Ancient Tree Root Mod Kinyoshi

Do you play with large biomes, or spawned/traveled to a new world on an island without any trees and no islands anywhere near? Do you ever wonder "Now how the hell am I supposed to survive without any possible way to obtain wood or sticks??" Then this mod is for you!

Spawns a new ore block in stone, dirt and grass blocks. You can craft the tree root into sticks, craft the tree root with seeds to get a sapling and smelt the tree root into charcoal. You can also use a wooden axe to get seeds instead of the normal drop.

SSP Forge Compatible ModLoader

Ancient Warfare Shadowmage4513

This mod is dedicated to bringing all sorts of ancient-warfare related tools and machinery to the Minecraft world.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Animal Bikes Noppes

A multiplayer mod which allows you to ride animals.

Universal Forge Compatible

Animated Player thehippomaster21

Completely replaces and reanimates the player model by adding more joints and better animations. Also, it's completely client-based, which means it works for servers too!

Clientside Forge Required

Antique Atlas Hunternif

Adds an Antique Atlas, an antique-looking map which saves all visited locations for easy browsing. Maps are generated around the player, based on chunk-average biome.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Apple & Milk & Tea defeatedcrow

Adds new drinks, food and interior blocks.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Applied Energistics AlgorithmX2

A Mod About energy, matter, and getting stuff done! Probably.

Universal Forge Required

Aquaculture Shadowclaimer, RebelKeithy, Lclc98, JeanGlassmaker, mssodin28

An expansion of Minecraft's fishing system. You never know what you'll catch. Every biome is home to tons of unique fish you can only catch in that biome, and there's a myriad of new loot items you can randomly catch while fishing.

Open Source Universal Forge Required KeithyUtils

Arcane Scrolls Duke605

Adds scrolls that give you different abilities, such as teleporting or potion effects.

Universal Forge Required KingCore

Archimedes' Ships BalkondeurAlpha

Craft and create your own ship and sail it across the seven seas or infinite sky.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Ariadne's Thread chrisk123999

Upon hitting the activation key (default is P), this mod creates a floating thread that leads from where you pressed the key to wherever you walk to. Never get lost again!

Clientside Forge Compatible

Armor Stand Risugami

This block will give you a place to show off your armor. Just place the block and right click on the platform. You can choose from a selection of skins to hold your armor, as well as have it stare at you, constantly. You may also change the texture of platform by putting block in the last slot.

SSP Forge Compatible

ArmorStatusHUD bspkrs

Displays your currently equipped armor and held item along with the durability remaining without having to open your inventory!

Open Source Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader bspkrsCore

Aroma1997Core Aroma1997

Required dependency for all of Aroma1997's mods.

Universal Forge Required

Aroma1997s Dimensional World Aroma1997

Adds a complete new Dimension, specially for Mining, but you can do whatever you want to do in it.

Universal Forge Required Aroma1997Core

Aroma1997s Portable Recharger Aroma1997

Adds different tiers of energy storage which charge electric items in the player's inventory.

Universal Forge Required Aroma1997Core IndustrialCraft 2

Arrow Golems sed11

Adds a new mob called the "Arrow Golem" which can spawn with a Spawn Egg in creative mode, or just create the statue needed to spawn it. It does not spawn by itself. It will shoot arrows at any monster except for Creepers and Ghasts.

SSP Forge Compatible

Ars Magica Mithion

A look into what Minecraft could become when you add a splash of magic.

Universal Forge Required

Artifice Shukaro

Adds worldgen (like flowers, marble, and basalt), new blocks (like scaffolding), and new items (such as storage boxes).

Open Source Universal Forge Required

AssassinCraft castielq

Adds many elements from the Assassin's Creed games, such as a new HUD, weapons, tools, and other mechanics.

Universal Forge Required Render Player API

Assembly Mod TeNNoX

Adds assemblies (Normal, Sorter, Furnace, Propeller, Counter, Chester and etc) and a Digger.

Universal Forge Required

Attachable Grinder iChun

Lets you attach a grinder to mobs, which will grind out the stuff it's made of.

Universal Forge Required iChun Util

Atum: Journey Into The Sands Shadowclaimer, RebelKeithy, Lclc98, JeanGlassmaker

A new desert dimension that contains an eternal world full of sand, temples, and tons of new foes. Journey into Atum and discover ancient artifacts as you battle your way through vicious new enemies!

Open Source Universal Forge Required

AudioMod (API) Risugami

AudioMod is an upgrade of sorts, and a modder's utility. Included in this mod is CodecIBXM, created by Paul at, who is the creator of the sound system used in Minecraft. It allows Minecraft to play (in addition to ogg, wav, and mus files), xm, s3m, and mod files. The only readily available feature of this mod is the ability to add new music, however, it adds support for modders to add new records and sound effects.NOTE: Do not install this with Forge. Forge has its own version that's backwards compatible with Risugami's.

SSP Not Forge Compatible

Audiotori Hurricaaane

Audiotori is a cascading sound pack manager. It allows you to use multiple sound packs at once to replace the default Minecraft sounds, or replace sounds added by other mods.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Auto Farmer Corosus

Automatically harvests fully matured plants as well as automatically plant seeds.

SSP Forge Required

Autofish troyboy50

Automatically reels and recasts when you catch a fish or treasure. Just cast once and let the mod do the rest.

Clientside Forge Compatible LiteLoader

Auto-Fisher spacechase0

Automatically reels in when detecting that you've caught a fish, as well as automatically re-casting the line.

Universal Forge Required SpaceCore

Auto-shutdown monnef

This is a server-only mod used for automatic shutting down after specified time with no players online.

Open Source Serverside Forge Required

AutoSwitch thebombzen

Automatically switches to the correct tool when mining a block and automatically uses the correct weapon when attacking a mob or a player. Also switches back to your previous item when you are done mining or attacking a mob, useful for building and going on mining trips.

Open Source SSP SMP LAN Forge Compatible ThebombzenAPI

Awesome Mod fuj1n

Adds decorative blocks with neon-like properties, and a light generator which generates light configurable with redstone.

Universal Forge Required

AWH Haggis Mod UltimateDillon

Adds Haggis and Sheep Stomach as new food items. Haggis can be crafted from sheep stomach, mutton and wheat.

Universal Forge Required

Backpacks (Brad16840) Brad16840

Adds nestable backpacks that can be opened from inside other backpacks.

Universal Forge Required

Backpacks (Eydamos) Eydamos

Adds dyable backpacks to the game for storing extra items. Backpack size is configurable.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Back Tools iChun

Shows some tools on the back of the player. These tools are based on the last equipped tool that the player had.

Clientside Forge Compatible ModLoader

Bacon Mod MinecraftWero

Incorporates everyone's favorite food into every aspect of Minecraft gameplay! Tools, armor, weapons, mobs, food, you name it! The wonderful world of bacon lies before you.

Universal Forge Required

Bacteria Mod TeNNoX

Adds bacteria colonies into the world. Players can let them eat the world or just kill them.

Open Source Universal Forge Required

Balanced Exchange Brad16840

Adds block and item transmutation. Inspired by EE2

Universal Forge Required

Balkon's WeaponMod BalkondeurAlpha

Throw a spear in a zombie's head! Cut a skeleton in half with your brand new halberd! Shoot some slimes into pieces with an old musket! And more!

Open Source Universal